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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Impact of Retrograde Mars-2

Third House: Retrograde Mars shows there was a very poor relationship between the native of the chart and his brothers and sisters and other relatives. It shows the type of individual who lacked self-discipline and, thus, was a problem in any structured social organization, such as the community or schools. This would be the problem child in primary and secondary school systems. The person would resent being told what to do, would resent teacher supervision, would resent any time schedule of work that would need to be done at any specific time. Retrograde Mars shows the lack of discipline from the past, whether it is educational, religious, or social. This would be the type of child who would be the “holy terror” of the neighborhood, the reluctant Sunday School student, the restless trouble-maker in a public school system.

The retrograde condition also indicates that the person did not communicate well in speech or writing with brothers and sisters, relatives, schoolmates, teachers, neighbors, etc. In this lifetime, the person would be in a constant sea of confusion and chaos, always fighting with those around him. He used all these people in the past to his own advantage and, so, in this lifetime, would find that he would be much disliked by relatives and others outside of the family organization.

The lesson of retrograde Mars here revolves around self-discipline, channeling of the mind into mental pursuits such as science, math, or anything that requires analysis or in-depth pursuit. The native needs to develop patience and diplomacy and should guard his words and what he writes.

Fourth House: With retrograde Mars here, the negative qualities brought from the past would center around the fact that the individual was a father image in past lifetimes, but was domineering, aggressive, even cruel. The home environment would have been harsh, restrictive, despotically controlled. The person was an autocratic ruler of the home, with little or no consideration for the rights and privileges of those within the home circle. He would not allow any differences of opinion; he was a disciplinarian to the point of being unreasonable, he wanted everything his own way.

Since this position squares the 1st house of personality, the same character trait demonstrated themselves wherever the person went. He auric field of this individual would have been charged with vibrations of these negative traits and, thus, anyone who entered into his sphere of influence would react to these traits and/or suffer because of them. Remember that our auric field and our physical body represent our “home” in this lifetime.

The native of the chart would be subject to an irate father (his retribution), insecure, unstable home conditions, and a home environment which would be chaotic and unhappy.

Since the Moon is the natural ruler of the 4th house, the retrograde Mars relates to the karmic debt of the native to the mother, whom he neglected in the past, or to whom he was even physically cruel.

The lesson of retrograde Mars in the 4th house obliges the native to provide the necessary environment factors which would produce good home conditions. These factors would involve not only the material features of the home, but also the correct atmosphere for happy home existence. This must be done, regardless of whether there is any obvious appreciation or not.