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Monday, March 1, 2010

Strong third house : Boon or Curse?

In a Vedic astrology birth chart, third house is representative of attributes like courage, younger siblings, short tours, skills, servants and capability of being a writer in literally sense. Still, it should be noted that in a lot of of cases, a powerful third house comes at the cost of trouble in profession and finance. Some of the examples where this is seen are:
1. if the third house lord is conjunct with the tenth lord in seventh house,
2. if the third house lord is situated in tenth house or the tenth lord is situated in third house, or
3. if third lord is not a friend of ascendant lord and at the same time it is exalted.
Take an example of Aquarius ascendant. Mars is the lord of two houses - third as well as tenth. It is not a natural friend of Saturn, which is the lord of the lagna in this case. If Mars is exalted in house number 12 for this lagna, the person faces a lot of problems in his career. Some astrologers can say these problems are being caused by the 10th lord being in inimical 12th house but in my opinion, the root cause of all the problems is Mars being the third house lord and at the same time it being strong by virtue of exaltation. The reasoning behind my observations and opinion is as follows:
1. First of all, third house is sixth from tenth house, thereby indicating enemies of the profession. In this capacity, it indicates problems and struggles in professional life.
2. Seventh house from any house is considered to be a maraka bhaav for that particular bhava. The third house is seventh from ninth house. Ninth house, also known as labhastana, is indicative of luck, religion, higher studies etc. Therefore, a strong third house would automatically create deficiency of good luck.
I think it is necessary for all poets and writers to have a good influences on the third house and a strong third house lord, because this indicates a command over language and communication and their literally capabilities. However, if you look closely over history, a large number of good writers have lived in poverty and have lead a miserable life.