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Monday, January 25, 2021

Graha Samaya As per Saravali the astrological text ,Dasha analysis method .

  Graha Samaya As per Saravali

Graha Samaya
Taken from Kalyana Varma's Saraavali.
There are 27 Graha Samayas, i.e. planetary conditions. These will help us know, as to
what a planet is doing at a particular moment with reference to either birth or query. Such
positions reveal specific results.
1. Find out the number of Signs from Aries to Ascendant.
2. Find out the number of Signs from Aries to the Sign in which the planet is, for which the Samaya is being calculated.
3. Multiply above two numbers.
4. Multiply the number obtained in step 3 with the Vimshottari Dasa years of the planet.
5. Divide the number obtained step 4 by 27. The Remainder indicates the Graha Samaya of the planet.
Note: Samaya of Reminder 0 is the same as that of Reminder 27
Eg. Ascendant = Pisces, Saturn (for whom Samaya has to be got) = Libra
1. From Aries to Pisces = 12
2. From Aries to Libra = 7
3. 12 x 7 = 84
4. 84 x 19 = 1596
5. 1596 / 27 = 59 Quotient, 3 Reminder
6. Graha Samaya is indicated by Reminder 3
Graha Samayas
1. Snana: good family, children, respect, success and position.
2. Vastradharana: precious stones, money, position and clothes.
3. Pundradharana: dear to people, gains in foreign countries, hard work and honour.
4. Upadesa: lands, conveyances and happiness.
5. Siva Puja: fond of lands, royal wrath, expenses and litigations.
6. Aposana: wealth, fond of wicked people.
7. Vishnvarchana: bile, grief, highly learned.
8. Vipraradhana: fortune, gains from lands, success over enemies, rich relatives.
9. Namaskara: soft-spoken, conveyances and capability to speak on either side in arguments.
10. Adri Pradakshina: bilious diseases, dysentery, litigations and penalties.
11. Vaisyadeva: position with king, good family, perennial progress.
12. Athithi Satkara: cheat, gimmicks and monetary gains.
13. Bhojana: sick, dismissed from the circle, cheating.
14. Ambhapana: bad meal, bad acts.
15. Ahamkara: egoism and enmity with people.
16. Tambula: good position, high learning, money and fame of high order.
17. Nripalapa: respect, pious disposition, divine cows.
18. Kiritadharana: big position in the Army, learned, wealthy.
19. Ekanta Sambhashana: lazy, soft-spoken.
20. Alasya: abundant education, lazy, careless.
21. Sayana: very short-tempered, sick, disputes in family.
22. Amritapana: foolish, harmful, blaming elders, destruction (some texts prescribe good results,
which only seem to be sensible).
23. Madhupana: health, good children, beautiful wife, rich food.
24. Dhanarjana: respect, much wealth, skilful.
25. Bhikshatana: loss, bad teaching.
26. Nidra: longlasting diseases, drunkard.
27. Sambhoga: attached to base women, cunning and revengeful.
From another source:
Sl No. Avasthas / Samayas Interpretation
1 Snana Courage, good family, Progeny, Honour, Victory
2 Vastradharana Kingship, Acquisition of gems, wealth, Authority
3 Tilaka / Gandha dharana Safety, popularity, honour
4 Japa / Devadarshan victory over the enemy, gain of land & Vehicle
Shiva Pooja / Prathana Samaya Gain from land, unnecessary expenditure, Govt penalty
6 Homa /Aradhana Grief, unsocial association
7 Vishnu Pooja / Jaya Excellence in education
8 Dwirarchane / Vipraradhane Acquisition of Kingdom, land, wealth & prosperity
9 Namaskara Auspicious time, good vehicle
10 Giri Pradhakshina Poverty, quarrel, Govt penalty
11 Vaishvadeva Bad omen, authority, Ascetic lifestyle
12 Athithi Pooja Enjoyment, education, the gain of treasure
13 Bhojana Enjoyment, loss of senses
14 Vidya Prasanga Excellence, Brahmin Pooja, quarrel, listening to scriptures
15 Kopa / Ahankara Worry/depression, enmity
16 Tamboola Happiness from woman, secret employment, windfall
17 Rajavilasa Victory, experience near God-feeling
18 Kireeta Dharana Happiness, higher authority, excellence in education
19 Jalapana Happiness, sweet talk
20 Alasya / Thamasa Fear, carelessness, indolence
21 Shayana / Nidra Lack of happiness, excessive anger
22 Madypana Bliss, happiness
23 Gandhalepana Kingdom, acquisition of friends
24 Dhanarjane /Stree Sallapa Enjoyment, honour, wealth
25 Keerti Enjoyment, a gain of wife/children, setbacks in tasks
26 Gada Nedre Loss of happiness, Govt penalty
27 Ratna Parikshe Wealth, association with low grade