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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Impact of Retrograde Mars-4

Seventh House: Retrograde Mars here indicates the native, in the past, used any form of partnership, marriage, business or life itself, for self-advancement. Any partnership had to revolve around the person’s will, desires, interests. There was little or no consideration for these qualities where to hers were concerned.

Marriage could easily have been entered into purely from a physical animalistic drive. The partner would have been merely a vessel for self-gratification of the native. The relationship would have been violently emotional, over-passionate, argumentative. The aspects of planets to retrograde Mars here could indicate unusual sexual practices in the marriage, unusual marital unions (homosexual, lesbian, adultery).

Businesswise, this person would have been extremely aggressive and domineering in a business partnership and, again, depending on the sign, might have been not too honest or reliable in partnerships. This person could easily have cheated a business partner, because Mars does rule theft. In this lifetime, disharmony would exist in partnerships, bringing loss, frustration, disappointment.

The lesson to be learned with retrograde Mars in the 7th house is consideration for others, honesty, and sincerity in partnerships of any kind, and that the physical drive in marriage should be tempered with kindness, consideration, and thoughtfulness. One’s attitudes towards life would have to be revised and more attention focused on the search for truth (Mars - Scorpio - 8th house affairs).

Eighth House: The necessity for the transmutations of retrograde Mars qualities is especially pointed out by its location in the 8th house, for this is the natural position of Mars, since it rules the lower octave of Scorpio, and Scorpio rules the 8th house. The position doubly emphasizes the affairs of the 8th house with retrograde Mars. It stresses the Karma involved. Since it is also the house of regeneration, the need for the transmutation of the retrograde Mars qualities is doubly stressed.

The retrograde Mars, from past lifetimes, shows that whatever ended for the individual, whether a job, a friendship, or life itself (death) ended violently, with much confusion, resentment, impulsiveness, and emotion. In other words, the person, in a past lifetime, would have ended a friendship through an argument, would have lost a job because of temper, which resulted in inability to get along with others, and death itself could have been involved with much suffering and pain.

It shows, also, that in some activity of past lifetimes, he misused other people’s money. This could have been the con-artist of the past, cheating widows and children, using public funds for his own benefit. It shows that the individual, somewhere in the dim past, involved himself in a negative search for truth. This could have involved him in destructive organizations such as “Satan’s children”, witchcraft, black magic, etc.

In this lifetime, the retrograde Mars would bring the individual similar experiences in the manner in which things end and the same in life, friendships, jobs, etc. There would be many temptations put in his way to test his honesty (Treasurer of organizations, etc.). The person would be attracted towards the glamour and phenomena aspects of metaphysics, astrology, etc. and would have to exercise much discrimination as to the source of truth.

The lesson of retrograde Mars in the 8th house is the development of respect, sincerity of motive, honesty. Through the use of tact and diplomacy, all things would end more harmoniously, and more beneficially for the native. Involvement in organizations which are truly metaphysical and constructive in their search for truth would transmute all of the qualities of retrograde Mars, and even result in a protective spiritual energy for the end of life.