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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Siddhis - Psychic Realms

Clairvoyance and Clairaudience
These words imply the ability to 'see' or hear psychically. There are
spiritists who claim the ability to see spirit guides and souls. Once again
discrimination should be employed. Use your own standards to judge
Magickal Links and Psychic Attack
A psychic link between an object and an individual (as in psychometry)
can be used for magickal purposes - according to shamans and wizards
of past and present. For this reason such things as nail clippings, hair
and bodily secretions have always been regarded as things which
should be carefully disposed of. Paranoia creeps in here. Remember that
a person calling herself or himself a wizard or a witch does not mean she
or he is one.
In our experience genuine 'psychic attack' is an exceedingly rare

A way of moving objects by the power of the mind or by psychic means.
Much in the news in the last decade because of the tricks of Uri Geller
and other forkbenders. Remember that skilled conjurors are capable of
producing effects which seem to baffle the mind and defy explanation.
If such things were possible there would be no need for governments to
spend millions of pounds on weapon technology. This point also applies
to other psychic 'abilities'

This is the ability to pick up information psychically from objects. This
is sometimes extended to include photographs or pictures of people or
places. Every object is said to somehow 'soak up' psychic emanations. If
such an object has been in close proximity with an individual it may
have a field surrounding it or permeating it which reflects that of its

Astral Travel
This is a very popular subject, and there are many books relating to it.
However it is important to be sure that you have the same understanding
of the term as the author. What is called out of the body experience
or Astral Travel by psychics and experimenters is often confused with
the process of creative imagination practised by the Golden Dawn and
other modern western magickal orders.
We talk here about Out Of the Body Experience related to what
psychics often term the 'etheric' body. This is considered by many to be
a simulacrum of the physical body existing in a subtle form, and attached
to the physical body by a subtle cord

Many ancient traditions aver that individuals have a field of psychic
energy capable of being discerned by sensitive individuals. However
this subject too suffers from too much literature and not enough
practical experimentation.
Beware of literature which gives 'pat' meanings to aura colours.
Every individual differs

Bioenergy, life-energy, Chi or whatever term given refers to the subtle
energy which seems to mark the difference between a corpse and a
living human being. This energy seems to be of a fluidic nature and can
be blocked in its passage by muscular or mental blocks.