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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Five Kleshas(Obstructions )

Read this Thrice:
The Five Pain bearing Obstructions
The Root Causes of Trouble and Strife
Ignorance-Ego-Revulsion-Attachment-CHnging to Life
"By means of the fivefold bonds called Kleshas, Shankara binds the
pashus. On being served well by devotion, He alone is their
redeemer. The five Kleshas that have become fetters are Ignorance,
Ego, Attraction, Revulsion, Clinging to Life".
(Linga Purana, II, 9)

1. Ignorance
This can take many forms. For example, thinking we know what is
real when we have no basis for such a thought. Remember the five
sensory joys of a Knight Of Shambhala: the five senses refined and
awakened. As a conditioned product it is certain that you suffer to a
greater of lesser extent from the drug called hypnosis. Your senses are
dull and base, and you sense only what you are conditioned to sense.
This is only one aspect of the Ignorance Ob-Block. If your senses are
obscured, how can it be possible to perceive what is real or imaginary.
2. Ego
The imaginary opinion we have of ourselves which can also take
many varied forms. The idea that we are capable or incapable of some
or many things which the evidence of our actions contradict. This
opinion may be deflated (masochism) or inflated (narcissism). Either
way it is not true. Ask yourself what has given birth to such a monster?
Do your words, appearance, or whatever you 'value' about yourself
compensate for a stultified inner existence? Are you such a wondrous
being that none of this could possibly apply to you? Investigate, experiment
and verify.
3. Revulsion
Nothing in itself is horrible, but our attitude of mind gives it its
colour. How many things do you dislike simply because you are
conditioned? Customs, local mores and ethics are all rejected by the
Kaula Nath. If you are repulsed by anything trace it back to its root. How
did you know it was horrible? Who told you? The natural person acting
spontaneously has no need of conditioned ideas. One of Shiva's names
is "Aghora" meaning nothing in itself is horrible. Conditioned by the
revulsion Klesha we set ourselves artificial limits.
4. Attachment
The false idea that we possess anything. "This is mine." Identification
with all sorts of ideas, things, people. The inability to realize that
we are as much a part of nature as the things we claim for our own. The
inability to realize that it is what we need - rather than what we want -
which is important.
5. Clinging to Life
Refusing to submit to natural laws. Trying to make two go into
three or refusal to accept the inevitable. Lack of ability to surrender, or
to give in. This has many undesirable side-effects, including the inability
to give ourselves to anything or anyone.