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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Ascending Signs : Cancer"

LUCKY STONE: White Sapphire / Topaz / Diamond


Cancer is a watery sign, generally weak, ruled by the royal Moon, which is changeable in nature and tender. Jupiter, the significator of knowledge and fortune, is exalted in this sign. Mars, the significator of energy, is debilitated in this sign. These factors render the Cancerians caring and nurturing, highly emotional, intuitive, gentle and considerate. If Cancer rises as the ascendant, the Ishta Devata would be Lord Shiva. This sign rules the rib cage, chest, heart, lungs and breasts. If the Moon and Jupiter are strong, the Cancerians enjoy good health. Otherwise, they have a sickly constitution and unpleasant appearance and suffer from mental maladies, physical ailments of breast, chest, heart and epigastric region, lymphatic and circulatory congestion, jaundice and other liver complaints, etc. Under the Systems’ Approach, Cancer is treated as the mooltrikona sign of the Moon.

Cancer is a moveable, negative, satvic, kapha, female, mute, fruitful and multiped sign and signifies grace and cleverness. Depending on the influences on the ascendant and/or the Moon, the sign Cancer usually renders their natives good hosts, capable of receptivity and adaptability, generous, peace loving, with humor, wit and imagination or overly emotional, sensitive, shy, moody, attached, dependent and full of concern, both for themselves and for others. The sign being a royal sign, there are many happy events in their lives. They are very sensitive and restless. As the Moon is of volatile nature and becomes weak quite often either in pakshabala or by going to malefic houses from the ascendant or by being in infancy or old age or by going to its sign of debilitation, either in rasi or in navamsa, or by occupying the mooltrikona sign of any weak planet, the Cancerians are volatile, changeable and inconstant in their behavior. The house of initiatives, being ruled by Mercury which also remains weak quite often, is another reason for their changeable nature. In case Mercury is weak and/or afflicted, the initiatives of the Cancerians do not produce results, resulting in change of ventures.
Apart from Rahu and Ketu, Jupiter and Saturn also become functional malefic planets. The Moon, the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars are functional benefic planets for Cancerians, so natal Mars in the first, second, fourth, seventh, eighth or twelfth house does not make them Manglik. The happy events are more in their lives and recurrent, while unhappy ones are rare, but long lasting. The unhappy events are more tragic if the functional benefic planets are weak and afflicted. For Cancerians, whenever the functional malefic planets Saturn and Jupiter form natal/transit close aspects/conjunctions with transit/natal functional benefic planets and/or most effective points of houses, they are as potentially harmful as Rahu and Ketu. In transit, whenever they form close conjunctions or aspects with weak natal planets or weak transit planets or most effective points of weak houses, they trigger unfavorable events. The weak Sun and Venus indicate trouble to parents, loss of assets and comforts. The significant role of Mars, as yogakarka, is curtailed if it is weak.
Although the scenario is dependent upon the overall configurations of the chart and operating major periods of planets, the strength of individual planets does signify trends in life to a large extent. A strong Moon blesses Cancerians with affluence and recognition. A strong Sun blesses them with status. A strong Mercury blesses them with initiative, entrepreneurial nature, courage, the power of understanding and communication, valour, young brothers and a sound breathing system. The repetitive transit weakness of Mercury and weak natal Mercury bothers them on account of miseries to younger brothers and sisters as also on their own initiatives/business ventures. A strong Venus works as an asset. Venus, whose mooltrikona sign falls in the fourth house, is an anchor sheet of life for the Cancerians because the fourth house has dynamic configurations. In infancy, it rules in particular the happiness from mother. In childhood, it rules education. In the grown-up stage of life, it rules assets, marital harmony, vehicles and comforts in life. A strong Venus, being lord of the fourth house of Cancerians, blesses the dynamic configurations of the fourth house with affluence, while a weak and/or afflicted Venus ruins/disturbs the significations of the fourth house in particular. A strong Venus blesses them with affluent and reputed parents, vehicular and residential comforts, good education, good family life and pleasures in life. A strong and unafflicting Jupiter blesses them with good physical health while a strong and unafflicting Saturn blesses them with a long life. A strong Mars blesses Cancerians with executive authority. In the case of matters signified by houses containing non-mooltrikona signs of planets, suffering and/or tragic happenings only take place if one or several of the functional malefic planets, Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu and/or Ketu, exert their close influence on the most effective points of the said houses, and the significators of these houses are weak.
Exalted and strong Sun blesses Cancerians with government authority, success in politics and a flourishing career. Exalted and strong Moon blesses them with good financial gains. Exalted and strong Mars with strong Sun blesses them with executive state authority, well-placed father and good fortune. Exalted and strong Mercury blesses them with sharp intellect, good communicative power and business acumen. Exalted, strong and unafflicting Jupiter blesses them with challenging attitude, wisdom, good financial status and good health. Exalted and strong Venus blesses them with affluent parents, comforts, success in foreign lands and fortune. Exalted, strong and unafflicting Saturn blesses them with good inheritance, long-lived parents, long life, easy gains and servants. Similarly, are to be read the results of the planets when they are in their signs of debilitation causing deterioration in the aspects signified by the weak planets. However, the significations likely to be promoted when the planets are exalted get a setback when the concerned planets are weak.
Close conjunction/aspect of functional malefic planet, Jupiter, with weak natal positions generates disputes for the significations ruled by those weak and afflicted natal planets/houses. While a strong Saturn blesses Cancerians with good inheritance, its close conjunction/aspect with weak natal positions cause obstructions, accidents and violent end to the significations ruled by those weak and afflicted natal positions. The close conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn makes Cancer born natives vulnerable to serious and prolonged health problems and causes them losses through conflicts, cheating and failure to meet debt obligations. The close conjunction/aspect of Saturn with the Moon makes one vulnerable to accidents and curtails longevity. The close conjunction/aspect of Saturn to the weak Sun endangers the relationships, denies happiness from male child, causes problems in professional ventures and causes tragedies in the family life. The close conjunction/aspect of Saturn with Mercury does not allow the initiatives and business ventures of the native to be successful and poses persistent obstructions. The close conjunction/aspect of Saturn with Venus causes divorce, early death of spouse and causes loss of assets and mental peace. The close conjunction/aspect of Saturn with Mars delays in settlement of professional matters and causes severe professional setbacks. The close conjunction/aspect of Saturn and Rahu or Ketu makes the person vulnerable to accidents, inflammation of joints, paralysis, relationships out of marital bond, sexually transmitted diseases, gambling tendencies and loss of ancestral wealth.

Favorable colors
White, pink, orange, silver, golden, green, royal blue, red and variegated colors.
Unfavorable colors
Steel grey, dull brown, yellow, navy blue, bright brown, faded colors and black
Favorable stonesPearl, ruby, red coral, emerald and diamond.
Unfavorable stonesHessonite (gomedh), cat's eye (lasonia), blue sapphire and yellow sapphire

Weak and afflicted PlanetsEffects
SUNLoss of status, wealth and family life.  Weak heart and loss of vitality.
MOONWeak body constitution, emotional disturbance, phlegmatic diseases, poor
MARSObstructions in profession, short temper, lack of executive power, weak health.
MERCURYDifficulty in communicating with others, nervous, unhappiness through younger siblings
JUPITERDiseased body, debts, disputes, trouble to male children, loss of respect.
VENUSLoss of comforts, assets and domestic peace.   Obstructed education, trouble to mother and wife.
SATURNMedium life span, loss of inheritance, loss in speculation and gambling, accidents.
Birth: 21st December, 1961. 
The lords of the second, third and tenth houses in close conjunction are placed in the sixth house.  Their conjunction is auspicious but combustion of Mars and Mercury and placement in the sixth house turns the conjunction weak.  The lord of the fourth house retains some power because of its placement in a trine and its being in the exalted navamsa in spite of its being in the old age state.  Saturn is closely conjunct with the mid-point of the seventh house.   Jupiter and Ketu's placement in the seventh house is inauspicious but is quite away from the mid-point.  This type of placement triggers unfavorable events due to transit conjunctions/aspects concerning the issues signified by the house in question.
The native is emotional and mentally troubled.  Weakness of the Sun, Rahu's close aspect to the fourth lord, Venus, and Saturn's close aspect to the mid-point of the ninth and fourth houses snatched the patronage of father, who died when the native was unmarried, and was in her 25th year.   The native was involved emotionally and entered in a marital wedlock to find security.  Affliction of lord of the eighth house to the seventh house though ruled by Saturn itself and weakness of the second house saw a number of problems in marital life including the husband's involvement in scandals and criminal suits.  Rahu's close aspect to Venus robbed the native of assets, domestic happiness and happiness through parents.  The feeble mutual close aspect of the Moon and Mars, however, bagged a job for the native on compassionate grounds after the death of her father.
Birth: 1st Oct. 1967  
The functional malefic Jupiter afflicts the Moon and Venus by close conjunction in the second house.  The functional malefic Saturn afflicts the Sun by close aspect and is close to the mid-point of the ninth house.  Mercury is closely conjunct with Ketu.  Yogakaraka Mars with exalted navamsa occupies a trinal house owned by it.  The functional benefics, Venus, the Moon, the Sun and Mercury enjoy placement benefit in spite of the afflictions by functional malefics.
The native's parents as well as in-laws are affluent but mental peace is lost due to disputes connected with joint properties of both the families.   Jupiter's placement, being lord of the sixth house, in the second house afflicting the lord of the fourth house, is fully indicative of such happenings in life.  The dasa in operation was also that of Venus.  The native is a peace-lover and comfort-seeker, and is happy on account of the availability of material comforts.
The affliction to the lord of the third house keeps the native worried on account of the developmental activities of her younger brothers. The yogakaraka Mars becomes the saviour for afflictions in the natal chart.  Affliction to the Sun is indicative of health problems to the father.
The native has been suggested remedial measures, both for strengthening the weak and afflicted functional benefics, and propitiating functional malefics.
Birth: 2nd July, 1973  
The Moon occupies the ascendant in close conjunction with Mercury and Venus, both functional benefics.  The Sun suffers, affliction due to close conjunction/aspect of Ketu and Rahu, respectively.  Besides, the Sun becomes weak due to placement in the twelfth house.  Rahu-Ketu is quite away from the mid-point of the houses they occupy, while the functional malefic, Saturn, is just on the mid-point of the twelfth house.  The weakness of the Sun gave ill health to the native on account of fever due to tonsillitis.  The second ruler of this aspect, Venus, suffers from weakness due to debilitation in navamsa.  Jupiter's placement is quite away from the mid-point of the seventh house.
The native is emotional and shows signs of seeking dependency.  The tenth lord's close aspect to the lord of the house of status shows roots for the working life of the native.  The fourth lord's close influence on the ascendant along with the lord of the third house has taken the native to a graduate course in architecture.  The fourth house rules buildings and the fourth lord, Venus, rules studies and application of artistic values.
The marital life of the native is likely to remain unsatisfactory due to the conjunction of the eighth lord to the mid-point of the twelfth house, and Rahu's close aspect to the Sun, the second lord placed in the twelfth house.  The girl belongs to a well to do family.
Birth: September, 1948  
The lord of the ascendant occupies the seventh house.   It is bright.  Venus, the fourth lord, occupies the ascendant and is close to the mid-point of the ascendant.  Third lord occupies the third house in its sign of exaltation.  The second lord is in the second house itself.  The tenth lord occupies the fourth house and aspects the tenth house.  Functional malefic Saturn is closely conjunct with the mid-point of the second house while Jupiter is in the fifth house and is quite away from the mid-point of the house.  Mars is closely conjunct with Ketu.
The native is a highly placed executive leading a pleasant life.  He was born in an affluent and well connected family and enjoys benefits from top Govt. officials.   Third lord, exalted Mercury, has given him business acumen benefiting him by way of a rise in status.  Association of Rahu-Ketu with Mars and placement of the eighth lord near the mid-point of the second house, however, have propensities for involvement in some scandal/ investigative enquiry and could be the cause of disgrace.  It can cause some chronic illness.  The native has the qualities of being a good host, a public relations man with sharp intellect.  The weakness of the second house because of the Sun being in the old age, and affliction of Saturn to the mid-point of the second house, has been the cause of some amount of inharmonious marital relationship and the denial of male progeny for the continuance of the family line.
Birth: 19th May, 1971
The lord of the ascendant is placed in the eighth house, hence weak.  The brightness of the Moon is on the wane.  Rahu-Ketu axis closely afflicts the mid-point of the houses occupied and aspected.  Functional malefics, Saturn and Jupiter, afflict the Sun by close conjunction and close aspect, respectively.  Functional benefics, Venus and Mercury, are closely conjunct with each other and occupy the tenth house.  Venus and Mercury are quite away form the mid-point of the tenth house but unafflicted.
The position of Venus and Mercury blesses the native with younger siblings and affluent parents.  The weakness of the lord of the ascendant and affliction to the lord of the house of status retarded the growth of the native since birth as she was running the sub-period of Saturn in the main period of Jupiter, both being functional malefics and obstructing acquisition of status by the child.  Rahu's close aspect to the house of development was another powerful contributing factor for retarded growth.  Before her death in combust Saturn's sub-period in its own main period, the native was fully dependent on others for movement and food.
Birth: Dec.,1946 
The lord of the ascendant is closely conjunct with the mid-point of the ascendant.  The placement of Saturn, a functional malefic, in the ascendant, is quite away from the mid-point of the ascendant but Saturn is having close aspect from Ketu.  Another functional malefic, Jupiter, is closely conjunct with the fourth lord, Venus, in the mooltrikona sign of Venus.  Venus is strong but afflicted.  The second and third lords are in the fifth house.  The lord of the tenth house, Mars, is placed in the sixth house.
The native is of an adjustable nature and has good relations with others.  His financial position is sound.  His parents had large landed property and real estate.  Affliction of Jupiter to Venus, however, created certain problems and worries on account of property and assets.  He has been able to manage his controversial position through his good public relations and dependence on his superiors.  Controversies in work area are created due to the placement of the tenth lord in the house of disputes.   The affliction of fourth lord has given him anxiety and hypertension.
Birth: 8th April, 1960. 
Rahu-Ketu axis forms close conjunction/aspect with Venus in this chart.  The Moon is conjunct with the mid-point of the second house in the sign Leo.  The lords of the tenth and third houses are placed in the eighth house.   There is a mutual close aspect between the Moon and Mars indicative of a favorable combination for career.  Mercury is closely aspected by the functional malefic, Saturn, from the house of diseases and disputes.
The close aspect of the functional malefic, Jupiter, to the lord of the ascendant, weakness of Mercury and afflictions to Mercury and Venus have given the native acute health problems of low blood pressure and arthritis from a very early stage of life.  The affliction of the Moon in the second house, in addition to low blood pressure, has given her the problems of thyroid indicated by the second house.
Exaltation of Venus and its placement in the ninth house near the mid-point together with the lord of the second house have blessed the native with a post graduate degree in science.  The close aspect of the lord of the house of disputes to the mid-point of the second house, close conjunction of Venus with Ketu and placement of lord of the house of marital tie, Saturn, in the sixth house, resulted in a divorce in the Saturn's sub-period in the main period of the Sun.  The relationship in the second marriage also remains inharmonious.  The native sought astral remedies in the sub-period of Saturn in the main period of the Moon.
Birth: 15th Oct. 1969.  
The lord of the ascendant, the Moon, occupies the fifth house in its sign of debilitation. The lord of the fourth house, Venus, too is in its sign of debilitation. The native belongs to a lower middle class family.
There are severe afflictions and weaknesses in the chart.  The lord of the tenth house is in the sixth house, and the tenth house is afflicted by placement of eighth lord, Saturn, therein.  These combinations coupled with debilitated lord of the ascendant have not allowed the native to acquire any competency for a professional or a routine career.  The lord of the house of family and status is also afflicted due to close conjunction of the lord of the sixth house.
On the marital front too, the native faced total failure.  She was tortured by her in-laws from the very beginning, bringing her to the level of madness.  Rahu-Ketu axis close to the mid-point of the second and eighth houses, affliction of lord of the second house by lord of the house of disputes and debilitation of the lord of the fourth house are collectively responsible for failure in marriage.  The native has already seen the main period of Mercury that was exalted and had strength in her chart.  The marital dispute arose in the sub-period of the eighth lord, which is in the state of debilitation.

Suggested Astral Remedies for Cancer Ascendant

Suggested effective remedial measures for warding off evils and generating good results in life for Cancerians:
1.    Render service to Parents/parents-in-law and aged and needy persons.