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Tuesday, March 16, 2010


The Sri Yantra The Sri Yantra is one of humankind's most ancient symbols and represents the goddess Shri or Lakshmi, who is the embodiment of abundance in all its aspects. Lakshmi traditionally is thought to have eight forms, ashtalakshmi: financial prosperity, the wealth of excellent health, fame, the foundational wealth of spiritual knowledge, abundance of food and needs being met,love and rewarding relationships, courageous integrity, and success in all your endeavors. It also represents the union of the Masculine Divine and the Feminine Divine, as is seen in its symbolic structure of interlocking upward- and downward-pointing triangles, as described above. For many millennia the Sri Yantra has been used to invoke good fortune, wealth, health, and as an aid for meditation.Nowadays, various research scientists have shown interest in this ancient Vedic yantra. The renowned American physicistr. Patrick Flanagan calls the Sri Yantra the 'king of power diagrams' and describes its energetic effect as seventy times greater than that of a pyramid construction. This means that a three-centimeter Sri Yantra possesses a greater energetic effect than a two-meter pyramid. The Sri Yantra's extraordinary energetic power depends upon its exact geometry. This complex geometry is the key to its effect and has interesting mathematical implications. In this yantra you find not only the 'Golden Section' but also parallels to the geometrical structure of the hydrogen atom and to the ratios of its emission lines. In line with the original Sri Yantra, we have precisely reconstructed the Sri Yantra's exact geometry and have given it a synergetic coloring.

The Sri Yantra is most auspiciously placed in the north or northeast of a room or building, although it can be used anywhere that you feel it is appropriate, including on your car as a window decal. The flat side of the central triangle (with a dot in the center) should face upwards. The Sri Yantra can also energize food, beverages, or other things.Simply place appropriate items on the yantra and let them stand there for a few minutes (the longer the better). In this case, when the Sri Yantra is placed on a table surface, the flat side of the Sri Yantra's central triangle should be facing east.
Geometric element Meaning
Circle Energy of the element water
Square Energy of the element earth
Triangle Energy of the element fire
Diagonal lines Energy of the element air
Horizontal line Energy of the element water
Vertical line Energy of the element fire
Point Energy of the element ether
Furthermore, more complex geometric elements may also be used, the energetic classification of which may be derived from the corresponding context.Colors : Yantras may be multi-colored or all one color. Although yantras also have an effect when they are all one color or are black line drawings, the energetic influence and clarity are amplified by the use of colors. The color spectrum represents the range of the subtle energies. The colors are assigned to the different planets and each direction, and these are used if the energy of a certain planet or direction is to manifest in the yantra. In other words, if you draw the same yantra in different colors, you will get yantras with slightly different effects.Symbols : Symbols are another important part of yantras because they symbolize the subtle power of a certain planet, entity, or object. Traditionally such symbols are used all over the world in geomantics in order to influence the energies of the earth and space. The power of symbols is not exclusively due to their psychological effect, or it would not be possible to prove some effect on plants or other natural energetic systems independent of a human observer. However, various scientific
methods have brought about such proofs in numerous cases.For years the Slovenian geomantic Marko Pogacnik has been performing geomantic healings of landscapes, places,cities, forests, and parks in many parts of the world simply by carving symbols of nature's elements and natural entities  in stone and placing them in points which are energetically effective, the acupuncture points of the respective energetic system. The effects of his earth acupuncture are so convincing that even city councils and administrations ask Pogacnik to perform such landscape healings in their areas. In the United States, contemporary artist Bill Witherspoon’s experiential research has achieved some amazing effects in improving soil and crops in several states with the use of yantras in the landscape.Mantras and the Power of the Written Word: The written word has a great effect in the subtle realm, since it carries its meaning in a fine energetic vibration. That means that the effect of written words does not necessarily depend on someone reading and understanding it, but that has a tangible effect beyond intellectual comprehension.For instance, if you write down words with a positive meaning such as love, hope, kindness, belief, mercy on a piece of paper and put a glass of water on it, the positive vibration of these words will be transferred to the water. This transfer can be amplified or accelerated by lightly striking the glass with a spoon. You will get the same effect if you write down these words on a bottle of water in which the water is being stored. The positive effect of such affirmations can be shown with modern photographic methods. Water exposed to positive affirmations crystallizes in wonderfully beautiful harmonious forms, whereas water exposed to negative affirmations crystallizes in disharmonious, chaotic forms.For this reason, most yantras contain written elements in addition to the geometric elements and symbols. In general
these writings are in Sanskrit, as Sanskrit has an especially potent energetic effect. The letters of Sanskrit are vibration images representing the sound image of the corresponding sound. Sanskrit words or sentences, when written or pronounced, manifest specific energies; these Sanskrit sound vibrations are called mantras. A mantra is a written or spoken sound vibration which has the power to free the mind. According to Vedic tradition every energy, power, or entity has its own mantra by which it can be addressed.
Preparation for Pranapratishta : Installation and Activation of Yantras: If you are installing several yantras or the set of twelve yantras, ideally you will start in the northeast (Jupiter and Ketu) and proceed in a clockwise direction, finishing in the north. You may wish to study this Yantra Guidebook and plan where you will install the yantras before you begin. This will also allow you to know if you wish to frame or laminate some or all of the yantras before installing them. For the most potent results, prepare for your installation ritual by taking a shower and cleaning your home first. Chant the mantra associated with the yantra three or 108 times when you place it. State your intention or desires for the building and its inhabitants. Be sure to attach the yantras at the appropriate height, as outlined at the bottom of the previous page. The twelve yantras, Meru Chakra, and
Vastu Pyramid available from Transcendence Design that are featured in this guidebook are all manufactured as auspicious times (muhurtas) chosen by a Vedic astrologer and are made while appropriate mantras are chanted.