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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Mars in Eighth House for Females

Mars in Eighth House for Females

Grave for Females : The position of Mars in a horoscope bears considerable significance from many angles. The presence of Mars Dosh may cause marital delay, discord and disharmony, unless suitably matched. Sometimes some kind of Puja and effective “Mantras” are also required to curtail the evils of Mars. Presence of Mars Dosha in a female horoscope is as such not desirable. In our experience placement of Mars in the 8th house is the worst disposition. Here in a few cases illustrate how Ashtam Mangali girls fare poorly in marital matters.

Dr. B. Surya Narain Rao has mentioned in “Stree Jataka” that the 8th house from Lagna must be consulted for marital life and widowhood. In a woman’s chart the 8th house from her Lagna reveals sexual passions, her husband’s character, her fortune and general happiness.

Dr. B.V. Raman has also repeated this fact in “Hindu Predictive Astrology” Chapter XXX on Female Horoscopy, that marital happiness must be adjudged from the 8th house. From 7th house passion, her husband’s and her own character and fortune should be determined.

Dr. B.V. Raman has pointed out following combinations for widowhood :-
1. Conjunction of the lords of 7th and 8th house with malefic combinations.

2. Rahu and Moon in the 8th house will evil aspects.

3. Lord of the 7th house with Saturn and aspected by Mars,

4. Moon and Rahu in the 8th house and the lord of the 7th house with Saturn aspected by Mars.

5. The conjunction of the lords of 1st and 8th houses in her 12th house with a malefic aspect of Mars on the 8th house.

6. The 7th house and its lord between two malefics without any beneficial aspects.

In the horoscope of males, presence of Mars in the 8th house is not so harmful as in the case of females, particularly in respect to the marital happiness.

Before proceeding further it would be worthwhile to enumerate other results of Mars if it occupies 8th house in any horoscope. This position is an such bad for longevity and natural death. As Mars lends aspect over the second house, so usually eye problems arise. Eighth house represents the 8th part of the body, so there will be Urinary troubles or problems in reproductive organs, piles or fistula or boil in anus may be expected. There is a fear of fire, injury or cut etc. There will be innumerable physical complaints, rheumatism and often a disturbed family life and only few children. One will usually be devoid a true friends, while many friends may turn inimical. He will have to face obstacles in his endeavours and success will be attained only after a hard labour. This is not a good disposition of father’s longevity as 8th house is 12th from 9th.

It is well known that the 8th house governs “Mangalya” or marital happiness of females. A girl should be treated as strongest Mangali if Mars is positioned in the 8th house of her horoscope. As regards the Kuja Dosh in the female native, we have observed that presence of Mars Dosh in the 8th, 7th and the Lagna mostly causes havocs. Severity of Mars Dosh is maximum when Mars is in 8th house. Mars often causes obstructions to a timely marriage.

What does Mars do after Marriage – A few of the probabilities of presence of Mars in 8th house in respect to marital life are given below :-
1. There will be separation from husband, if marriage has taken place around 21 years. There will be reunion or reconciliation around 28th year or, otherwise there will be a litigation after marriage and will be finalized around 28th year.

2. The husband may receive some injury due to accident or his health may suffer seriously. Mental troubles to husband are most likely to take place.

3. The husband will expire soon after marriage in a tragic way or will suffer seriously.

4. There will be a serious danger in very unbalanced marital life. Exact nature of the sorrow depends on the exact set up of planets and needs study and practical experience.

Who will be harmed more, the husband or wife - Kuja Dosh must be got balanced while matching the horoscope. If the difference is around 25%, the marriage will be happy. There will not be must harm even if 50% difference is there. But in a difference of more than 50% of Kuja Dosh, marriage should not be permitted. If a heavier Kuja Dosh is present in the horoscope of wife, the wife will suffer more. She will have to face tragedies of life. If the husband has a heavier Kuja Dosh, he will suffer more, Generally one’s Kuja Dosh harms the partner but the tragedy is to be suffered by the affected person more heavily.

Many say that Kuja Dosh works only till 28th year of age. I agree with it but only partial Kuja Dosh gets reduced after 28th year of age. Saturn and Jupiter’s aspect or association with Mars increases Kuja Dosh.