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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Bad Planetary Influence. What is it ?

Bad Planetary Influence is nothing else than a weak moment in your life, when the resulting reactions of the undesirable actions (Bad Karma's) of your past, gain a window of  opportunity to cause you unpleasantness.
A simplified example is: while you are driving very fast (a weak moment), you happen to come in to a stretch of bad road and it is raining (malefic conditions ). Your tires are bad since, you did not care about those in the past (past bad karma), so just think what can  be the result if you happen to break (opportunity) hard!.
 On the other hand, knowing that conditions are going to be bad by looking at weather forecast or reducing the speed or keeping a proper maintenance schedule could have done a great difference.
Though the real cause is some thing else, we can safely call skidding as a malefic effect of Rain.

Problems signified by Sun are weak eye sight, headache, disturbance of blood circulation bone weaknesses, palpitation of heart and inflammatory conditions etc.

Sun Stotra

Japaakusumasa.nkaashaM kaashyapeyaM mahadyutim.h .
tamo.ariM sarvapaapaghnaM praNato.asmi divaakaram.h .. 
I pray to the Sun, the day-maker, destroyer of
all sins, the enemy of darkness, of great
brilliance, the descendent of Kaashyapa, the
one who shines like the japaa flower.

Donate wheat, or sugar candy to a middle aged male government leader or an officer at 12:00 noon on a Sunday.MANTRA: To be chanted on Sunday morning at sunrise, especially during Sun transits and major or minor Sun periods:
Surya seed mantra: Aum hram hrim hraum sah suryaya namah.
RESULT: The planetary diety Surya is propitiated

MOON - Malefic effects of Moon - Chandra
Complications signified by Moon are Urinary diseases, Lack of Mental Balance, insanity, nervousness, throat troubles, asthma, bronchitis etc.
Moon Stotra
DadhishaN^khatushhaaraabhaM kshiirodaarNavasaMbhavam.h .
namaami shashinaM somaM shambhormukuTabhuushhaNam.h .. 
I pray to the Moon who shines coolly like curds
or a white shell, who arose from the ocean
of milk, who has a hare on him, Soma, who
is the ornament of Shiva's hair.

Donate water, cow's milk or white rice to a female leader on Monday evening.
MANTRA: To be chanted on Monday evening, especially during major or minor Moon periods:
Chandra seed mantra: Aum sram srim sraum sah chandraya namah.
RESULT: The planetary diety Chandra is propitiated increasing mental health and peace of mind.


Complications indicated by Mars are Pimples, wounds, tumor eruptions, blood or tissue diseases, throat, ear, tongue, infections, bleedings, high blood pressure etc.
Mars Stotra
DharaNiigarbhasaMbhuutaM vidyutkaantisamaprabham.h .
kumaaraM shaktihastaM cha maN^galaM praNamaamyaham.h .. 
I pray to Mars, born of Earth, who shines
with the same brilliance as lightning, the
young man who carries a spear.

Donate wheat bread, sweets made from sugar mixed with white sesamum seeds, or masoor dal (red lentils) to a celibate on Tuesday at noon.
MANTRA: To be chanted on Tuesday, one hour after sunrise, especially during major or minor Mars periods

 Mangala (Mars) seed mantra: Aum kram krim kraum sah bhaumaya namah.
RESULT: The planetary diety Mangala is propitiated increasing determination and drive, and protecting one from violence.


Malefic effects indicated by Mercury are, mental diseases, nervous break down, hyper sensitiveness, difficulties in vocal expressions, stammering ect.
Mercury Stotra
priya{N^.h}gukalikaashyaamaM ruupeNaapratimaM budham.h .
saumyaM saumyaguNopetaM taM budhaM praNamaamyaham.h .. 
I pray to Mercury, dark like the bud of millet,
of unequalled beauty, gentle and agreeable.

Mercury Budha

Budha seed mantra: Aum bram brim braum sah budhaya namah.
Donate small green lentils, a green pumpkin, a goat, or green clothes to a poor student on Wednesday at noon.
MANTRA: To be chanted on Wednesday, two hours after sunrise, especially during major or minor Mercury periods:
RESULT: The planetary diety Budha is propitiated increasing health and intelligence.

JUPITER - Malefic effects of Jupiter Guru
The complications indicated by Jupiter are, liver complaints, excess fat in the body, anemia's, piles, diabetes etc.
Stotra for Jupiter
devaanaaM cha R^ishhiiNaaM cha guru.n kaaJNchanasa.nnibham.h .
buddhibhuutaM trilokeshaM taM namaami bR^ihaspatim.h .. 
I pray to Jupiter, the teacher of gods and
rishis, intellect incarnate, lord of the three worlds.
Jupiter Guru

Donate  saffron, turmeric, sugar, or yellow flowers to a brahmin (priest) on Thursday morning.
MANTRA: To be chanted on Thursday, one hour before sunset, especially during major or minor Jupiter periods

Guru seed mantra: Aum gram grim graum sah gurave namah.
RESULT: The planetary diety Brihaspati is propitiated increasing satisfaction and facilitating marriage and childbirth.
VENUS - Malefic effects of Venus, Shukra
Complications indicated by Venus are Stones in bladder, eye afflictions, diseases of ovaries, weakness of sexual organs, exudation of semen, menstrual troubles and abortions ect. 
Venus Stotra
HimakundamR^iNaalaabhaM daityaanaaM paramaM gurum.h .
sarvashaastrapravaktaaraM bhaargavaM praNamaamyaham.h .. 
I pray to Venus, the utimate preceptor of
demons, promulgator of all learning, he who
shines like the fiber of snow-white jasmine.

Donate silk clothes, dairy cream, yogurt, scented oils, sugar,  or camphor to a poor young woman on Friday evening.
MANTRA: To be chanted on Friday at sunrise, especially during major or minor Venus periods:
Shukra seed mantra: Aum dram drim draum sah shukraya namah.
RESULT: The planetary diety Shukra is propitiated increasing riches and conjugal bliss.

SATURN - Malefic effects of Saturn, Shani
The complications indicated by Saturn are paralysis, insanity, limb injury, cancer, tumors, heart pain, rheumatism, bronchitis, etc.
Shani Stotra
niilaa.njanasamaabhaasaM raviputraM yamaagrajam.h .
chhaayaamaartaNDasaMbhuutaM taM namaami shanaishcharam.h .. 
I pray to Saturn, the slow moving, born of
Shade and Sun, the elder brother of Yama,
the offspring of Sun, he who has the
appearance of black collyrium.

Donate leather, farm land, a black cow, a cooking oven with cooking utensils, a buffalo, black mustard or black sesamum seeds, to a poor man on Saturday evening.
MANTRA: To be chanted on Saturday, two hours and forty minutes before sunrise, especially during major or minor Saturn periods:
Shani seed mantra: Aum pram prim praum sah shanaisharaya namah.
RESULT: The planetary diety Shani is propitiated insuring victory in quarrels, over coming chronic pain, and bringing success.


Diseases similar to Saturn, other problems are anger, leaving home, dissatisfaction, fear complex, liar, slow working change of residence, disfavor of superiors, etc.
 Rahu Stotra
ardhakaayaM mahaaviirya.n chandraadityavimardanam.h .
si.nhikaagarbhasaMbhuutaM taM raahuM praNamaamyaham.h .. 8..
I pray to Rahu, having half a body, of great
bravery, the eclipser of the Moon and the Sun,
born of Simhikaa.

Donate a coconut, old coins or coal to a leper on Saturday.
MANTRA: To be chanted on Saturday, two hours after sunset, especially during major or minor Rahu periods:
Rahu seed mantra: Aum bhram bhrim bhraum sah rahave namah.
RESULT: The planetary diety Rahu is propitiated granting victory over enemies, favour from the King or government, and reduction in diseases caused by Rahu.


Diseases indicated are similar to Mars. Other complications are loneliness, depression, allergies, difficulty of gaining recognition for hard work of efforts etc..
Ketu Stotra
palaashapushhpasa.nkaashaM taarakaagrahamastakam.h .
raudraM raudraatmakaM ghoraM taM ketuM praNamaamyaham.h ..
I pray to Ketu, who has the appearance of
Palaasha flower, the head of stars and planets,
fierce and terrifying.

Donate a brown cow with white spots, colored blankets, or a dog to a poor young man on Thursday.
MANTRA: To be chanted on Thursday at midnight, especially during major or minor Ketu periods:
Ketu seed mantra: Aum sram srim sraum sah ketave namah.
RESULT: The planetary diety Ketu is propitiated granting victory over enemies, favour from the King or government, and reduction in diseases caused by Ketu.