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Thursday, March 11, 2010

How to read the charts…….

First check the ascendant……..different aspect of the As are as follows:
Characteristics of Signs (LAGNAM)
1. Mesam (Aries): Dynamic, Face any Challenge, Dashing (willpower to fight), expression less, confident.

2. Vrishaba (Taurus): Workaholic, tunnel vision, hard workers, non-listener (difficult to convince them), good achiever, MOST FORTUNATE,
luxury loving, the very practical, believe themselves (luck, god is second priority, aristocrats, top level people, they work long period, good
singer, music lover.
3. Mithuna (Gemini): above average, intelligent, very slow, soft-spoken (this people aware of their intelligence), diplomats, don’t dispute
(they know how to tackle the scenario), good negotiators, dilemma in selection of choice, they require push all the time.
4. Karkataka (Cancer): helpful to all (mother to all), enemy to none, less discriminative, nurturing qualities, good memory power, pebbling
with memories, good politicians (does not mean popular politician), good leader (genuine leader) good enroller, hasty, don’t stick in one job
many year (like water flow),hasty is the positive and negative way, sacrificial in nature, focus towards others problems.
5. Simha (LEO): Fatherly, real aristocrats, born to rule, get served by others, very independent thought, wont be work under somebody,
fatherly, firmly, don’t go back, difficult to change, irreversible, eternal healer.
6. Kanni (Virgo): Intelligent (sober, diplomat), born leader, balance, very hospitable, visionary, if women very excellent quality, good
7. Tula (Libra):Second most fortunate, similar like Taurus, day dreamers, they will not put their effort to practice to achieve that, if they
practice they will be good achieve, no business skill, business sharpness (no need to be a business man), good ideas, they know
economy, bad in money transactions, they not be good advisors
8. Vrishika (Scorpio):short tempered, impulsive, erective, highly changing moods (rapid change in mood) Marxian quality, negative
thoughts, under-estimate them self, investigative, diagnostics good auditor/R&d/academic, lack self confidence, x-ray scopes eyes
(quality), very perfectionist
9. Dhanu (Sagittarius): Very ambitious, sportive, spirituals, focused in life, spent most of the time away from home land (gift not selfish,
speak less, not good marketing, don’t expose displeasure/pleasure, seem to be indifferent.
10. Maker (Capricorn): Meticulous, sober, don’t appear as meticulous, empire builders, develop from scratch, retrieve in time, good
retrievers, stingy (more economical), very resourceful, don’t waste recourses (not spending or spending is not as issue) calculative, good
entrepreneurs, bad marketers, good singer.
11. Kumba (Aquarius):reservoir of knowledge, noble, majestic, more refine, more generous, very humble (like mango tree pond and give
fruit), modesty, modesty is their weakness, missing the bus phenomena, who marries them is more luckiest, business partner is more
luckiest(rapid-unusual growth)

12. Meenam (Pisces): more yielding, spiritual, connections with government (generally have good government connections, contact,
influence), highly influential, get things done yield under pressure, easily influenced, true to their heart, don’t want to stick on one place
keep change the work.
SECOND CHECK THE RASHI (where is the moon):
MOON : Mind, Mother, Cool, Water, emotion, Money
Ascendant: double edge sword, extremes, low variation, narrow down, tunnel vision.
2nd House :Worried about money, good in speech, good eyes(beauty), good looking face, right eye will be powerful
3rd House: (if SUN in 3rd House - ambitious) MOON in supportive to sibling, short journey travels. 3rd house forward is younger brother, 3rd
house backward is elder brother.
4th House :Sthana bala, home loving person, even he go away from home he will be back home (will not stay/settle away, love/affection to
mother, nocturnal in nature.
5th House :Place of thinking, puthrasthana, child house, conception, conceiving thoughts, innovative, chances of getting girl child is HIGH.
6th House :not supposed to drink milk (less digestive for milk), have care & concern for poor, good HR welfare person, social worker, work with
other religion too
7th House: beautiful wife, MOON aspect the ascendant, their mind will calm down, demanding, non-compromising on set-goals, not a question of
achievement they will get it
8th House: infant mortality, "bleariest", take care of the child for first 1year, negates mother, mother less child.
9th House: extensive traveling, inland travel is high, if its sea (i.e. watery sign) overseas travel
10th House :workaholic, apply their mind in work, they know what they have to do
11th House fullfillment of desires, dream comes true phenomena, imaginative
12th House expenditure house, sleepless night, they have to worry to sleep, money does not stay, because of flowing out they money will come to
MOON : Mind, Mother, Cool, Water, emotion, Money
Aries / Mesha adv(+): Positive outlook, short temper (positive), perfectionist
Taurus / Vrishaba Moon Exalted, tongue is asset, Rohini start person will excel, high self confident
Gemini / Mithuna Moon doesn’t have enemy but Mercury doesn’t like MOON, Mind will be dull (intelligent)
Cancer/Karkataka : own house, highly imaginative, earthy, high visionary, mother caring, good memory power, good politician, love traveling, very
Leo/Simha extravagant, mind work in royal quality, choosy in food (everything Royal)
Kanya/Virgo: mentally hospitable, intelligent caring, very smart, strudenss, street smartness (down to the earth), practical
Libra/Tula: Business like but not business man, Chittha Star - like colorful dress, artistic, like to conquer the place.
Scorpio/Vrischika : Debilitated MOON, too short temper (negative), if women underestimate them self, men-x-ray scopic eyes, detective
Sagittarius/Dhanu: poorva /ash - pioneer, spiritual, straight forward, truthful, Mohole - good orator, good researchers, precision, meticulous,
wisdom oriented
Capricon/Makara : life is always like ups & down, they will come up again, power mongering
Aquarius/Kumba Highly modest, less self expressive, bad salesman, sober, reservoir of knowledge, they wont project themselves
Pisces/Meena: watery, highly influential characters (others will influence), bound to sacrifice in life
SUN in Lagna (1st House)perceived to be Haughty (seems to be egoist), confidence level will be HIGH.
2nd House from Lagna: authoritative in Speech
3rd House from Lagna: ambitious, generally last born SON
4th House from Lagna: high risk taker (will end up in Heart attack.
5th House from Lagna: Male - Bright SON but conflict with Father (Father Vs SON Conflict , Female - 1st Child is risk (be careful for delivery),
99.99% for miscarrying
6th House from Lagna: Success in the Service
7th House from Lagna: Female-Not able to marry, even get marry husband will be away, Male - Nothing like female (no significance)
8th House from Lagna: Health will be good, longevity
9th House from Lagna: really good, good for the father, father will be powerful, idol work ship, influence of the father on native
10th House from Lagna: SUN is very powerful like IAS
11thHouse from Lagna: fullfillment of desire, Son’s desire will also fulfill
12th House from Lagna: expenditure/spending/losing energy, frustration
SUN in Aries : SUN Exalted, Highly confident, commanding, skilled, widely acknowledged professionally
SUN in Taurus: aromatic condition, aesthetic condition with fragrance
SUN in Gemini / Mithuna: Diplomatic profession, too intelligent not fit for the job, leave that job get another job, fast saturation, supreme brilliance
& analytical skill in mathematic, excellent orator
SUN in Karkataka / Cancer: result oriented, profession deals with emotion
SUN in Simha / Leo: OWN House, strong in profession, Royal, Aristocratic, healing power, well balanced, bold, confident personality.
SUN in Kanya / Virgo: never be FAT (energy will be used up), learn dancing, spiritual, hospitable, energetic, analytical
SUN in Tula / Libra: SUN debilitated, will excel in any profession but low confidence level, un comfortable in profession
SUN in Vrischika / Scorpio: no much significance, have to control impulsive temper, be careful everything that involves you, low profile people
SUN in Dhanu/Sagittarius: Kodanda SUN, gifted with, focused in profession, noble profession, highly respected, influential, well-mannered, well
behaved & aristocratic in life.
SUN in Maraka/ Capricorn: slow growth, lots of hurdle (SATURN house)
SUN in Kumba / Aquarius: SUN aspects to own house, power mongering people, stick to the reality
SUN in Meena / Pisces : Connection with government , change the profession at any time, journalist, VERY FORTUNATE.
YOGA - Special Union between TWO PLANETS….There are more than 3000 yogas…..
Pancha Maha Purusha Yoga (super man) - TOP 5 YOGA'S - Popular Personality
if any one Yoga is there, the life will be GOOD/TOP, quality of life is good
1. Hamsa Yoga : swan's quality (justify/balance) swan will drink milk leave water Jupiter should be 1,4,7,10 - Kendra house AND own HOUSE or
Exalted HOUSE long life, live 100years (Poorna ayusa), good feet (dancer, athlete, long travelers) lot of mission to accomplish very just, impartial,
not corrupt, principled, statesmanship, HE WILL BRING OTHERS TO UP
2.Malavia Yoga (Luxuriant) : Venus should be 1,4,7,10 - Kendra house AND own HOUSE or Exalted HOUSE, Luxurious in Life, even a taxi
driver, he will drive luxury cars, command respect by wealth
3.Bhadra Yoga (Bhadra viyabari - sells gems/gold, Mercury should be 1,4,7,10 - Kendra house AND own HOUSE or Exalted HOUSE, good
entrepreneur, successful businessman, guts to carry over risky business, broad shoulder person
4.Roochaka Yoga (commander - dynamic / disciplinary), Mars should be 1,4,7,10 - Kendra house AND own HOUSE or Exalted HOUSE,
commander, gets respects by COMMAND
5.Shaha Yoga, Saturn should be 1,4,7,10 - Kendra house AND own HOUSE or Exalted HOUSE MASS appeal like Gandhi, nelson Mandela,
enroller, welfare person (HR Manager, union leader.
Buda Athitya Yoga: Mercury + SUN Combination: signifies application of knowledge in real life
Gaja Kesari Yoga : Moon + Jupiter Combination in any house (elephant + Lion - if there is fight LION will win???? ) People are successful,
victorious, optimistic, eternal positive approach, * Jupiter in Karkataka i.e. 'Moon’s own house its very powerful combination in that house than any
other house.
Dharmakarma Adipathi Yoga: Lord of 9, Lord of 10 when it formed in any house is called Dharmakarma adipathi yoga. (i.e. owner of 9th house &
owner of 10th house of native) Karkata as Lagna then 9th house Jupiter , 10th House Mars The person's path of life/goals & mission will be
accomplished, There will be some meaning in his life
Shakata Yoga (Cycle or circle - Wheel) MOON + Jupiter is placed 6th,8th to each other
the income in like wheel, goes up/down expenses will be more or will be less irrespective of the ups & down your growth is not restricted
Amala Yoga (without stain) - purity when the benefic planet (Venus, Jupiter, mercury) in 10th house it is Amala yoga.


ISTHANBALA ….which planet is strong due to its position…….
Than check the
Important 1 5 9
Dharma(path of
2 6 10 Artha(finance)
3 7 11 Kama(desire)
4 8 12 Moksha(liberation)
Dharma to establish right path, inheriting quality (like SUN gives light, cow gives milk, doctor treat patient etc)
Artha money - finance state
Kama desire - how we relate each other
Moksha liberation
Yoga Karaka
Square House 1 4 7 10
House 1 5 9
If CANCER / Moon is Ascendant Mars is YK
1 4 7 10 Common PLANET is the Yogakaraka
Moon Venus Sat Mars
i.e. MARS is
1 5 9
if nothing is common 9th house is the
Moon Mars Jupiter SUN/MOON cannot be Yogakaraka
if SUN/MOON is in 9th house then 5th house is

if SIMHA/Leo is Ascendant Mars is YK
1 4 7 10
SUN Mars Sat Venus
1 5 9
SUN Jupiter Mars
if Kanya/Virgo is Ascendant then Venus is YK
1 4 7 10
Me Ju Ju Me
1 5 9
Me Sat Venus
if Tula / Libra is Ascendant then Sat is YK
1 4 7 10
Ve Sat Mars Moon
1 5 9
Ve Sat Me
if Vrischika/Scorpio is Ascendant then Jupiter is YK
1 4 7 10
Mar Sat Venus Sun
1 5 9
Mar Jup Moon
if Dhanu / Sagittarius is Ascendant then Mars is YK
1 4 7 10
Ju Ju Me Me
1 5 9
Ju Mars Sun
if Makar / Capricorn is Ascendant then Venus is YK
1 4 7 10
Sat Mar Moon Venus
1 5 9
Sat Venus Me
Kumba/Aquarius is Ascendant then Venus is YK
1 4 7 10
Sat Venus Sun Mars
1 5 9
Sat Me Venus
Meena/Pisces is Ascendant then Mars is YK
1 4 7 10
Ju Me Me Ju
1 5 9
Ju Moon Mar
Mesha / Aries is Ascendant then Jupiter is YK
1 4 7 10
Mar Moon Venus Sat
1 5 9
Mar Sun Ju
Vrishaba /Taurus is Ascendant then Sat is YK
1 4 7 10
Ve Sun Mar Sat
1 5 9
Ve Me Sat
Mithuna / Gemini is Ascendant then Sat is YK
1 4 7 10
Me Me Ju Ju
1 5 9
Me Venus Sat

Continued in How to read the charts…2