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Thursday, March 4, 2010

The sex outlook of the Signs ruled by Mars


Aries is a rash, impetuous, and headstrong sign, impulsive in love affairs and marriage as in everything else. It is passionate. At the same time there is deal of idealism. Sexual indulgence is a matter more of sudden impulse than of deliberate seeking. It is a positive type which does not harmonise well with a positive partner. It tends to seek some of a weaker nature whom it can impress with its masculine qualities and can protect.

A man with Aries rising is attracted by beauty and apparent helplessness. He needs a wife content to remain in the background and duly admire his powers and ability when it is expected of her.

Normally Aries is a better sign for a man than for a woman. The Aries woman is too masterful, too much of a whirlwind in the house. She is capable, generous, easily becomes loud, self-opinionated, shrewish, and “bossy” under affliction.

The Aries nature is an intense one, capable of sudden violence and great jealousy. With suitable afflictions, especially from Mars or Uranus, a sadistic tendency can easily develop. By itself, it is too direct, simple and primitive a sign to lend itself readily to perversion.

It strives for leadership, whether in man or woman. Unless the partner is content to be led, constant friction will develop. Partly for this reason Aries marriages are often unhappy though other factors contribute to cause disharmony.

One of them is a tendency to physical or psychic sex weakness which is sometimes present in the Aries man, or to sexual indifference in the Aries woman. Another is the propensity of the Aries man, and sometimes of the woman also, to indulge in promiscuous flirtations and love affairs.

The reason underlying such affairs is that they flatter the Aries vanity. In the man, at least there is the additional instinctive search for the ideal, so common in the male, so often cause of matrimonial infidelity.

Scorpio is by far the strongest and most extreme sign of all. The natives of no other sign can rise to such great heights or sink to such abysmal depths as those of Scorpio.

It is a very strongly-sexed sign. The Scorpio native can stand long continued excesses which would quickly break down the constitution of most other signs. As might be expected, the outlook is usually a markedly sexual one, though it is not invariably so. The ability for continence and self-control is quite as great as the desire for self-indulgence.

The Scorpio native has an eye to the main chance as a rule, frequently contracts a marriage that offers considerable material advantages.

The Scorpio nature is an intensely proud one. Marriage is often entered into in order to obtain money and position. A wife who will, by her social standing or charm of manner, be instrumental in improving the native’s worldly standing and importance.

In cases such as this, the Scorpio man tends to seek affection or adventure away from home. He never allows such entanglements to disturb his domestic life, which is kept quite apart from everything else.

Perhaps the chief faults of Scorpio women are intense jealousy, pride, a dominating disposition and either sulkiness of sarcasm.

There is nothing of the “milk-and-water miss” about Scorpio women. They have strong characters, a keen, if sometimes peculiar, sense of justice and the capacity for very deep and lasting loves and hates.

As might be expected from the extreme nature of the sign, marriage can be either very happy or entirely the reverse.

A seriously afflicted Scorpio tends to involve tragedy and crime, while liability to brooding, fits of deep gloom and depression, and persecution mania are quite common to a greater or lesser extent according to the degree of affliction.

Scorpio itself is not specially subject to sexual perversion, but its sexual nature and its rulership over the sex organs makes it an important factor in cases of perversion, especially those of a homosexual nature.