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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Impact of Retrograde Mars-3

Fifth House: Retrograde Mars here would stress three particular affairs of the 5th house: love affairs, children, pleasure.

In love affairs, in the past, the individual used members of the opposite sex purely for self-gratification. The subtle influence of Leo, as the natural ruler of the 5th house, is felt here since Leos have to dominate, the retrograde Mars in the 5th house assumes some of this quality of dominance from the Leo. In any love affair, the retrograde Mars shows that the individual had to be the dominant one. It squares the 2nd house, ruled by Taurus, so that the animalistic nature could also be part of the problem carried over from the past. Be especially aware of the planet aspecting retrograde Mars here, for this would condition the type of sexual practices and/or perversions. Unusual sexual practices, rape, homosexuality, lesbianism, child abuse sexually, can all the determined by the planet aspecting retrograde Mars and the sign on the cusp.

As far as children are concerned, the retrograde Mars did not appreciate children in the past, was impatient, temperamental, and cruel (child abuse). If retrograde Mars is in a barren sign in the 5th house, there would be problem in having children in this lifetime, because of the lack of appreciation or the abuse of the children in the past.

In the pursuit of pleasures, retrograde Mars in the 5th house showed a tendency to pursue those pleasures which were coarse and common, many of them related to sexual drives. Since this position of retrograde Mars is directly opposite to the 11th house of friends and social activities, they would center around these negative traits. The person would be attracted to people of similar nature, would be interested in similar pursuits as practiced in the past.

The lesson to be learned with retrograde Mars in the 5th house is the proper channeling of the energy, in relation to love affairs, children and pleasurable pursuits, consideration for others, sincerity of purpose and motive, and creative activities, which should characterize the attempt of the motive to transmute this retrograde Mars in the 5th house.

Sixth House: Retrograde Mars in the 6th house relates mainly to health, the public, and working conditions.

Healthwise, in the past, the individual enjoyed good constitutional health, was physically strong, etc. It show that he dissipated the energy and neglected the health. The care of the body represents a province and obligation given to us by the Cosmic, for the should evolves through the experiences of the physical body in life. It represents a charge which we must handle well. In the past, this was neglected, so the individual would suffer ill health and be accident prone in this lifetime (check the sign on the cusp).

Negative planetary aspects to retrograde Mars in the 6th house would indicate what ailments the native would be subject to.

Publicwise, retrograde Mars tells that the individual was contemptuous of public opinion, public needs, public wants. Again, it shows that the person used a public position, or any position, for self-advancement. He individual did not hold his co-workers, or those who worked for him in high regard and did not establish a healthy rapport with either group. Again, the qualities of negative retrograde Mars and indicate what type of relationship was established (temper, violence, etc.).

This could also be the individual who mistreated animals in the past.

The lesson to be learned with retrograde Mars in the 6th house is to be aware of the physical condition of the body, but not to overdo it (Virgo is the natural ruler of the 6th house). The swing of the pendulum could bring the individual to the point of becoming a hypochondriac if he permits the Virgo trait to dominate. Proper diet and proper exercise should be practiced. Tact and diplomacy should be developed in creating harmonious circumstances between the native and his co-workers, between the native and those who work under him. Patience, respect for others, and service without hope for reward, should be the direction of retrograde Mars energy in the 6th house.