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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Agression (The yogas that manifest)

Agression (The yogas that manifest)

The following yogas reveal a number of potential indications for the characteristic aggression
and impulsivity underlying antisocial criminal behavior:
1) The 4 th house indicates one’s psychological and philosophical makeup. Rahu in the 4 th
house, if aspected by Mars in the Lagna and Saturn in the 7 th house indicates a vengeful
2) The Upagraha Gulika in the 3 rd house points to impulsive thoughts and behavior.
3) Lagna lord weak and afflicted.
4) A combination of the Sun and Mars in any rasi reveals a murderer. 1
5) Sarpa Yoga is formed by all malefics in three kendras and no benefics in the kendras.
The native with Sarpa Yoga becomes a murderer. 2
6) When the Sun and Mars occupy the Lagna, one becomes a murderer. 3
7) With Gulika is in the 9 th house, one will be a murderer of his parents and preceptors. 4
8) If born in Atiganda Yogathe native will be murderer. 6
9) If born in the Dwadashamsha of Scorpio, the native will be a murderer and a master of
rogues and robbers. 710) If Jupiter is debilitated and aspected by a debilitated planet, the native will commit
crimes. 8
11) Debilitated Jupiter or the Sun in a kendra conjoined a malefic.
12) When a malefic planet is in a kendra without benefic aspect, and Jupiter is in the 8 th
house, the native will be a slaughterer of animals. 9

(Drekana) of the Lagna. Other classics have specified the Navamsha of the Lagna to be a
more welldefined significator of the self. Therefore, the D3 and DVarga charts are
In addition to the Lagna, the 3 rd , 11 th and 10 th houses are also indicators of self.
The Sun, significator of self, and the Moon, allimportant ruler of the mind and its
impulses, are treated as secondary Lagnas in Vedic astrology (Surya Lagna and Chandra
Lagna). For example, an afflicted Moon may indicate mental aberration and a lack of
selfcontrol  as when the Moon is influenced by Mars, reckless and aggressive
behavior may be indicated.
Mercury is another planet, which controls our nervous system. Though Mercury is
not read as a secondary Lagna in Indian astrology, its affliction weakens the nervous
system and reflects the potential for aggressive, vengeful and impulsive traits.
One should also note the malefic argala, i.e., the presence of a malefic planet in the 2 nd ,
th or 11 th house from the Lagna or Moon.
For microanalysis, one should also examine the D12 (Dwadashamsha) and the Cyclic
Trimshamsha (Parivritti D30). In practice antisocial criminal traits are indicated when malefic planets, without the influence of benefic planets, influence the following:

1. The Lagna and/or Lagna lord (Lagnesha).
2. Any of the Kendras—the 1 st , 4 th , 7 th or 10 th house.
3. The Moon or its dispositor.
4. The Navamshesh (the Lagna in the D9 chart).
The following case studies illustrate a number of combinations for aggression and
impulsivity. From these examples, it is apparent that antisocial criminal behavior is more
likely to occur when an assortment of these astrological dynamics converge in the natal