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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Mars – Marriage & Sex

1. Position and aspects of Mars are very important, particularly in a female nativity.

2. Mars in a female nativity represents the desire of congress with a male.

3. If Mars is in the 1st house in watery signs, it inclines one to low company, wine and women.

4. Mars in the 4th seriously disturbs home life, giving rise to constant disputes.

5. Mars in the 5th house gives fondness for pleasures of life. A keen edge is imparted to the desire nature. One is inclined to have romance with the opposite sex and acts under great impulse of emotions in this direction. In a male nativity this should be interpreted as inclining to a number of love affairs, their success depending upon benefic influences, this planet may be receiving and the frustration, on the evil aspects that it may be forming. In a female nativity, if in evil aspect, it may lead to disgrace.

6. Mars in the 5th house gives, abundance of emotions and excess of feelings.

7. Mars in the 5th house if afflicted by—

(a) Sun – acts as adverse influence particularly in a female nativity.

(b) Moon – an adverse influence particularly in a male nativity.

(c) Mercury – there may be indiscretion in writing love letters

(d) Jupiter - there may be waste of vital force or squandering of money due to opposite sex.

(e) Venus – brings frustration and ruin through the opposite sex.

(f) Saturn – there may be frustration of desires, delay in marriage, sorrows in love.

(g) Herschel – As a result of undue desire nature, foolish infatuations are formed, resulting in frustration or disgrace.

(h) Neptune – same as affliction of Saturn. There may be some illusion in regard to one’s beloved and consequent poignancy of grief.

8. If Mars is much afflicted in the 5th house particularly by the lord of the 7th and unmitigated by any benefic influence it acts as a very evil influence. There may be separation with the husband/wife and the parties may have to go a court of law, for compensation/divorce.

9. Mars in the 5th house in a male nativity inclines to love affairs particularly if forming aspects with the lord of the 1st or 7th. In a female nativity if afflicted by the lord of the 10th, it may lead to disgrace.

10. Mars in the 7th (not in its own sign). This is an evil influence. The marriage is unfortunate; there are constant quarrels with the marriage partner, and if other indications confirm, there might be premature death of the marriage partner (look for other indications for confirmation).

11. Mars in the 7th denotes a wife who is combative, aggressive and tries to dominate. In a male nativity, this shows that it is the wife who wears the trousers.

12. Mars in 7th. The partner is endowed with courage and boldness and much constructive energy. But he/she would be overbearing and assertive to a fault. If such Mars receives good aspects from strong planets, this may indicate in a female nativity that the husband may be employed in the Military or Police or follow some occupation, falling under Mars (surgery, electric engineering, work connected with colours, copper, etc.) and this may not be taken as an adverse influence, if Mars is essentially strong. But weak or afflicted Mars would indicate that the marriage partner would be quarrelsome, unruly and cruel husband/wife. In a male nativity, this is rarely a good influence unless Mars is in Aries, Taurus, Libra, Scorpio or Capricorn.

13. Mars in the 7th house :

(a) If afflicted therein, indicates quarrels and unpleasantness in conjugal life. If more than once malefic afflicts and Venus be also afflicted without benefic aspect of Jupiter to the seventh house or marriage significators, home life may break up and there may be separation due to the uncontrollable temper or sexual craving.

(b) Even when well aspected, it is not a very good position but if forming good aspect with Moon in a male nativity or with Sun in a female nativity it is not so bad. The marriage would continue, and not disrupt particularly if it has the sextile or trine of Jupiter.

(c) The evil influences emanating from this position of Mars must be modified according to the sign it is in, if in hot and fiery sign the partner may be fiery in temper, if in watery signs, inclined to drink or lewd; in Aries and Scorpio it is not so bad, but inclines to more than one marriage if other indications confirm. Mars in Capricorn in seventh: one marries well and the social position of the native is enhanced by such an alliance.

14. If Mars in the 7th house is much afflicted by Sun or Moon or is in conjunction with malefic planets or forms evil aspects with several planets, one’s wife/husband is always causing a jarring note in the domestic life. There is much aggressiveness and uncontrollable temper on the part of the partner and the peace and serenity of home life is shattered. Also, there may be more than one marriage.

15. Mars in the 7th: the native is inclined to have love affairs.

16. Mars in 8th, a disastrous influence for the husband, in a female nativity.

17.. Mars in 8th. There may be financial difficulties after marriage and it is possible wife/husband may be directly or indirectly connected with or be cause of such financial difficulties. One will have to face indebtedness.

18.. Mars in the 9th – There may be losses through relatives of wife/husband. Also gives rise to some friction with relations by marriage.

Aspects of Mars

19. If Mars is afflicted in a woman’s horoscope marriage becomes a problematical affairs. Also, unless there are other favourable features, marriage may be denied or delayed.

(a) This is particularly so if Mars is afflicted by a strong Saturn.

(b) If Herschel afflicts Mars, engagements made may be broken. The female would be inclined to have romantic attachments and may have a number of affairs.

(c) If Neptune is the afflicting planet there may be homo-sexuality or some other sex perversion.

20. If Mars is afflicted by strong Venus there may be irregular unions. Unless the lord of the 1st house and those of 4th and 9th are strong there is unbridled licence and dissipation. This would be particularly so if these planets are conjoined in the 5th or one of them is in 5th.

21. Mars in conjunction with or in affliction by weak Venus: the native is too much addicted to wine, women, and wantonness. Self-indulgence leads to dissipation of vital energies. When Venus is very weak or debilitated in a male nativity the native has congress with women of low status but in a female nativity this would be so, particularly if Mars be debilitated or otherwise weak.

22. When Mars is afflicted by Venus and the former is in elevation, it is a greater evil than if Venus be in elevation.

23. Mars in good aspect to Venus makes one inclined to pleasures of life and female company. In a female nativity it has similar effect. One may marry well.

24. If Mars is very weak and is afflicted by conjunction or malefic aspects of Neptune, Herschel and Saturn (if not by all the three at least by two) the path of love affairs is beset with difficulties and dangers before as well as after marriage and may lead to sorrows and a series of regrettable actions.

25. Mars in conjunction with or evil aspect to Herschel is bad (make sure that in case of aspect they are within orbs).

26. If Mars be the Ruling planet in a horoscope and be in bad aspect with Neptune it leads to unbridled licence. Passions are strongly marked and there is much emotional disturbance. The native seeks sex gratification, if not outside by self-indulgence. Also, there may be some scandal and disrepute pertaining to some love affairs.

27. Unless there are strong benefics in the 7th house or aspecting it, if Mars be the lord of the 7th house, it is unfavourable for disputes. And the person would not be well advised to go to a court of law in connection with marriage suit or divorce.

28. (a) Mars (representing the sexual urge in female) if afflicted in a female nativity shows non-fulfillment of such craving.

(b) If Mars be very weak and be in conjunction square or opposition to an elevated Saturn of (Saturn in first or the 7th house) the female may remain a spinster. See also for confirmation, whether barren signs are on the cusps of 5th and 7th house.