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Monday, March 29, 2010

How to Profile Future Spouses -

    For all marriages, the psycho-emotional experience of relating to the spouse should be measured from Chandra lagna.
    To appreciate the deeper psycho-emotional impact of the marriage partnerships, read the emotional character of marriages as
    • 7th-from-Moon (marriage-1),
    • 2nd-from-Moon (marriage-2),
    • 9th-from-Moon (marriage-3)
    • 11th-from-Moon (marriage-4)
    • and so forth.
    Be sure to examine any graha which might occupy these houses. Graha's in the domain indicated will characterize the emotional tenor of marriages.
    • analytical (Budha)
    • constrained or disciplined (Shani),
    • pleasure-loving and indulgent (Shukra),
    • competitive (Kuja),
    • expansive and inclusive (Guru),
    • withdrawn and disconnected (Ketu),
    • passionate and desiring experiences (Rahu)
    Also the house lords should be considered - a full analysis of this relative-to-Chandra house is required.

    THEN, have a look at the angle formed between radix Chandra and the appropriate marriage house.
    • marriage-1 = the angle formed by the distance between radix Chandra and domain-7
    • marriage-2 = the angle formed by the distance between radix Chandra and domain-2
    • marriage-3 = the angle formed by the distance between radix Chandra and domain-9
    • marriage-4 = the angle formed by the distance between radix Chandra and domain-11
    • and so forth
    How do you feel about the prospects of this forthcoming marriage? Is there a graha or cluster of graha's in this house? The distance between Chandra and the marriage-house will reveal a match between the spouse and another member of your family or community environment.
    E.g., distance between Chandra and domain-2 for second marriage = 3/9, with the 2nd-marriage house being 9th-from-Chandra. Surely there will be strong emotional parallels between the 2nd spouse and one's father. If there are graha in this house, there is a historic pattern of strong interactions (positive or negative) with the father which will color the relationship to the 2nd spouse.