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Friday, February 26, 2010



Chaurya and Yoga:

(i) Mars, Mercury, with Saturn in 6th cause this Yoga. The native will be a thief. He amputes the limbs of others.

(ii) Saturn in Cancer and Mars in Capricorn. The native becomes a thief and a criminal and gets punishment of even amputation of hands and feet. (This type of punishment is out- of -date these days).

(iii) Malefics in Aquarius, Pisces, Gemini and Sagittarius. The native does low deeds.

(iv) Lagna in Mercury’s Orekkena and aspected by the Moon. The native may be born in a family which is rich respected and famous, one will do low deeds.

Dhanur Yoga: (JatakaPaarijat) The native adopts the profession of thieves, haunts inaccessible places.

SarYoga: The native will have cruel disposition and may be incharge of a prison.

Sakti Yoga: He will be base, slothful and bereft of ease and wealth.

Kuta Yoga: (lf there are all planets in seven houses from the fourth house, in any order). The person frequently visits mountains and forests. He will be addicted to cruel deeds.

The position of the Sun and the Moon in the seventh house and aspectecd by Saturn compel the native, though born in a high family, to adopt the means prescribed for a person of base birth.

The birth of a native on a particular day, tithi, in a yoga is responsible for the inclination and the mental aptitude. Karma theory reveals that the native is born with the effects of Karmas of past births. He is supposed to pay the debt which he owes to others. It may be in terms of money, service, or as a father or a son whatever the position is. This is known as PRARABADH. (The balance out of the SANCHIT Karmas of the past births allotted to be enjoyed or suffered during the present birth). Therefore, it is clear that there is reflection of his Karmas of the past births in the present life in the shape of SAMSKARAS. The Samskaras are also inherited from the parents to whom the native has taken birth. The human body is known as Karma yoni. The human being is lucky to have ‘VIVEK’. The man can do Karma (his duty) after taking proper decision.

So, the man is known as:
“Maker of his own Fortune”
The position of the planets in the birth-chart indicates trends of the future events to take place in the life of the native. The Moon, Rahu, Saturn, Mars, the malefic signs and the lords of the sixth, eighth and twelfth houses are the main factors responsible for curbing the native towards crime. The effect of Mars on the Moon raises the B. P. or anger, the effect of Rahu snatches the power of thinking or taking a proper decision. Saturn gives firmness to the idea and action, the association of the lords of the bad houses enhances the evils and all these together make the native commit such crime. The association of Mars, Venus and the Moon gives urge for a sex, if it is joined by the lord of the dasa of a planet posited in twelfth or the lord of the twelfth and the transit is also giving such influences, the native indulges in sex. The effects of malefics on their house and tenth house together with their lords give the native courage to murder. (See two examples of horoscopes given at the end.)

6. The effects of the planets in Ascendant (Vridh Yavan Jatakam):
1. Mars and the Sun: The native will be cruel, quarreisome and of dirty nature. He may be engaged in the low deeds, will be merciless and defeated by ememies.

2. The Sun and Mercury: He may be engaged in unsoical deeds, will have bad character and will be shameless.

3. The Sun and Venus: He will be angry in nature and tease others.

4. The Moon: and Saturn: He will be a chemist, expert in the use of poison, interested in other’s wealth and a proud person.

5. Mars and Mercury: The native will be a cheat, quarrelsome, merciless, etc.

6. The Sun, The Moon and Mars: The person will be engaged in unsocial, unjust and cruel deeds.