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Saturday, August 28, 2010

conjuctions -2

Mars and Venus are two Inner planets of the solar system. The number of days Mars takes to orbit around Sun is 687 and Venus takes 225. As such the frequency of their conjunction and opposition is more compared to the outer planets like Jupiter and Saturn.
Mars belongs to Agni Tattwa (fire) while Venus to Jala Tattwa (water). One is the commander while the other, Venus, is the secretary. Mars is male while Venus has female characteristics. Mars carries Tamasic qualities while Venus is Rajasic in nature. Mars rules anger, hostility, hate and destruction while Venus governs love, friendship, empathy and procreation. This indicates that the two planets are diverse in nature and in producing effects. However, in astrology, the two are neutral to each other.
Mars rules physical strength, courage, valour, heroism, aggressiveness, younger co-borns, cousins, landed property, bile, bone marrow, and diseases relating to blood etc. In females, Mars governs menses and sex too. On the other hand, Venus is described to rule over wife, vehicle, ornaments, sex, copulation, art, attachment, family happiness, marriage in general, vitality, fertility, physical beauty, friendliness, trade, comforts, etc.

A malefic Mars may cause bilious troubles, hydrocele, swelling in glands, ulcers, boils, deficiency syndrome, fear from fire, arms and ammunition etc. A malevolent Venus may cause venereal disease, impotency, urinary trouble, diabetes and failure in love affairs, or setback in family life and conjugal bliss.
A contact between any two planets can produce the effects of both the planets, singly or collectively, or sometimes an altogether different effect. Mutual Contacts between two planets can be in any of the following forms-
1.. Conjunction
2.. Mutual aspect
3.. exchange of signs between the two
4.. exchange of Nakshatras (constellations).

Confining myself to conjunction here, Dr. B.V. Raman in his book ‘How to judge a Horoscope – Vol. II ’ writes – ‘It cannot be coincidence that divorce, separation and crimes of passion increase when there is a conjunction of Venus and Mars, especially when constellations involved are those of malefic planets. Children born when there is a Venus-Mars conjunction should be brought up in a disciplined manner and taught to avoid dissipating habits of immediate pleasure.
These observations are more significant in case of female charts. Generally, the conjunction suggests diversion from morality. But, ofcourse, other mitigating factors should be carefully looked for before predicting that.
The effect of this conjunction is greatly felt in marital affairs and sensual matters. For four Ascendants namely, Aries, Taurus, Libra and Scorpio, the combination involves the lords of the Ascendant and the 7th house should help in marriage but the results have been found to be otherwise.

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