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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Ketu Combinations with other planets

  • Ketu = disconnection from the desire (Rahu) to experience perceptual reality. 
  • Ketu says of the graha He conjoins: "What is it good for? Not much."
  • Ketu imposes a state of chronic discontent, disassociation, and ambivalence. 
  • Ketu = resigned to this ungrounded condition; He takes no action to change it.

  • Generally, Ketu materially harms the native's ability to connect with, recognize the value of, and utilize the powers of, any graha which is yuti with Ketu. 
  • Native is unable or unwilling to possess the qualities of the graha associated with Ketu. Cannot register any sense of completion of the actions of the graha. Ketu cannot reach it, attain it, schedule it, manage it, appropriate it; is in contempt of it; is not entitled to its fruits.
  • However Ketu simultaneously improves the native's spiritual position by disabling the ego attachment to the portfolio of graha(s) with whom Ketu shares a rashi.

  • At higher levels of consciousness, Ketu gives increased awareness of impermanence & a spiritual sensitivity to the desires of others
  • At normal levels of consciousness, Ketu connotes ignorance, frustration, denial and despair.

  • In all cases, Ketu's motive is to clear away obstacles which are inhibiting the native's spiritual development. 
Unable to fully connect with the father. Also unable to fully disconnect from the father.

  • Even after paternal death or a public declaration of separation, one longs for fulfillment of the paternal presence.
Resignation to a separative, psychologically distanced relationship with the father, and with all men who are actor-performers, gamer-speculators, or self-aggrandizing in nature.
A deep & ineffable sense of loss regarding the father, who seems to have been taken away by circumstances beyond one's control. A longing for the imagined satisfaction of completed union with the fantasized morally courageous & honest father.
Inability to register a sense of personal certainty regarding the portfolio of Surya: creative intelligence, speculative winnings, individual genius, power to channel divine truth, gamesmanship, artistic and theatrical performance. 
Moral doubt. Unsure about ethical boundaries. Irrational behavior. May be extraordinarily lucky, but one experiences deep ambivalence about the meaning or value of one's own creative empowerment.. 
Native is a positive, slightly eccentric person with a pernicious tendency to promote philosophical ideals which one neither understands nor believes. Although constantly seeking the Divine, does not clearly apprehend the light of truth. Tends to feel depressed in the presence of highly charismatic persons.
Psychically absorptive heart (Surya). 

If Surya is strong, one may accept iconic positions in politics and theatre. If one becomes famous, there is limited ego-attachment to the royal position and its privileges. Ambivalence toward kingship, fatherhood, politics, and celebrity. 
If Surya by its nature in the Jyotisha nativity should create notoriety or fame, one uses one's celebrity charisma and personal magnetism to further a host of non-egotistic

If Surya is weak, access to divine intelligence may be disconnected or disoriented, resulting in a tendency toward lack of compassion and disregard for those who seek enlightenment.