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Thursday, March 11, 2010


Stanza 90. — When the Sun occupies an unfavourable position, the native will suffer from the wrath of the rulers, God Siva, and his own father; diseases in the heart, stomach and the eyes; troubles in the bones; diseases caused by Pitta, fear from quadrupeds and fire, destruction of copper vessels and decline of personal influence. When the Sun is well disposed, the results will be: satwic nature, favour of Siva, father and rulers; acquisition of copper utensils;
increase of wealth through journeys and by trade in woollen goods, grass, gold, leather and medicines.
Stanza 91. — An unfavourable Moon will give during his Dasa: Queen's anger, dissatisfaction of the mother or her illness; diseases caused by Vatha, Pitta, and impure blood; enmity with superiors and relatives; the fury of Durga, loss of crops, danger to life and ill fame. If favourable: grace of the Queen and Durga, satisfaction of the mother, gain of money by trading in ghee, sugar, clothes, etc., income by chanting mantras, by breeding cattle, and by marine traffic and by dealing in diamonds through the help of women and by increase of crops and increase of fame and riches.
Stanza 92. — An unfavourable Mars brings about during his Dasa : Misunderstandings with brothers, loss of landed property and gold, fear from fire, thieves and enemies ; wrath of God Subrahmanya and trouble from military personnel, ailments arising from impure blood, fever, eye diseases, loss of vessels and cuts and wounds in the body caused by weapons. If favourable, there will be acquisition of landed property, gold, weapons, favour of the commander-in-chief, and grace of Lord Subrahmanya, profits from the loss of enemies, brothers and kings.
Stanza 93. It Mercury is unfavourable, the native suiters from the ire of God Vishnu, and the anger of the heir-apparent, abusive language and troubles from thieves. If favourable, there will be acquisition of horses, gold and lands,
friends increase, wealth is acquired through the help of Brahmins and good advisers, sculptural skill and arbitration work. There will be increase of fame, performance of righteous deeds, earning by writing and figures and winning of the grace of God Vishnu.
Stanza 94. — Jupiter if unfavourable will indicate ear troubles, sickness to sons, anger of Gods and Brahmins and enmity with wicked people. If favourable : increase of clarity of mind, gain from religious practices, through persons well-versed in recitation of Vedas and through the favour of rulers. Gold, horses and elephants come in unsolicited. Brahmins and Gods bestow blessings.
Stanza 95. — When Venus is unfavourable, there will be sickness to wife and other female relations, destruction of clothes and decrease of general prosperity; sorrow caused by love, hatred towards Government servants and low born people come by turns, quadrupeds die in numbers, and silverware is lost. When Venus is favourable, there will be gain of silver utensils, fine clothes, ornaments, diamonds, underground treasures, marriage, gain of money, increase in taste for music, and access to cattle and luxurious food.
Stanza 96. — Saturn afflicted brings in diseases caused by wind and phlegm, ignorance, tendency to steal, etc., irritability, calamities,
inertia, physical and mental debility, sarcasm of women and servants and children, dislocation of the limbs and jealousy. If Saturn is favourable, it denotes abatement of sorrows, association with old women, increase of servants and iron goods, headship of a town, acquisition of buffaloes and growth of varaka grain.
Stanza 97. — The effects of Rahu are similar to those of the lord of the Rasi occupied by him and of Saturn. Ketu will confer results similar to those of lord of the Rasi occupied by him and of Mars.
Stanza 98. — On analysis, if it is found that the malefic influences alone predominate, then evil should be predicted. If benefic influence predominates, then good must be anticipated. If the influences are mixed, then prediction must be made according to the predominating factor.
Stanza 99. — Death, serious diseases, danger to near relatives, destruction of house, fall from position, wrath of the rulers, unpopularity and loss, waste of money and lands, theft of properly, dishonour, ill fame, are the various evil effects. The exact nature of the evil should be determined by carefully studying the different Bhavas.
Stanza 100. — Good health, royal or governmental favours, gain of money, reconciliation with friends, success in all enterprises, mental peace, elevation to high positions, popularity, fame, birth of children, are the good effects to be predicted by a consideration of the appropriate dispositions of planets.
The stanzas giving the results of Dasas of planets, when they are favourable and unfavourable, are clear and need no explanation. But in stamas 98 to 100 the good and bad effects have been defined with the suggestion that planetary influences should be correctly weighed. If the afflictions predominate, then evil alone should be predicted. The person may, die, become seriously ill, or his relatives, children, wife, brothers etc., may suffer. His house may be set on fire. He may incur the displeasure of the authorities; he may lose his position and influence. His lands may be auctioned. His property may be stolen. He may face dishonour and his reputation may suffer.
If the good influences predominate, disappearance of enemies, access to wealth, gain of property, increase in reputation, mental peace, etc., will be the indications.
When the good and bad aspects are mixed up, the astrologer should use his discrimination and find out whether benefic or malefic aspects are in excess cr whether both are equally disposed and then arrive at a conclusion.
In predicting the good or bad nature of the results, the appropriate Bhavas and planets should be consi-
dered. Thus if the Sun is the planet afflicted and he is in the 10th, the native suffers the displeasure of the rulers. The Sun in the 4th with a fiery planet may cause destruction of the house due to fire. Similarly if the Sun is the elevated planet in the 10th, there will be rise in official life. If in Lagna with benefic, there will be good health. The task of the astrologer indeed becomes very arduous in balancing the different shades of planetary influences. It is here that he should bring to bear his keen powers of analysis and the gift of synthesis.
Stanza 101. — The good and bad effects are the resultant of two kinds of Karma — Dridha and Adridha. These can again be subdivided into three types of action, viz., mental, verbal and physical.
This stanza gives in a nutshell, the theory of Karma. Our actions are of two kinds, viz., Dridha (fixed) and Adridha (not fixed). Whether Dridha or Adridha — Karma may be due to speech (verbal), thought (mental) and bodily actions (physical). The gamut of Karma is all-comprehensive and it cannot be restricted to any particular sphere of thinking or activity.
It is not my purpose to elaborate the theory of Karma in these notes as I have already dealt with it in detail in my Astrology and Modern Thought. Reference may also be made to An Introduction to the Study of Astrology by my revered grandfather Prof. B. Suryanarain Rao.
Stanza 102. — The cause of one's evil Karma and whether it is Dridha or Adridha, is to be ascertained from the disposition of benefics in the 6th, 8th and 12th and of malefics in quadrants and trines. According as these dispositions are from Chathra Rasi, Arudha, Chandra or Lagna, the evil Karma is due to divine wrath, a Brahmin's curse, spells of enemies or people's hatred.
In this stanza, we are given a clue to find out the cause of one's bad Karma which has resulted in the man suffering from afflictions. If benefics occupy 6. 8 and 12 from Chathra Rasi and malefics occupy 1, 4, 5, 7, 9, 10,
the sins and consequent evil effects are due to fury of Gods. If planets are found in the above places from Arudha at the time of Prasna, the sins are the outcome of Brahmin's curses. If planets occupy such places from the Moon at the time of Prasna, the sins are due to the incantation (mantraic) of enemies. If planets are found in the above mentioned places from the rising sign, the sins and the consequent evil effects are due to people's hatred.
These bad actions may be either deliberate or done out of ignorance or both combined. Here the reference is mainly on Prasna Chart. But we can apply the principles to radical horoscopes also.
Stanza 103. — The nature of the evil Karma will be Dridha or Adhridha according as the indicative planet is in the house of the Moon or the Sun. When planets are favourably placed, they indicate fruition of good Karma, otherwise that of evil Karma. The mental, verbal or bodily nature of the Karma is revealed by the position
of a malefic planet in the 5th, 2nd or 10th house.
Man suffers from misfortunes in the shape of loss of wealth, humaliation, loss of name, death of kith and kin. diseases.etc., as a result of evil Karma done in his previous life. This Karma is either Dridha — intentionaland deliberate or Aridha accidental or unintentional. In either case the consequence is felt. Whether Dridha or Adridha, the Karma can again be divided into three categories — kayaka, arising from bodily actions such as causing physical injury, etc., manasika — arising from mental actions — entertaining evil thought and wishing others evil, and vachaka or due to verbal actions — indulging in abusive and filthy language, etc. Benefics in the 6th, 8th and 12th and malefics in trines and quadrants — these planets can be called as indicators — denote that the troubles arc due to evil Karma. If these dispositions are from Chakra Rasi, the Karma will be due to God's wrath. Here by God are also meant persons held in reverence such as parents, preceptors and elders. Suppose one deliberately insults or assaults one's parents or elders. Here the nature of Karma is Dhridha, Vachaka and Dridha kayaka. The same is the case when the person harbours evil thoughts' The Karma is Dridha manasika. If on the other hand, one uses impolite language towards an elder through ignorance or slip of tongue or accidentally inflicts physical injury, the nature of Karma is Adridha manasika and Adridha kayaka. The aggrieved party feels pain and this rebounds on the perpetrator of the Karma. Similarly if
the benefics are in the above places from Arudha, the evil Karma will be due to a Brahmin's curse. If from Chandra Lagna, the sins are due to black-magic indulged in by enemies. If from Lagna, people's hatred will be the cause. If the indicator is in the Moon's sign or hora, it is Dridha karma — sins deliberately committed. If the indicator is in the house of the Sun, the sins are ignorantly or accidentally got. Similarly planets favourably placed, i.e., benefics in quadrants and trines and malefics in the 6th, 8th and 12th, indicate merit derived from good deeds. If a weak malefic is in the 5th, the sins may be considered as the outcome of mental actions. If he is in the 2nd, they are the results of his words, cruel and unwanted. If he is in the 10th, they are the fruits of his bodily actions.