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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Abhichara (protection,remedies and causes)

Casing evil eye on someone is a popular saying. If someone has been afflicted by an evil eye then he is the victim of it. Scientists do not believe that someone can cast evil eye on others. They realize only when they become the victim of it. But some of the modern doctors have started accepting this. Dr Moore, a doctor of Chicago, USA, has done research on this. He believes that eyes have magnetic powers through which someone can be attracted while others can also be harmed. He has tried to explain blessings through the magnetic power of the eyes.

Both living and non-living beings can be the victims of evil eyes. Among the former, kids, male, female, animals and trees and among non-livings houses, shops, commercial places, vehicles, artistic products etc can be the victim of it. Kids are most vulnerable because their life strength is weak. Also persons who are born from the leg side are vulnerable.

In astrology, sun has been considered the planet which provides self-confidence. The representative of the upper part of the body is feeling. Persons who have weak sun and weak lagna (Ascendant) are likely to suffer most.

If lagna (Ascendant)), lagnesh (lord of lagna), Chandra lagna (Ascendant Moon) and Chandra lagnesh (Lord of moon) is affected by impious planets and if the moon and agresh are positioned on 6, 8, 12 houses, then the person is very vulnerable to charms and spells.

If ugra and lagnesh in the birth chart of person have badly been affected by Rahu, then he is also very vulnerable.

If the lagna of a person is weak then, during the period of rahu influence, the chances of evil eye increases.

If in the eighth house of kundali, there is an eclipse, new moon or weak mercury, that person also becomes very vulnerable.

If the kundali (brith chart) of a person has ugra orlagnesh gulik, then he also becomes vulnerable.

If lagnesh is located in the eighth house of nakshatra (constellation, lunar mansion), then that person is also vulnerable to evil eyeand charms.

If lagna or lagnesh have been afflicted by papkartaridosh, and if there is no influence of some positive planets and if the sun and moon are also weak, that person is an easy prey.

If lagnesh is positioned in the ninth, eighth or twelfth house, then the person becomes easy victim of spells.

If the fourth house of a person is afflicted by impious planets or if the lord of fourth house is weak, then that person’s property becomes victim.

If the ishan (eastern) angle, brahmashtal and naitritya angle of a house is faulty, then those buildings become victims of evil eye.

If the ishan (eastern) angle of an agricultural plot is cut off, then that plot can also become victim of evil eye.

A person become victim of evil eyeand charms when one is passing though the influence of impious planets. Normally, there are following times when a person becomes easy victim:

  • When there is dasha- antardasha (planetary periodicity ) of shasthesh, astamesh or dwdashesh, then a person come under easy influence of evil eye
  • If lagnesh is weak in kundali, then due to dasha-antardasha (planetary periodicity) of lagnesh, a person may come under bad influence
  • The time of planetary periodicity of Rahu and Ketu may also create problems for vulnerable persons
  • If sun, moon, Rahu are in unholy position, then there are high chances of being afflicted by evil eye
  • If lagna, lagnesh and son are dominant, then people are highly confident and there are little chances of evil eye and magic
  • If the lagnesh lagna’s triangular centre is dominant then there is high confidence and little fear
  • If the fourth house of the birth chart is dominant, then the person is mature in terms of thoughts and their minds are not affected by any magic or spell
  • If the kundali of a person has one or more panchamahapurush, then that person cannot be afflicted
  • If the kundali of a person has dominant moon or mercury and there are no sinful planets, then that person is not affected
  • If the lagna and lagnesh in a kundali is free from the impact of Gulik, then that person cannot be affected
  • If the person has pious planetary constellations then that person cannot be affected
  • If sun, Saturn,  Jupiter and Rahu are in the right houses, there are little chances of affliction
If a person’s sun is dominant but the sun has the impact of Rahu and Saturn, then that person is very confident but due to the impact of evil planets he/she develops jealousy. The inner powers of that person damage the life-strength of other person who becomes the victim.

If the second and third house of person has the evil influence of Saturn, Rahu, Mars and sastesh then that person has the power to inflict evil powers

If a person’s birth chart has dominant sun and the fourth house has the evil impact of Saturn, Rahu, then that person can cast evil eyeon other

Staring at a beautiful person or object for long time may result in spells. Observing stunned the activities of a kid or a person and appreciating from outside while hating from inside may result in spell. Jealousy towards beautiful house, cows and crops may also result in evil eye.

If a person has been afflicted then his health is affected. Eyes and head become heavy. Eyes become tearful and the person feels tired. Medicines do not have any impact then. Kids cry a lot and do not eat milk or food. They cannot sleep.

If a house has been afflicted then cramps appear. If a tree has been affected then it dries up. Inflicted crops also fail to grow. Vehicles are damaged and accidents might happen. If an office or shop has been afflicted then the owner incurs losses. In such shops and offices, consumers stop coming.

  • Kids and men should read Narayan Kavach regularly.
  • Afflicted person should also read Hanuman Chalisa regularly
  • Mustard, red chili and salt should be sprinkled on special kind of fire and with the smoke of that fire that person should be treated
  • The shoe of an elder person of the family should be rotated above the head of that person 7, 11, 21 times. Spit on the shoe and smash the shoe on the ground. The mantra of ‘Om Ran Rahven namah’ should be chanted.
  • On Saturday, the vermilion on the head of Hanuman ji should be  put on the head of the victim
  • Milk pot should be rotated the head of the victim and the milk should be given to a dog. This process should be done on Sunday in the day time or Saturday night.
Ask the afflicted person to sit on the door. A pinch of salt and soil should be thrown from above that person seven times