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Thursday, March 11, 2010


Stanza 66. — These spirits also can be divided into two, viz., passive and active and these can be distinguished from the natures and dispositions of the planets
Stanza 67. — Some 'devatas' attack persons to murder them; some do it for getting oblations, and some do it for enjoying with their victims.
The first do not leave their victims without killing them; the second leave the victims after getting
their dues; and the third also do not leave their victims but they can be pacified.
The terms 'devatas', 'grahas' and 'bhutas' are synonymous in the context in which they are now used.
Stanza 68. — The signs or symptoms by which the people affected by these Devatas can be distinguished, are detailed in other treatises. By examining them, the names of the Devatas also can be known.
Stanzas 69 to 71. — A person affected by Deva Graha bathes early, anoints his body with scented perfumes, is calm, spends his time mostly in places of worship; talks, eats and estimates little; is not
easily angered, likes flowers and perfumes and is strong in mind and gentle in looks. A person affected by Asura Graha decries Devas, praises Asuras, hates Brahmins, is cruel hearted, looks slantingly, is fearless and haughty, laughs patronisingly, exhibits signs of wonder at everything, displays dummy shows, eats much and shakes his body.
Stanzas 72 to 75. — One affected by Naga Graha is an addict of sweet drinks and curds
(dugdha), bites his lips often, looks around with his red shot eyes, is very irritable and frequents hilly places, his body shivers and he quashes (or bites) his teeth and is fond of flowers. Yaksha Graha makes one brave, charitable, gives power of quick comprehension and seek pleasure always. Gandharva Graha makes one talk little, fond of perfumes and flowers, skilled in music and dance, sitting on mounds of sand, and produces melodious sounds with his facial movements, is fond of drinking milk, laughs and plays much.
Stanzas 76 to 79. — One affected by a Rakshasa Graha is running to and fro, eats his own flesh, drinks blood and liquor, lives in a
lonely place, his body is of copper colour, has no sense of shame, is quickly angered, is unclean, wanders in the nights and is hefty. One affected by Heydra Graha is smiling, has downward gaze, keeps his fingers folded, rests his head on his knee cap when sitting, and is fierce-looking. One affected by Kasmala Graha smears his body with dirt, is unclean, sleeps on ashes, laughs and weeps alternately for no reason, proves ungrateful to women, terrifies animals, always eats, is quarrelsome, sensual, misappropriates other's wealth, irritable, and talks very little.
Stanza 80. — If one is affected by Nistheja Graha, his body is lustreless, he is always tired and worn out, looks askance at all people,reserved and mocks at physicians.
Stanza 81. — The person attacked by Bhasma-ka Graha talks irrelevantly, hates others, has a cold and dark body, he will have angular looks,
is not satisfied with any amount of food and is clean.
Stanza 82. — When a person is attacked by Pitru Graha, he performs pinda kriyas, is fond of flesh, sugar and gingeJly seeds and is calm and unruffled.
Stanza 83. — A. person affected by Krisa Graha prefers solitude, is lean, runs to and fro, produces wailing sounds, does not reply even when questioned, and is not satisfied with any amount of food.
Stanza 84. — If a person is affected by Vinayaka Graha, he often removes the dust off his legs, produces sounds now and then, vomits always, bites his teeth making katakata sounds, (half-guttral and half-dental).
Stanza 85. — A person influenced by Pralapa Graha, injures his own body, is lean, dances round, has no thoughts about anything, sometimes laughs and talks much without any purpose.
Stanza 86. — One possessed of Pisacha Graha exhibits harsh and hard voice, talks senselessly, likes dirty and worn-out things and his body is foul smelling.
Stanza 87. — If one is possessed by an Anthyaja Graha, he talks ill of others, his eyes are red and moving, he is niggardly, smears his body with dirt and refuse, eats much, shakes his legs for no reason and has plaintive speech.
Stanza 88. — A person affected by Yonija Graha eats much, is able to read others' minds, likes flesh, eyes are swimming round, behaves shamelessly, smells like that of a goat, and he cannot move most of the limbs in his body.
Stanza 89. — Bhutha Graha can be recognised in a person who beats all who approach him, who climbs trees, talks incoherently and apes all, his nature is ever changing.
Stanzas 90 to 92. — A person possessed by an Apasmara Graha falls unconscious with shooting eye-balls after spitting large quantities of phlegm
and is motionless, his body is yellow in colour, bites his teeth and after some time recovers consciousness. One affected by Brahmana Graha shows desire to get garlands of white flowers and dress, chants Vedas, spreading Kusa grass and observes all the religious ceremonies of a Brahmin and worships God. Similar conduct is exhibited by one who is affected by Brahma Rakshasa Graha.
Stanza 93. — A person affected by a Kshatriya Graha likes red flowers and red dress, runs to and fro, dances round and round and laughs aloud, writes on palm leaves and paper, is able to stand excess of cold and heat and acts and roars like a Kshatriya.
Stanza 94 — One affected by Vaisya Graha yawns, laughs and cries aloud, complains always, imitates a merchant, initiates selling and buying, dances
round and round, talks rubbish, is quickly angered and is immodest in his actions.
Stanza 95. — One affected by a Sudra Graha consumes his own urine and stools, talks indistinctly, rubs his private parts, cries and laughs for no reason, laughs at Brahmins, pretends love for women and his limbs shiver and shake.
Stanza 96. — One suffering from Neecha Graha. Chandala Graha or Vyanthara Graha has several signs mentioned before in a mixed form. One affected by Soumya Graha utters the words 'give me something, I shall go', he sings slowly and laughs gently.
Stanza 97. — One affected by Aagneya Graha says 'I will not go'. He beats his own body and
utters harsh words. Hanthukama Grahas will not leave the body and hence no treatment is necessary.
Stanzas 98 to 101. — One exhibiting signs of 'Hanthu Kama' will try to jump down from trees, hillocks, plunge into deep waters or fall in the blazing fire. He will wring his hair, smile, dance round the physician talking and crying. If the Graha happens to be Bali Kama, he looks around and pretends fear; has stomach pains, excessive feeling of heat, high fever, hunger, thirst and severe headache,and says often 'give me what you owe me'. If the Graha is Rati Kama, he is always afraid of something; he plays on the bodies
of women; talks of winning words, troubles none, he courts love after bathing and putting on flowers and ornaments; if his request is ignored, he lies down as if polluted. Bali Kama retires if he is given the Bali. Rati Kama does-leave the man though his troubles can be minimised by periodical Balis and Pujas. Hanthu Kama is murderous.
Stanza 102. — After examining these signs in detail, the Grahas or spirits must be identified and the necessary remedial measures prescribed.