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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Mental health & astrology.

Questions & Answers:

I would like to know... does lagna/lagna lord play any role in mental health?

Yes. Condition of lagna and lagna lord certainly play a role in mental health.

To elaborate on the above a bit, the condition of the first house, its strength, occupants, aspects, and it’s lord/karaka are all very important for determining the tone and nature of the personality in general. So to look at the primary significations for a person’s general, physical, and emotional health is certainly mandatory and a big part of the astrological synthesizing process, and synthesizing and integrating the entire chart is key. This is often not an easy task. We ALL have bad days – some people just have bad days more frequently than others, some are pre-disposed to consistent emotional and/or mental turmoil, while other personality types are better equipped for a pre-disposition for taking things in stride.

For example, Cancer’s may experience ups and down more frequently on account of being ruled by the fast moving Moon, karaka for emotions and mental peace. But analysis by planetary piecemeal without synthesis will never give the entire picture, because we need a full evaluation of the entire chart picture, and to get that, we need to include all the influences, and then we are in a position to better determine what influences appear to pre-dominate. That includes a complete comprehension of the planetary weaknesses present in the chart – as well as the afflictions – as both cause difficulty.

I have seen charts with no natal nodal afflictions, no afflictions to houses, and no planetary afflictions – but the client was consistently having a severe impairment to his long-term coping mechanisms because of multiple planetary weakness, resulting in a pre-disposition to excesses. He was medically diagnosed with ADHD. His lagna was Sagittarius, Jupiter was combust, Moon was weak, as was Mercury.

On the other hand, we also need to consider that when a benefic weak planet is well-placed, un-afflicted, and aspects its own MT house or is aspected by benefics, it still retains some capacity for beneficence…the question then becomes how much power does it retain? So a careful weighing and evaluation of all planetary influences, may just result in a weakened planet being the most influential planet in the chart….It happens…

So isn’t Jyotish the most wonderful exercise in mental aerobics we have on the planet?