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Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Pancha mahapurusha yoga’s are yoga’s that are easy to find in a horoscope. To begin our analysis for this group of yoga‘s, we note the position of the ascendant and the Moon.

The Moon is an exceptionally important planet in Indian astrology, and for this reason, we can use the sign the Moon is in as an alternative ascendant. So if we look for yoga’s we can look for them from the ascendant but we can also take the Moon as a starting point in our search for yoga’s.

For instance, if we say that a certain planet must be placed in a kendra house to be considered as a planet making a yoga, the kendra house is calculated from either the ascendant or from the sign the Moon is in.
And now to the yoga‘s and their consequences:

Ruchaka yoga: Mars in its own sign or in exaltation, and in a kendra house - brave, arrogant, the victor.

Bhadra yoga: Mercury in its own sign or in exaltation, and in a kendra house - intellectual, learned, rich.
Hamsa yoga: Jupiter in its own sign or in exaltation, and in a kendra house - religious, very fortunate.
Malavaya yoga: Venus in its own sign or in exaltation, and in a kendra house - wealthy, loves life, sometimes self-indulgent, good marriage, strong sense of justice.
Shasya yoga: Saturn in its own sign or in exaltation, and in a kendra house - powerful, strict, position of authority.

Rahu + Chandra

Sudden and dramatic emotional changes causes by eruption of acquisitive or possessive desires in the Mother.
The Mother is the primary agent of personal transformation. She is unstable emotionally, excitable, volatile in her relationship with the child, and often involved in some variety of taboo cultural mixing or emotionally disruptive, manipulative, controlling, or possessive behavior toward the child.
Chandra craves emotional protection, the Mother may send out two sets of different or contradictory signals: one set encouraging the child to follow all the accepted social protocols in order to always be safe, and another more subtle set of role-modeling behaviors which exemplify courage in challenging rigid rules and taking emotional risks.
The native is oneself, characteristically, an emotional risk-taker. Enthusiasm for jumping into new identities, for accepting nurturing and caretaking opportunities in unusual circumstances, and for challenging the stable emotional balance in existing interpersonal relationships. 

Males may possess an unusually high level of female intuition and a deep interest in healing. Females are capable of assuming conventionally male roles with aplomb.
A fascinating person. Unconventionally attractive, charismatic and somewhat mysterious, often the subject of much public attention (both positive and negative). 
Likely to achieve fame for their ability to successfully challenge cultural taboos and win remarkable struggles with social convention "against the odds".
Male is interesting to women. Female is charismatic and exciting. Both males and females are able to challenge the cultural norms for emotional and sexual relationship legitimacy, switching gender roles and changing public identities with ease.

some famous personalities having the combination -U.K. Prince Charles
US Pres 1, George Washington
Ted Turner, media mogul 
Karl Marx (political philosopher)
Tom Cruise (actor)
Bepin Behari(economist, Jyotishi)
Dale Earnhardt(auto racing champion)
Ernest Hemingway(novelist)
Neil Bush (#3 Bush brother)
Jeb Bush (Gov Florida)
Pablo Picasso

Rahu and Ketu

Rahu and Ketu in Rashis
The Rashis show the emotional and psychological forces that compel us to act. The Rashi placement of Rahu will show the psychological temperament we are developing in this lifetime. It shows emotional energy that creates stress in our life. The Rashi of Ketu shows the temperament we have recently developed and where we have skill. It shows where we are critical of others and ourselves. 
Rahu in Aries / Ketu in Libra - Ketu in Libra shows they have developed a measured and thoughtful approach to decision making, one which carefully considers all consequences and the price to pay. Skill and diplomacy with others is also highly developed. Rahu in Aries shows the native must develop the ability to act on impulse and follow their instincts. This will make them act first and think later as well as be more self interested or self inspired.
Rahu in Taurus / Ketu in Scorpio - Ketu in Scorpio shows a native who has experienced the intense, probing nature of the mind, one which is painfully aware of death / rebirth, life�s ups and downs and endings. They have established a certain amount of Peace with that difficult side of life. Rahu in Taurus shows they are learning to develop more consistent emotional patterns, rather than the emotions being pulled to their most turbulent extreme. These increased stability allows for deeper, more long lasting and valuable emotional connections. Given the turmoil possible with the Nodes, they are exalted when in this placement.  
Rahu in Gemini / Ketu in Sagittarius - Ketu in Sagittarius shows a native who has established a hopeful, idealistic and innately spiritual mindset in their recent lives. Faith in God and a higher purpose are areas of life, which they are well acquainted. Rahu in Gemini will bring forth a curious, multifarious approach that compels the native to test their beliefs not just accept them blindly. This placement will make one Spiritual in a cosmic sense, not just religious in an orthodox sense. The Nodes are also very well placed in this position, as Rahu is able to develop through the psychological quality of Gemini.
Rahu in Cancer / Ketu in Capricorn - Ketu in Capricorn will show a native who is skilled in controlling the many external factors in life. Psychological strength was buttressed by a powerful career, bank account, worldly achievement, etc. Rahu in Cancer shows inner emotional strength is being developed in this lifetime. Learning to understand and develop control over our emotional turmoil is the lesson here. This is one the most difficult placements for the Nodes as we feel the need to developed the very area of life where we are the most insecure.
Rahu and Ketu in Bhavas
The Bhava where Rahu and Ketu resides show external areas of life that we are trying to develop or that we have recently developed. Rahu shows the areas of life that we want to experience, want to achieve. It shows our material attachments. Ketu shows where we would like to withdrawal, what we have already experienced and thus tend to neglect and where we will have detachment. Rahu feels
Rahu in the 1st house / Ketu in the 7th house - Ketu in the 7th shows that in recent past lives there was an over reliance on partners and others in general, when defining the sense of Self. This will make for a native who is very critical of partners and partnerships. In this life the Self as and individual is being developed. Thus the native with Rahu in the 1st will see all of life�s situations as opportunities to grow. When un-evolved this will make for high levels of egocentricity, when evolved high levels of Spirituality. These people may have their individuality suppressed early in life in order to find it later. 
Rahu in the 2nd Ketu in the 8th house - Ketu in the 8th house shows a native who in recent past lives benefited greatly from others resources and other people�s money, thus their inherent sense of value came from others. This will make a person who is very reluctant to rely on others to help them. Rahu in the 2nd house makes for a person who will work hard to develop their own resources, thus allowing them to feel worthy and of value based on their own efforts, not the help of others. These people may have been devalued in some way to force them to find it for themselves.    
Rahu in the 3rd house/ Ketu in the 9th house - Ketu in the 9th house shows a person who was guided by gurus or teachers or relied on powerful teachers to uplift them and define their belief system, thus they may be very skeptical of teachers and Spiritual teaching in particular. Rahu in the 3rd house will show a native developing the courage to challenge and test their teachings and teachers and to explore their own paradigms of understanding aside from what they are told by others. This will give the native confidence in their own ability to make the right decisions regarding their own fate. These natives may have had an upbringing where an oppressive religious environment led to rebellion.
Rahu in the 4th house / Ketu in the 10th house - Ketu in the 10th house shows a native who relied on their worldly status and external power of achievement in order to feel secure. This lead to a person who felt too attached to their actions and ultimately defined by them. They will be skeptical of worldly achievement and all that it brings.  Rahu in the 4th house shows a native developing a secure domestic life and the nurturing quality that accompanies it. Escaping from the world into ourselves, and feeling at peace in our own private world is key here. These native may have lacked proper nurturing when young, which compels them to find peace of their own accord.
Rahu in the 5th house / Ketu in the 11th house - Ketu in the 11th house show a native who relied on their external ambitions and the admiration of their peers in order to feel important. They willingly subjugated their personal, internal inspirations for the aspiration of others. The native will tend to shun those who wish to be aligned with them through a shared vision. Rahu in the 5th shows the need to develop that which they are the most inspired towards, not that which will make them popular or successful. An individual creative life is the most important to these native. Expressing their unique vision is key. They will likely be tempted to do what the masses deem as popular in order to refine their unique expression. 

Monday, March 29, 2010

How to Profile Future Spouses -

    For all marriages, the psycho-emotional experience of relating to the spouse should be measured from Chandra lagna.
    To appreciate the deeper psycho-emotional impact of the marriage partnerships, read the emotional character of marriages as
    • 7th-from-Moon (marriage-1),
    • 2nd-from-Moon (marriage-2),
    • 9th-from-Moon (marriage-3)
    • 11th-from-Moon (marriage-4)
    • and so forth.
    Be sure to examine any graha which might occupy these houses. Graha's in the domain indicated will characterize the emotional tenor of marriages.
    • analytical (Budha)
    • constrained or disciplined (Shani),
    • pleasure-loving and indulgent (Shukra),
    • competitive (Kuja),
    • expansive and inclusive (Guru),
    • withdrawn and disconnected (Ketu),
    • passionate and desiring experiences (Rahu)
    Also the house lords should be considered - a full analysis of this relative-to-Chandra house is required.

    THEN, have a look at the angle formed between radix Chandra and the appropriate marriage house.
    • marriage-1 = the angle formed by the distance between radix Chandra and domain-7
    • marriage-2 = the angle formed by the distance between radix Chandra and domain-2
    • marriage-3 = the angle formed by the distance between radix Chandra and domain-9
    • marriage-4 = the angle formed by the distance between radix Chandra and domain-11
    • and so forth
    How do you feel about the prospects of this forthcoming marriage? Is there a graha or cluster of graha's in this house? The distance between Chandra and the marriage-house will reveal a match between the spouse and another member of your family or community environment.
    E.g., distance between Chandra and domain-2 for second marriage = 3/9, with the 2nd-marriage house being 9th-from-Chandra. Surely there will be strong emotional parallels between the 2nd spouse and one's father. If there are graha in this house, there is a historic pattern of strong interactions (positive or negative) with the father which will color the relationship to the 2nd spouse.

Vastu Shashtra

Colour and nature of Soil
The colour and nature of the soil also plays an important role and it should not be neglected.
  1. For brahmins (Priests, Teachers, Scientists or intellectuals) White soil is good.
  2. For Ksatriyas (Rulers, Soldiers or Administrators) Red soil is good.
  3. For Vaisyas (Businessmen, Farmers or Bankers) Yellow soil is good.
  4. For Sudras (Laborers, Artisans, Craftsmen or Servants) Black soil is good.
  5. According to Vastu Shastra, Black and Clay Soil is not good for building.
  6. If the soil is crumbly rock, money can easily be gotten.
  7. Yellow soil is good for businessmen.
Shapes of Plots or Land
Before buying any plot or land you must follow the basic rules of Vastu in regard to the shapes.
  1. The best shapes are either square or rectangular.
  2. If the plot is not a perfect rectangle, it is best if at least the southwest and southeast sides of the land are at 90º angles from one another.
  3. Land that extends past the northeast side of the quadrilateral, however, brings wealth, happiness, and good name.
  4. Land extending on the northeast side is very good.
  5. Extensions on any other side are inauspicious.
  6. Extensions of the northwest side will cause loss money and peace.
  7. Round, oval, and triangular plots should be avoided.
  8. The house should not be built in the shape of a diamond, with the corner facing north.
  9. L-shaped plots are also inauspicious and should not be purchased.
  10. It is good if the plot is narrower at the entrance and wider at its rear, but the opposite is not good.
  11. The best shapes for plots or land are square or rectangular.
  12. A land tilt of 20 degrees, off square by 20 degrees, is acceptable.
  13. If the plot is rectangular, it is better that the longer sides run north to south rather than west to east.
Location & Roads of Plot or Land
  1. It is usually best not to purchase land next to a bridge.
  2. A plot or land situated on a hill is also not to be a good purchase in most cases. It is better to purchase level ground.
  3. If the land to be purchased is on the side of a hill, however, and the land slopes down toward the north or east, that is all right. If the land slopes to the west, do not purchase it. After choosing and purchasing land, plants should be grown on the land. Also, if possible, keep a cow and her calf on the land for a while to make it more auspicious.
  4. It is not good to purchase a piece of land squeezed between two larger pieces of land as such land will bring its owner poverty.
  5. The northeast side of the land should be the lowest side.
  6. The land should either slope down toward the north or east, but not toward the west or south.
  7. Land sloping north brings riches, sloping east brings good fortune, sloping south brings ruin, and sloping west brings financial loss.
  8. It is auspicious if tall buildings or hills do not obstruct the north, northeast, and east sides of the land. Do not purchase land with such obstructions to those sides because the sun's rays will be blocked.
  9. Similarly, there should be a minimum number of doors and windows set into the southwest side of a building; the majority of windows should be set in the northeast side.
  10. It is not auspicious if there is an electrical power supply or large electric pole on the northeast side of the plot. A telephone pole is not negative in the northeast, however.
  11. There should not be any valley, a depression in the land or large pit aroundthe land.
  12. The plot or land should not be within twice the distance of the height of the house to a public place-a hospital, factory, temple, church, marriage hall, courthouse, cemetery, or cremation grounds.
  13. There should not be a laundry place, shoe shop, meat shop, or workshop with loud machinery opposite the property.
  14. The house should be at least 80 feet from the entrance of a temple. The property's gate should not face a temple or church, and the shadow of a temple or church should not fall on the house.
  15. A square piece of land surrounded by roads on four sides is considered very good. A person who owns this land will become wealthy, healthy, and happy.
  16. If a road runs alongside the property and ends at the northeast corner, that is also very good. If a road ends on any other parts of the property, however, that plot is usually not good.
  17. Land should also not be next to a T or Y intersection.
  18. A road on the north side of the property is good, but a road on the south side is not so good.
  19. If there is only one road, it is best if it is located on the east side. It is not so good if it is located on the west side.
  20. If there are roads on only the east and north side, that is good. If there are roads on the west and north, it is average.
  21. It is inauspicious if there are three roads only on the east, south,west
  1. Only new bricks, wood, and materials should be used when building a new house.
  2. Materials from an old building should not be used to build a new one in case those old materials repeat negative incidents that occurred in the old house. There is unhappiness in using old things.
  3. If there are old materials available, better to sell them and use the money to buy new materials.Good quality soil, gravel and cement should be used.
  4. Wood from thorny trees should not be used, as it will have a negative effect.
  5. Materials that have been stored for a long time should also not be used. Iron grills should only be used when needed.

Vashikaran for Ladies/Wives

Vashikaran for Ladies/Wives
  1. On Sunday grind the white Goonchi and mix this powder with your own blood to get a paste for the same. Make pills of this and keep them in safe place. Offer this pill secretly in a sweet to eat to any lady you want to put under your control.
  2. On Any Tuesday comes during second (Dwitiya tithi) of Ashwani Nakshatra in Shukal Paksh, take the powder of small ilaichi, dakshina supari, malkangni and loong and mix the same in juice of lajwanti and then make small pills of the same by adding your semen in it. Whomsoever lady will eat the betel leaf having one small pill in the same, will be infatuated.
  3. During Pushya Nakshatra bring root of Balchhar and keep in in your mouth For a while and take it out and put the same in betel leaf and give the same o a lady to whom you want to infatuate.
  4. During Pushya Nakshatra put the powder of root of manjeeth on the head of the lady and she will be come under your vashikaran.
  5. On any Monday comes under Mrigsira Nakashtra mix your semen in the powder of supari, put the same in betel leaf and give the same to a lady who will then be come under your vashikaran.
  6. Cut all your 20 nails (foot & hand) continuously on all 8 Saturdays and mix them all on 8th Saturday. Procure the nails of Khutekbaree bird and mix the same with your nails. Put them all in carthon pot and place them on fire and wait till the all be turned into ash. This ash then be mixed in butter and offer to any lady to whom you want to bring under your control. This will work and fulfill your desires.
  7. After the act of intercourse, rub your semen on the left under foot of the lady with your left hand. The lady will be infatuated.
  8. Collect the dust of underfeet of a washerman during the period of Pushya Nakshatra. On Sunday evening put the same dust on the fore head of the lady to whom you want to bring under your control. This will work well.
  9. During night take your semen in your right hand and put the same on the thumb of foot of lady with the finger of your left hand. The lady will come under your vashikaran.
  10. Collect and make the wick of the clothes of very first mensas of a girl and burn that wick in a lamp of Arindi oil and collect the Kajal and the same in safe place in a kajal dibiya. Put the pinch of this kajal on any lady during
    Hast Nakashtra. The lady will come under your control.

Vashikaran for Men/Husband's

  1. On any Sunday grind the seeds of Tulsi and then mixed the same with the juice of sehdevi. Apply Tilak on your forehead and contact or go before the men you want to enchant. Men will be infatuated.
  2. The lady should take flour on any Sunday or Tuesday, equal to the weight of her left shoe and make four chapaties. Purify these chapaties with the above mentioned sidha mantra (To sidha this mantra recite 1008 times duly performing homa etc.). Any men who eat these chapaties will come under your control for ever.
  3. Fill the dust of underfeet of a man in the horn of a bull (bull who died on sunday) and purify the same horn with the smoke of the guggal and fix the same in the house
    of woman. The man will come under your control.
  4. On Monday bring the branch of Braham Dandi, grind it and make the Anjan (Surma) of the same. Whenever you want to enchant the man, pply this Anjan (Surma) in your eyes and go before that man, he must be come under your control.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

kamalatmika sadhna of 40 days

Kamalatmika is the Goddess of abundance and spiritual perfection. When the adept has been through all the other Goddesses he/she has understood the universe and is ready to receive all its gifts.

Kamla Tantra

Dharma ( proper action), Arth (wealth), Kaam ( pleasures) and Moksha (fulfilment) are considered the four basic pivots of a total and complete life. Among these four wealth comes foremost, for without it life becomes barren like a desert. And the deity of wealth is the Mahavidya Kamala, who frees her Sadhak of debts, poverty, tensions, problems, sins, diseases and danger of untimely death. And not just this she bestows upon him sharp intellect, charming personality , wealth , health, a beautiful spouse, children, property, vehicles, fame and respect.
Every person whether old or young wishes to be rich; and the best and easiest way to prosperity is the Sadhana ofKamala. This Sadhana is unfailing, so much so that even apoor, unfortunate, disease-hidden wretch can get rid of all his misfortunes and climb to the highest echelons of material success through this wonderful ritual. Its not just believed, it is the experience of so many Sadhaks that if accomplished with full devotion this Sadhana cannot fail to produce its effects.
On any monday get up early in the morning, take a bath and get into red clothes. Cover a wooden seat with red cloth. Inscribe "shree" on a steel plate with vermilion. On it placeKamala Yantra.  Light incense and ghee lamp. Offer vermilion, rice grains, sweets and flowers on the yantra.Offer rice grains and vermilion five times on the Yantra each time chanting-
Shreem Kleem Shreem Namah.
Thereafter chant 21 rounds of the following Mantra

Method no -2( More Elaborate)

 One should take a bath and wear clean clothes.

- Sit on a mat or cloth facing east.

- Cover a wooden seat with yellow cloth .

- Take a steel plate and draw a Swastik with Vermillon and place the yantra on the plate.

- Offer vermilion, Milk, Ghee, Sugar, Curd, Honey,Rice grains, flower petals on the yantra.

- Lite the lamp and incense

- Take water in the right palm and pledge - I (speak your name) am doing this Sadhana for the removal of these problems in my life (specify the problems) and may Goddess Saraswati bestow success upon me.

- L
et the water flow to the floor.

- Offer prayers to Lord Ganpati by chanting
" Om Gam Ganpataye Namah " eleven times.

- Pray to your Guru or Lord Shiva (thinking of him as your Guru) for Success in the Sadhana. 

Then make sixteen marks with vermillion on the Yantra representing the sixteen forms of Goddess Lakshmi. Then join your palms and chart thus.
"Udyanmaartand Kaanti Vigalit Kavareem Krishnna Vastraa- vritaangeem. Dandam Lingam Karaabjeir-varmath Bhuvanam Sand-dhatim Trinetraam. Naanaa Ratneir- vodhaantim Smit Mukh Kamalaam Sevitaam Dev Dev Sarveir Bhaaryaa Raagyim Namo Bhoot Sa Ravi Kul Tanumaashraye Eeshwareem Tvaam". - Then offer flowers and rice grains to the Goddess and pray to her to manifest and bless you.
- After this chant 21 rosary of the following mantra with a
Kamalgatta rosary 
"Om Ayeim Eem Hreem Shreem Kleem Hasouh Jagatprasootyei Namah"
After this sing Aarti of Goddess Lakshmi. Let the rosary and yantra remain in worship place. Whenever in the future you face financial problem chant one round of the Mantra.


A must read story with an excellent moral.(MUST READ)

Naresh Mintri wrote:

 A woman baked chapati for members  of her family and an extra one For a hungry passerby. She kept the extra
 chapati on the Window-sill, for whosoever would take it away.  Everyday, a hunchback came and took away the   chapati. Instead of expressing  gratitude, he muttered the following words as he went His way: "The evil
 you do remains with you: The good you do, comes back to you!"  This  went on, day after day. Everyday, the hunch-back came, picked up the  chapati and uttered the words: "The evil you do, remains with you: The 
 good you do, comes back to you!" The woman felt irritated. "Not a  word of gratitude," she said to herself... "Everyday this hunchback utters this jingle! What does he mean?"   One day,exasperated, she  decided to do away with him. "I shall get rid of this hunchback," she  said. And what did she do? She added  poison to the Chapati she prepared for him! As she was about to keep it  on the window sill, her hands trembled. "What is this I am doing?" she said. Immediately, she threw the chapati into the fire, prepared another one and kept it on the window- sill. As usual, the hunchback came,  picked up the chapati and muttered the words: "The evil you do, remains with you: The good you do, comes back to you!" The hunchback proceeded  on his way, blissfully unaware of the war raging in the mind of the woman. Everyday, as the woman placed the chapati on the  window-sill, she offered a prayer for her son who had gone to a distant  place to seek his fortune. For many months, she had no news of him.. She  prayed for his safe return.  That evening, there was a knock on  the door. As she opened it, she was surprised to find her son standing  in the doorway.. He had grown thin and lean. His garments were tattered  and torn. He was hungry, starved and weak. As he saw  his mother, he said, "Mom, it's a miracle I'm here. "While I was  but a mile away, I was so famished that I collapsed. I would have died, but just then an old hunchback passed by. I begged of him for a morsel  of food, and he was kind enough to give me a whole chapati.
 "As  he gave it to me, he said, "This is what I eat everyday: today, I shall  give it to you, for your need is greater than mine!" " As the  mother heard those words, her face turned pale. She leaned against the  door for support. She remembered the poisoned chapati that she had made  that morning. Had she not burnt it in the fire, it would have been eaten  by her own son, and he would have lost his life! It was then that she  realised the significance of the words: "The evil you do remains  with you: The good you do, comes back to you!"
 Do good & 
 Remain Blessed 

Planetary Colors and Planetary Gemstones

In the Table below, (which was basically set up for practitioners of Systems' Approach), the GREEN print gives the OK for various rising signs (Ascendants), while RED suggests avoidance with reference to unfavorable colors and gemstones. Please keep in mind that this Table is as per the teachings of Professor V. K. Choudhry's Systems' Approach, and therefore, not necessarily does this Table reflect the traditional teachings of Classical Vedic Astrology..
Favorable Colors:
Unfavorable Colors:
Favorable Gems:
Unfavorable Gems:
Pink, orange, white, red, yellow, royal blue, navy blue, bright brown, bright black, and variegated.
Green, grey, and faded colors.
Ruby, pearl, red coral, yellow sapphire, diamond, and blue sapphire.
Emerald, hessonite, and cat's eye.
Pink, orange, white, green, navy blue, bright brown, bright black.
Grey, dull brown, faded colors, yellow, royal blue, red, variegated colors.
Ruby, pearl, emerald, blue sapphire.
Red coral, yellow sapphire, diamond, hessonite, cat's eye.
Pink, orange, white, red, green, yellow, royal blue, variegated colors, navy blue, bright brown, bright black.
Steel grey, dull brown, faded colors.
Ruby, pearl, red coral, emerald, yellow sapphire, diamond,, blue sapphire.
Hessonite, cat's eye.
Pink, orange, white, red, green, royal blue, variegated.
Grey, dull brown, faded colors, navy blue, bright brown, bright black, yellow.
Ruby, pearl, red coral, emerald, and diamond.
Yellow sapphire, blue sapphire, hessonite, cat's eye.
Pink, orange, red, green, yellow, royal blue, variegated colors, navy blue, bright brown, bright black.
White, grey, dull brown, faded colors.
Ruby, red coral, emerald, yellow sapphire, diamond, blue sapphire.
Pearl, hessonite, cat's eye.
White, green, yellow, royal blue, variegated.
Orange, bright black, bright brown, red, pink, grey, dull brown, navy blue, faded colors.
Pearl, emerald, yellow sapphire, diamond.
Red coral, ruby, blue sapphire, hessonite, cat's eye.
Pink, orange, white, red, yellow, royal blue, variegated, navy blue, bright brown, bright black.
Green, smoke grey, steel grey, dull brown, faded colors.
Ruby, pearl, red coral, yellow sapphire, diamond, blue sapphire.
Emerald, hessonite, cat's eye.
Pink, orange, white, green, yellow, navy blue, bright brown, bright black.
Red, royal blue, steel grey, dull brown, variegated, faded colors.
Ruby, pearl, emerald, yellow sapphire, blue sapphire.
Red coral, diamond, hessonite, cat's eye.
Pink, orange, red, green, yellow, royal blue, variegated, navy blue, bright brown, bright black.
White, steel grey, dull brown.
Ruby, red coral, emerald, yellow sapphire, diamond, blue sapphire.
Pearl, hessonite, cat's eye.
Bright black, white, bright brown, all shades of blue, green, red, and variegated.
Steel grey, dull smoke grey, orange, pink, yellow, faded colors.
Blue sapphire, red coral, pearl, emerald, diamond.
Ruby, yellow sapphire, hessonite, cat's eye.
Bright black, bright brown, red, orange, pink, yellow, variegated, all shades of blue.
White, grey, green, dull brown, faded colors.
Blue sapphire, red coral, ruby, diamond, yellow sapphire.
Pearl, emerald, hessonite, cat's eye.
White, red, green, yellow.
Grey, dull brown, faded colors, pink, orange, royal blue, variegated, navy blue, bright brown, bright black.
Pearl, red coral, emerald, yellow sapphire.
Ruby, diamond, blue sapphire, hessonite, cat's eye.

The Sun rules pink, golden and orange colors.
Mercury rules the grass and dark green color. 
The Moon rules silver besides the white.
Mars rules burning red.
Jupiter rules yellow.

Venus rules variegated colors - bright and shining, and also rules royal blue -the color of luxurious festivities. Venus rules white (speckless), royal blue, and variegated colors. The colors should be deep and bright.

Saturn rules black, connected with gloominess, and its mixture with red gives brown, and its mixture with blue gives navy blue, or (blackish blue).
Note: In Systems' Approach, the color purple belongs to Rahu.
*Additionally, where the Sun is favorable, golden color can be used, while where the Moon is favorable, silver color can be used.  Where these planet are unfavorable, these colors should also be avoided.
Also, most of the athletes and fitness enthusiasts are activated by Rahu which represents the grey color. The grey color also has many shades. Somewhat good impact may come from deep and bright grey.
Main Gemstone indicated by bold print - Substitutes follow.
  • Sun - Ruby,  corundam, carnelian, red-garnet, pink jade, pink tourmaline
  • Moon - Pearl, moon stone, white zircon
  • Mars - Red Coral, red tourmaline, red zircon, red amber, deep red garnet and blood stone
  • Mercury - Emerald, alexandrite, beryl,  green jade, onyx, green zircon
  • Jupiter - Yellow Sapphire, topaz, chrysoberyl, yellow  jade, perth, yellow quartz and yellow amber
  • Venus - Diamond, aquamarine, blue jade, lapis lazuli, opal, turquoise.
  • Saturn - Blue Sapphire, amethyst, sardonic, deep blue zircon

  • Appropriate Finger Placements for Gems
  • Sun and Mars - Ring Finger 
  • Jupiter - Index finger 
  • Saturn - Middle Finger
  • Mercury and Moon - Little Finger
  • Venus - Depending upon functional nature of Saturn or Sun - any of the fingers pertaining to these planets can be used. 
  • Stones are to be worn in an auspiciously elected time only, and not on the days of the planets.
  • As metals are also represented by planets, excessive use of metals on the body should be avoided. Stones need little amount of metal for being set in, and can be set in any of the metals.

Mental health & astrology.

Questions & Answers:

I would like to know... does lagna/lagna lord play any role in mental health?

Yes. Condition of lagna and lagna lord certainly play a role in mental health.

To elaborate on the above a bit, the condition of the first house, its strength, occupants, aspects, and it’s lord/karaka are all very important for determining the tone and nature of the personality in general. So to look at the primary significations for a person’s general, physical, and emotional health is certainly mandatory and a big part of the astrological synthesizing process, and synthesizing and integrating the entire chart is key. This is often not an easy task. We ALL have bad days – some people just have bad days more frequently than others, some are pre-disposed to consistent emotional and/or mental turmoil, while other personality types are better equipped for a pre-disposition for taking things in stride.

For example, Cancer’s may experience ups and down more frequently on account of being ruled by the fast moving Moon, karaka for emotions and mental peace. But analysis by planetary piecemeal without synthesis will never give the entire picture, because we need a full evaluation of the entire chart picture, and to get that, we need to include all the influences, and then we are in a position to better determine what influences appear to pre-dominate. That includes a complete comprehension of the planetary weaknesses present in the chart – as well as the afflictions – as both cause difficulty.

I have seen charts with no natal nodal afflictions, no afflictions to houses, and no planetary afflictions – but the client was consistently having a severe impairment to his long-term coping mechanisms because of multiple planetary weakness, resulting in a pre-disposition to excesses. He was medically diagnosed with ADHD. His lagna was Sagittarius, Jupiter was combust, Moon was weak, as was Mercury.

On the other hand, we also need to consider that when a benefic weak planet is well-placed, un-afflicted, and aspects its own MT house or is aspected by benefics, it still retains some capacity for beneficence…the question then becomes how much power does it retain? So a careful weighing and evaluation of all planetary influences, may just result in a weakened planet being the most influential planet in the chart….It happens…

So isn’t Jyotish the most wonderful exercise in mental aerobics we have on the planet?


Sree Lagna----by P.V.R. Narasimha Rao

1 Sree Lagna---by P.V.R. Narasimha Rao
1.1 What is Sree Lagna
Maharshi Parasara prescribed various special lagnas for special purposes. One
of them is ‘Sree Lagna’ (denoted as SL). Sree stands for Lakshmi, the goddess
of prosperity. SL is the abode of Lakshmi in a chart. Strength of SL and its
lord give an idea of one’s level of prosperity. Maharshi Jaimini taught that one
with an exalted or debilitated planet in SL becomes affluent.
1.2 Computation of Sree Lagna
² Compute the fraction of Moon’s advancement in his constellation, just like
in the case of Vimsottari dasa.
² Add the same fraction of the entire zodiac to lagna. This gives the longitude
of SL. For example, if Moon is advanced in Bharani by exactly 10
degrees, his advancement in the constellation is 10/13.3333 = 75%. The
same percentage of 360 deg (entire zodiac) is 270 deg . So we should add
270 deg to lagna to get SL.

1.2.1 Example 1
Take the native of this birthdata: 4th April 1970, 17:48:20 (IST), 81 E 12’, 16
N 15’. This will be the standard example in this lesson.
Lagna is at 14 Vi 28’ 17”, i.e. 164 deg 28’ 17”.
Moon is at 28 Aq 34’ 05”. He is Poorvabhadra, which starts at 20 Aq 00’ and
ends at 3 Pi 20’. The fraction of Moon’s advancement in nakshatra is (8 deg
34’ 05”/13 deg 20’) = 514.0833333333’/800’ = 0.6426041666667.
The same fraction of the zodiac is 0.6426041666667 x 360 deg = 231.3375 deg
= 231 deg 20’ 15”.

Adding this to lagna, we get 164 deg 28’ 17” + 231 deg 20’ 15” = 395 deg 48’
32” = 35 deg 48’ 32” (subtracting 360 deg ).
So SL is at 5 Ta 48’ 32”.

2 What is Sudasa
SL shows where Lakshmi resides in a chart at birth and Sudasa shows how her
residence moves through rasis in ones life. Sudasa starts from SL and proceeds
through all the signs. While Narayana dasa and many other rasi dasas start
from the stronger of lagna and the 7th house, Sudasa always starts from SL and
not the 7th. The reason is that lagna is the abode of Brahma and the 7th house
is the abode of Shiva in a chart (this is why Shiva is worshipped in the form
of Shiva Linga). Narayana resides in the stronger of Brahma sthana and Shiva
sthana. So Narayana dasa starts from the stronger of lagna and 7th house. But
Sudasa always starts from Lakshmi sthana (SL). Sudasa is also called “Sree
Lagna Kendradi Rasi Dasa”.
3 Computation of Sudasa
3.1 Dasa Order
² We start dasas from SL and progress through quadrants, panapharas and
apoklimas from there (1st, 4th, 7th, 10th; 2nd, 5th, 8th, 11th; 3rd, 6th,
9th and 12th). If SL is odd, we count these houses forward. If it is even,
we count these houses backward.
² Exceptions: There are exceptions for Saturn or Ketu. If Saturn occupies
SL, the counting is forward (no matter odd/even sign). If Ketu occupies
SL, the direction of counting houses is reversed from whatever we get
based on odd/even sign.
3.1.1 Example 2
Take the data in example 1. SL is in Ta. It is an even sign. So we should count
houses backward. Neither Saturn nor Ketu occupies Ta and so no exception
applies. Counting ”1st, 4th, 7th, 10th; 2nd, 5th, 8th, 11th; 3rd, 6th, 9th and
12th” houses from Ta backwards, we get ”Ta, Aq, Sc, Le; Ar, Cp, Li, Cn, Pi,
Sg, Vi, Ge”. This is the order of dasas.

SJVC LESSON 15 Sudasa Calculation and Interpretation
3.2 Dasa Length
Dasa lengths are found as in Narayana dasa or Chara dasa. We count houses
from dasa sign to its lord and subtract one. The counting is forward for oddfooted
signs (Ar, Ta, Ge, Li, Sc and Sg) and backward for even-footed signs
(rest). For example, suppose Saturn is in Ta and we need Cp dasa length. Cp is
even-footed and we count backwards. From Cp, Ta is the 9th house (counting
backwards). So Cp dasa is of 91=8 years. If the lord is in the sign, we give
12 years. If the lord is exalted or debilitated, we add or subtract one year
Dasa length of the first dasa needs adjustment. Find the fraction of rasi that
SL needs to still traverse in the rasi it occupies. The same fraction of the first
dasa is left at birth. Suppose SL is at 22.5 degrees in Cp and Saturn is in Ta.
We found above that Cp dasa is of 8 years. However, only a fraction of this
dasa is left at birth. SL is at 22.5 degrees and 7.5 degrees remains in the rasi.
This is one-fourth of the rasi. So dasa sesham is one-fourth of 8 years, i.e. 2
years. So Cp dasa remaining at birth is of 2 years.
3.2.1 Example 3
Take the data of Example 1.
² Ta dasa: Ta is odd-footed and count forward. Venus is its lord and he
is in 12th house from it. So 12-1=11 years. But the first dasa needs
adjustment. SL is at 5 Ta 48’ 32”. Subtracting this amount from 30 deg
, we see that only 24 deg 11’ 28” remains in the sign. Dasa remainder
fraction = 24 deg 11’ 28”/30 deg = 87088”/108000” = 0.8063703703704.
This fraction of 11 years is 0.8063703703704 x 11 = 8.870074074074 years.
So the first dasa of Ta runs for 8 years 10 months 13.23 days from birth.
² Aq dasa: Aq is even-footed and count backwards. Saturn is its lord and
he is in 11th house from it. So 11-1=10 years. But Saturn is debilitated
and so subtract 1 more year. We get 9 years.
² Sc dasa: Sc is odd-footed and count forward. Mars is its lord and he is in
6th house from it. So 6-1=5 years.
² Le dasa: Le is even-footed and count backwards. Sun is its lord and he is
in 6th house from it. So 6-1=5 years.
² Ar dasa: Le is odd-footed and count forward. Mars is its lord and he is in
Ar itself. So 12 years.
² And so on. Here are the complete calculations of the first cycle:
SJVC LESSON 15 Sudasa Calculation and Interpretation
Maha Dasas:
Ta: 1970-04-04 (17:48:20) - 1979-02-17 (19:54:21)
Aq: 1979-02-17 (19:54:21) - 1988-02-18 (03:18:49)
Sc: 1988-02-18 (03:18:49) - 1993-02-17 (10:04:16)
Le: 1993-02-17 (10:04:16) - 1998-02-17 (16:54:09)
Ar: 1998-02-17 (16:54:09) - 2010-02-17 (18:43:11)
Cp: 2010-02-17 (18:43:11) - 2018-02-17 (19:53:37)
Li: 2018-02-17 (19:53:37) - 2024-02-18 (08:50:29)
Cn: 2024-02-18 (08:50:29) - 2029-02-17 (15:34:02)
Pi: 2029-02-17 (15:34:02) - 2034-02-17 (22:30:07)
Sg: 2034-02-17 (22:30:07) - 2044-02-18 (11:54:43)
Vi: 2044-02-18 (11:54:43) - 2049-02-17 (18:46:08)
Ge: 2049-02-17 (18:46:08) - 2059-02-18 (08:16:27)
3.3 Antardasas
Sree Lagna is the residence of Lakshmi at birth and Sudasa dasa sign shows
her movement through dasas. Treating Sudasa dasa sign as Sree Lagna and
applying the same rules for finding dasas, we can get antardasas. [Note: Using
the antardasa rules of Narayana dasa gives inferior results.]
All antardasas have an equal length.
3.3.1 Example 4
Let us take the native of example 1.
Let us take Ar dasa. Ar is odd and we should count quadrants etc in the forward
direction. We get antardasas in Ar dasa as Ar, Cn, Li, Cp; Ta, Le, Sc, Aq; Ge,
Vi, Sg and Pi.
Let us now take Le dasa. Le is odd and we should go forward. But Ketu occupies
it and so we should reverse the direction. So forward becomes backward.
Counting quadrants etc backwards, we get antardasas in Le dasa as Le, Ta, Aq,
Sc; Cn, Ar, Cp, Li; Ge, Pi, Sg and Vi.
3.4 Interpretation
Sudasa sign shows the progression of Sree Lagna in life. Sree Lagna shows the
residence of Lakshmi in one’s natal chart and Sudasa sign shows the residence

SJVC LESSON 15 Sudasa Calculation and Interpretation
of Lakshmi at a given time. While Narayana dasa sign shows the residence of
Narayana at given time, Sudasa sign shows the residence of Lakshmi at a given
Lakshmi is the giver of all prosperity. While Narayana governs the environment
and effort, Lakshmi governs the prosperity and well-being. As Rajya Lakshmi,
she gives power. As Dhana Lakshmi, she gives money. As Arogya Lakshmi, she
gives health. As Vidya Lakshmi, she gives learning. And so on. She is the giver
of all prosperity.
When Lakshmi comes in contact with Ghati Lagna or the 7th from it, she
gives power and authority. When Lakshmi comes in contact with Hora Lagna
or the 7th from it, she gives wealth and financial prosperity. When Lakshmi
comes in contact with a house, she gives prosperity related to that house. When
Lakshmi comes in contact with Jupiter, she blesses as Santhana Lakshmi and
gives happiness related to progeny. When Lakshmi comes in contact with Ketu,
she blesses as Moksha Lakshmi and gives spiritual prosperity. And so on. When
Lakshmi comes in contact with lagna or its lord, results of ever-lasting effect
are obtained. Sanjay also taught that dasa or antardasa of Sree Lagna can give
The power of this dasa can be seen particularly in the charts of politicians. Here
is an example.
3.4.1 Example 5
Take a native with the birthdata:
6th February 1911, 1:58 (TZ: 6:00 west of GMT), 89 W 47’, 41 N 38’
You can verify that he ran Sg dasa during 1978-1988. You can see that Sg
contains Ghati Lagna and yogada Mars. The native can be expected to receive
the blessings of Rajya Lakshmi and enjoy power and authority in this dasa. The
native is Ronald Reagan and he was the President of US during 1980-1988.
3.4.2 Example 6
Take the native of example 1. We will see matters other than money and power
in this example to show the versatility of Sudasa. Le dasa ran during Feb 1993-
Feb 1998. With Le being the moksha sthana containing moksha karaka Ketu,
moksha Lakshmi’s blessings can come. Le is also aspected by many planets. So
Lakshmi comes in contact with many planets (by conjunction/aspect) during
her stay in this rasi. So this has to be an eventful dasa. Let us look at a couple
of antardasas in particular.

Le MD: 1993-02-17 (10:04:16) - 1998-02-17 (16:54:09)
Antardasas in this MD:
Le: 1993-02-17 (10:04:16) - 1993-07-21 (12:29:47)
Ta: 1993-07-21 (12:29:47) - 1993-12-20 (15:29:38)
Aq: 1993-12-20 (15:29:38) - 1994-05-20 (00:00:00)
Sc: 1994-05-20 (00:00:00) - 1994-10-22 (10:07:40)
Cn: 1994-10-22 (10:07:40) - 1995-03-19 (20:50:06)
Ar: 1995-03-19 (20:50:06) - 1995-08-22 (08:13:54)
Cp: 1995-08-22 (08:13:54) - 1996-01-19 (14:34:13)
Li: 1996-01-19 (14:34:13) - 1996-06-19 (19:57:38)
Ge: 1996-06-19 (19:57:38) - 1996-11-20 (20:28:43)
Pi: 1996-11-20 (20:28:43) - 1997-04-18 (19:40:08)
Sg: 1997-04-18 (19:40:08) - 1997-09-21 (18:44:43)
Vi: 1997-09-21 (18:44:43) - 1998-02-17 (16:54:09)
In Ta antardasa, the native got married. He had lived away from parents for 8
years for studies and he returned to father’s house on 17th July 1993. He spent
a lot of time with father learning astrology and other things. After ignoring
religion for a long time, he started several poojas (religious activities) too.
As Ta contains Sree Lagna and aspects upapada, its antardasa can give marriage.
As it is the 9th house of father, guidance and dharma, Lakshmi can give
prosperity related to those matters in that antardasa! No wonder the native
spent a lot of time with father, got guidance and turned towards his dharma.
What is possible in Sc antardasa? Sc is the 3rd house of courage and a lot
of planets including lord Mars aspect it. Especially the blessings of Vikrama
Lakshmi (or Dhairya Lakshmi) are possible in this period. The 3rd house shows
courage, boldness, initiative and enterprise. The native may make bold moves
and benefit.
The native had returned to India after masters in US and was happily settled in
India, when he received an unexpected offer from South Korea. Though Korea
was an unusual destination for Indian engineers, his curiosity took him there
and one thing led to another and he was forced to come to US again. He is in
US now. Vikrama Lakshmi’s blessings in Sc antardasa were the reason for his
What is possible in Li antardasa? Li contains Jupiter. Lakshmi’s contact with
Jupiter can bring Santhana Lakshmi’s blessings and give a child or happiness
from children. The native was blessed with a child in February 1996.
SJVC LESSON 15 Sudasa Calculation and Interpretation
What is possible in Ge antardasa? As Ge is the 10th house and Sun aspects,
Lakshmi’s blessings are possible in career. The native’s career was indeed good
Thus we can see when Lakshmi’s blessings come in a particular matter (in terms
of prosperity). Remember that Narayana governs effort and Lakshmi governs
prosperity! Both together define what happens to a person!!
4 Exercies
4.1.1 Exercise 1
List the 8 forms of Lakshmi (prosperity). Try to find the planets corresponding
to each form! [Note: Those who know nothing about ”Ashta Lakshmis” may
ignore this exercise for now and wait for the answers.]
4.1.2 Exercise 2
Consider the native of the following birthdata:
Date February 24, 1948
Time 14:36:40
Time Zone 5:30:00 (East of GMT)
Longitude 80 E 18’ 00”
Latitude 13 N 05’ 00”
Evaluate her Sudasa. Find when the dasas containing GL and HL come. Can
power and money come to her then?
4.1.3 Exercise 3
Consider the native of the following birthdata:
Date November 19, 1917
Time 23:03:00
Time Zone 5:30:00 (East of GMT)
Longitude 81 E 52’ 00”
Latitude 25 N 28’ 00”
Find her Sudasa. If she was a politician out of power and contesting elections
in 1980, what prediction would you give her? Would she lose or win in 1980

SJVC LESSON 15 Sudasa Calculation and Interpretation
4.1.4 Exercise 4
Consider the native of the following birthdata:
Date July 26, 1973
Time 21:41:00
Time Zone 5:30:00 (East of GMT)
Longitude 80 E 28’ 00”
Latitude 16 N 13’ 00”
The parents of this lady were worried as they could not find a suitable match
for her. But she got married in 1999 and came to US with her husband. Does
this event make some sense with the dasa and antardasa of Sudasa? See if Sree
Lagna or upapada or 7th were activated by Lakshmi’s contact in 1999!
Now find the dasa and antardasa running in Sept 2000 and guess what kind of
new event may have happened then.