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Monday, March 29, 2010

Vashikaran for Men/Husband's

  1. On any Sunday grind the seeds of Tulsi and then mixed the same with the juice of sehdevi. Apply Tilak on your forehead and contact or go before the men you want to enchant. Men will be infatuated.
  2. The lady should take flour on any Sunday or Tuesday, equal to the weight of her left shoe and make four chapaties. Purify these chapaties with the above mentioned sidha mantra (To sidha this mantra recite 1008 times duly performing homa etc.). Any men who eat these chapaties will come under your control for ever.
  3. Fill the dust of underfeet of a man in the horn of a bull (bull who died on sunday) and purify the same horn with the smoke of the guggal and fix the same in the house
    of woman. The man will come under your control.
  4. On Monday bring the branch of Braham Dandi, grind it and make the Anjan (Surma) of the same. Whenever you want to enchant the man, pply this Anjan (Surma) in your eyes and go before that man, he must be come under your control.