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Thursday, March 11, 2010


Stanza 103. — How these Grahas (or spirits) are connected with planets, what the houses of harm are, etc., have been explained in other treatises and they will be narrated here.
Stanza 104. — The Sun governs Rudraganas, Ugradevas and Nagas; the Moon rules over Kinnaras, Yakshas and Graha Pisachas; Mars denotes Rakshasa Grahas and Bhutas, Bhairava Devatas, etc., Mercury rules Attala Grahas and Kinnaras; Jupiter governs Deva Grahas, Naga Grahas and Thrimurthees.
Stanza 105. — Venus governs Yakshee, Matrus and Nagas; Saturn — evil ones as Nisthejas, Bhasmakas, Pisachas and Kasmalas; Rahu denotes Nagas, Pisachas and Serpents; and Ketu — Pretagrahas and Pitris. Diseases are caused by these
Devatas indicated by planets occupying unfavourable positions.
Stanzas 106 to 110. — According to Santhana Deepika, the different planets in the houses of harm cause troubles due to the wrath of different devatasthus: the Sun — Saiva Bhutas; the Moon — Durga and Dharma Daiva; Mars — Subrahmanya and Bhairava; Mercury — Gandharva, Yakshaand other celestial denizens; Jupiter — Brahmins and gods; Venus — Yaksha and Brahma Rakshasa; Saturn — Sasta, Kirata and five Bhuthas; Rahu — Serpents; Ketu — Chandala Devatas; and Gulika-Pretas.
Stanza 111. — According as Arudha falls in movable, fixed or common signs, the houses of harm happen to be the 11th, 9th or the 7th from the concerned Arudha Rasi. Some are of the opinion that the quadrants from these places are also houses of harm.
If Arudha falls in Aries, the house of harm is Aquarius. If Arudha is Taurus, the house of harm is Capricorn. If Gemini is Arudha, then the house of harm is Sagittarius. According to some, the cardinal signs from the places mentioned in this stanza can also be considered house of harm.
Stanza 112. — Aquarius is the 'house of harm' for all movable signs; Leo, Virgo, Scorpio and Sagittarius have Scorpio as house of harm. For
Taurus, it is Capricorn; for Aquarius it is Cancer; for Gemini and Pisces, Sagittarius is the source of harm.
Stanza 113. — Thus, we see there are three distinct views regarding the fixing of houses of harm. Of these, the 1st and 3rd assignments are accepted by all. The 2nd is recognised by a few.
Stanza 114. — Certain stanzas from Anushtana Paddhathi, have already been given. They may also be utilised in this context.
Stanza 115. — If the lord of harm aspects
Lagna or the lord of Lagna, there is Drishti
Badha. By aspect is meant the special aspects also.
According to some, all aspects, including the special ones of Saturn and Mars, should be 'taken into consideration. If the aspects are partial, the badha will also be partial. For example, Lagna is Aries and the Sun, as badhaka graha is in Aquarius. The Sun's aspect on Lagna is only l/3rd. The extent of badha or affliction is accordingly limited.
Stanza 116. — If the lord of the 7th is in the house of harm or bbth the lords join or mutually aspect, it must be inferred that there is Drishti Badha.
If the lord of the 7th and the lord of house of harm join or in mutual aspect, the affliction obtains.
Some aver that here, 8th house aspect alone is to be considered.
Stanza 117. — If Lagna being a movable sign is joined by an evil planet and Mars occupies the 7th house, then the affliction is due to the malefic aspect of Devatas.
Some commentators imply a malefic's association with lord of Lagna instead of a malefic occupying Lagna.
Stanza 118. — If Lagna is occupied by planets other than benefics, Saturn joins the 7th house and the Moon is aspected by malefics, then the disease or affliction is due to Pisachas.
Here the Moon's affliction in general either by aspect or association should be considered. The above 2 slokas are from Santana Deepika.
Stanza 119. — If the lords of harm and Lagna are friendly, the object of the Devatas in afflicting the person is to enjoy ; if inimical, the object is to kill; and if natural, the object is to eat and drink. The sources of the trouble should be minutely examined.
Stanza 120. — According as the lord of harm is associated with or aspected by the lord of Lagna, or lords of 6 or 8 or lord of any other house, the intention of the Devata is to enjoy, kill or eat and drink. This is the opinion of some others. The effect of "any other lord" should be considered in the context of the previous stanza.
As per stanza 120, if the lord of harm is joined by the lord of Lagna, enjoyment is the motive of the Devata. If lord of harm is with the lord of 6 or 8, destruction is the motive. If the Tord of badhaka is connected with any other lord, the motive is eating and drinking. If lord of house of harm is with the lord of the 5th and suppose the lord of the 5th is an enemy, under such a circumstance, even though according to this' sloka, the motive is eating and drinking, the motive should be considered as destruction. Here, one should fall back on stanza 119, and consider the friendly, inimical or neutral nature of the lord of other signs (than Lagna, 6th or 8th) towards lord of harm.
Stanza 121. — If a planet in the house of harm is aspected by Venus or happens to be in a sign of Venus, then it must be inferred that the Devatas attacked the person while he was in intimacy with his wife.