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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Rahu + Chandra

Sudden and dramatic emotional changes causes by eruption of acquisitive or possessive desires in the Mother.
The Mother is the primary agent of personal transformation. She is unstable emotionally, excitable, volatile in her relationship with the child, and often involved in some variety of taboo cultural mixing or emotionally disruptive, manipulative, controlling, or possessive behavior toward the child.
Chandra craves emotional protection, the Mother may send out two sets of different or contradictory signals: one set encouraging the child to follow all the accepted social protocols in order to always be safe, and another more subtle set of role-modeling behaviors which exemplify courage in challenging rigid rules and taking emotional risks.
The native is oneself, characteristically, an emotional risk-taker. Enthusiasm for jumping into new identities, for accepting nurturing and caretaking opportunities in unusual circumstances, and for challenging the stable emotional balance in existing interpersonal relationships. 

Males may possess an unusually high level of female intuition and a deep interest in healing. Females are capable of assuming conventionally male roles with aplomb.
A fascinating person. Unconventionally attractive, charismatic and somewhat mysterious, often the subject of much public attention (both positive and negative). 
Likely to achieve fame for their ability to successfully challenge cultural taboos and win remarkable struggles with social convention "against the odds".
Male is interesting to women. Female is charismatic and exciting. Both males and females are able to challenge the cultural norms for emotional and sexual relationship legitimacy, switching gender roles and changing public identities with ease.

some famous personalities having the combination -U.K. Prince Charles
US Pres 1, George Washington
Ted Turner, media mogul 
Karl Marx (political philosopher)
Tom Cruise (actor)
Bepin Behari(economist, Jyotishi)
Dale Earnhardt(auto racing champion)
Ernest Hemingway(novelist)
Neil Bush (#3 Bush brother)
Jeb Bush (Gov Florida)
Pablo Picasso