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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Factors Activated During Planet’s Dashas

The natural quality of the planet that rules the Maha Dasha (main
cycle) is considered. Is the planet generally malefic or benefic? This
means its natural qualities aside from what houses the planet may rule
in a particular chart. The maha dasha of Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, and
the Moon will be easier than the maha dasha of malefic planets Saturn,
Mars, Rahu, Ketu, and the Sun. Jupiter will give some benefit because
of its expansive nature, and Saturn will cause delays and setbacks
because of its restrictive qualities. Each planet is the indicator (karaka)
for certain things in life generally. This called stirra karakas (fixed)
meaning they represent the same things for everyone. The planetary
karakas are: Sun- Father, Moon- Mother, Mercury-aunts/uncles Marsbrothers,
Venus- relationships, fixed assets Jupiter-children, wealth
Saturn- death, old age. But that is only part of the situation. There are
specific qualities that each planet will take on depending on each
individual chart. The planetary ruler’s house placement will be the
predominant area of life that will be the focus for that entire period of
time. If you are in Jupiter’s maha dasha and Jupiter is in the 7th house
during the next 16 years marriage and its issues will be the main focus
during this period. The houses the maha dasha ruler rules will play into
this cycle and how the issues of marriage transpire. If Jupiter in the
7th rules the 12th and the 3rd houses as in Capricorn ascendants the
relationship will go through some difficulties for Jupiter rules the 12th
house of losses. Both houses Jupiter rules are somewhat problematic.
Jupiter is not a good planet for Capricorn ascendant. Check if the
planet is in a friend or enemies sign placement, or if it is exalted or
debilitated, this will strengthen the effects for good or bad. Jupiter will
be in Cancer, this is a friendly sign for Jupiter, for it is exalted and
intensifies it tremendously. Is the planet involved in any yogas. The
yoga will come to maturation during this planetary period, meaning its
effects come into play at this time in life. Jupiter here is Humsa yoga
(Jupiter in an angle exalted). This can produce an overbearing partner,
causing problems. If the maha dasha ruler is conjunct or aspected by
other planets this will alter its effect tremendously. If the Sun was
conjunct this Jupiter in the 7th house it would bring 8th house qualities
(Sun rules the 8th) to the spouse maybe indicating early death for the
spouse, and if the Sun is within a 7 degree orb of the Sun, Jupiter
would be considered combust the Sun. This would therefore weaken
Jupiter and the houses that it rules. The houses the maha dasha ruler
aspects will also become activated in this dasha period. Finally check
out where the planet goes in the main divisional charts, is its sign
placement strong? Mostly focus on the navamsha chart for sign
placement. If it is in the same sign as the natal chart (Rashi) it has
more strength, it is vargottama. To look for deeper meaning and for
more reasons why the dasha is producing what effects always look to
the dispositor of the planetary ruler. In this last example The Moon
would be the dipositor of Jupiter in Cancer (Moon rules Cancer) and
the placement of the Moon (sign, house, house rulers) will give a
deeper understanding of why an how this maha dasha is experienced.
A dasha ruler that is between 2 malefic planets (papa kartari) either in
the same house or flaked by the preceding and proceeding houses will
be harmed and cannot operate to its fullest capacity. Like wise if a
dasha ruler is sandwiched in between 2 benefic planets (shubha
kartari) it will be given great opportunity and support to produce its
most beneficial results.