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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Chandra + Rahu

Chandra + Rahu

Chandra/Rahu projects their own needs and desires upon others.

Chandra/Ketu allows others to project their personal needs upon the native.

Both conjunctions suffer "boundary" issues which can be addressed successfully by reflection and awareness of psychic Best Practice

  • Chandra-Rahu yoga is generally unfavorable, but it can yield excellent results when yuti a strong benefic. This native seeks emotional identity validation through breaking emotional barriers, being recognized as special or charismatic, and having strongly desirous feelings toward others.
  • Associated with mental illness and emotional volatility. The native may be exceptionally impatient to realize one's desires, and emotionally incapable of accepting delay.
Amplified need, strong material desire nature .
  • The native is passionate about life and plunges into relationships with full-on healing powers.
  • Tendency to overwhelm the people around them, especially intimate partners. Extremely sensitive and controlling emotionally.
Projects their feelings upon others.
  • Can be psychically invasive, but also charismatic, fascinating, full of charm. Likes to stimulate the feelings of others and take psycho- emotional risks.
Women with this yoga will self-identify with their maternal nurturing powers.
  • The impulsive qualities of Rahu/Chandra promote early motherhood and often an immature, reactive and invasive style of parenting.
  • However the Rahu/Chandra native experiences the act of invading another person's aura as exciting, nurturing and ego-validating.
  • Typically the native's dominant parent, usually the mother, also lacked boundary consciousness And felt free to project their own feelings and perceptions upon the child. The native replicates this with their own children.
Life with a Rahu/Chandra person can easily become a 'soap opera.'. This yoga generates a deep need for intense, repetitive, reactive, and volatile relationships with emotional intimates (parents, children, lovers) that is never satisfied.
he need for emotional excitement cannot be satisfied but rather "reiterates" in perpetuity. Unfortunately due to the Obsessive-compulsive nature of "get it now" Rahu, the cycle is rarely broken by mature consciousness.
In extreme cases involving Shani, Kuja, or temporal malefics, the mother may be so Addicted to invasive control that the natural maturing separation of her children is perceived as a threat to her survival.
his extreme dependency on one's projected self-image as a nurturing, protective mother (which cannot be sustained as the child grows independent) may lead to clinical conditions such as 'Borderline' Personality Disorder.
he more common manifestation is a restless desire for intense emotional contact and validation as a super-parent.
For these natives, demand for a deeper satisfaction penetrates all of life.
The native may be be charismatic, creating a social ambience of excitement and personalized engagement, if Chandra is in a good rashi or bhava, and well supported by Chandra's lord.
However, in an unfavorable rashi, or in dushthamsha, Rahu + Chandra may attract public censure. The native may get involved with taboo activity (esp. sexual taboos, esp. if Kuja is involved) and in their passion to be emotionally "involved" may cross approved social boundaries. In the reactive, invasive parenting style especially, children's psychic integrity may be compromised. If punitive Shani is involved, harsh punishments to children, by the afflicted parent, may cause social consternation.
Can be a fabulous hands-on healer with good tutoring on boundaries. When these folks are given permission to enter the deep inner space of a wounded person, they can work true magic. The native may be a psychic or intuitive reader/healer, if Budha is strong.
Even when socially successful, this native will have "boundary issues." One must acquire the wisdom to respect others' limits. To live happily, the native must give vent to one's healing/penetrating/invasive/protective instincts. Yet, self-knowledge (when that is available!) also directs that this native must be guided and supervised to manage their personal extremes.
"If the Moon and Rahu are together in ninth from the Atmakaraka or Lagna, the child will assume the nature of the destroyer of every thing."
~~ Jaimini Sutram , Ch4, Shloka 53-54 (Trans. P.S. Sastri, Ranjan Publications, New Delhi, 1987)