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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Shivapalit vs Vishnupalit [ A study Posted by chiraan in Astroanalysis. Tagged: akshavedamsha, astro research

Once a great astrologer came up with a great concept that , the world is divided into two types of people
Shivapalit jataka
Vishnu Palitha jataka
The learned man’s contention was that Sun ,Moon ,Mars ,jupiter, form one group [ Vishnu palitha]
And Venus Mercury and Saturn fall in another group [ Shiva Palitha]
Lagnas belonging to Leo ,Cancer , Pisces Sagittarius and Scorpio and Aries are Vishnu Palita
Lagnas belonging to Gemini ,Virgo ,Taurus ,Libra Aquarius Capricorn come under SHiva Palita .
Shiva Palita are blessed with ample wealth luxuries and are inclined to material world and happiness and pray Lord Shiva , Parvati ,Shakti ,Bhairav etc
VishnuPalita jatakas are into gyana bhakti vairagya ,intellectual pursuits , struggling and poor .
If Shiva Palita is suffering and wants come out of his sufferrings He must resort to Shaiva pooja only then he will get riches and fame , however hard he tries to please \vishnu and other linked Deities he would never get results .So such people if they want riches and fame they should appease NOn Vaishnav dieties.
Similarly If Vishnu Palit Jataka are into sufferings dueto prarabdha , if by any chance these are visting Shakti temples or Shiva Kshetras , these will never be rewarded with results instead their sufferings will increase , But on the contrary if they resort to VIshnu aradhana ,they will prosper instantly .
Shiva Palita jatakas have chakras risisng from mooladhara to Sahasrar
Vishnu Palita jataka has flow of chakras [ energy ] from Sahasrar to Moolesha.
It was an interesting research although but I did not find any supportive testimony to accept it , neither did the gentleman tried to give one. But He was so firm in his belief , that just at a look at the horoscope he would ask the people to discontinue their Vishnu aradhana or Shiva Aradhana .
His belief fortified when a person serving in Mantralayam with Vishnu mantra japa for 12 years could not get success and went to this astrologer , he said you are Mithuna lagna Rayaru will not listen to you You must resort to Panchakshari , He accepted his words and suddenly next year he accomplished his desire and thanked the astrologer and went away to his native .
Second came a Vedanti he was practising intense Yoga , But could not enter the Sahasrar for as many as five years he could not enter sahasrar and his energies would lapse back into mooladhar as he forced his way to Sahasrar . The astrologer said , you are Vishnu palita your mode of practise is wrong , Go perform Hanuman seva for 48 days , you will enter Sahasrar . He agreed and then he was successful .
All these and several other cases made him believe intensely in the theory .
So I thought to give it a study .
The basis would render a simple division of humanity into two parts , just on the basis of Lagna .
Not acceptable as there are many Vishnu bhaktas with lagna in Mithuna or vrishabha kumbha , and they are intensely devotional . Although they may not be completely detached .
Secondly what about those whose Shaiva lagnas are aspected by Vishnu palita grahas ,and vice versa
We do not get any explanation , as this should render people to resort to both upasanas .
The research can be more termed as success in Upasanas of a person
NO text attributes upasana to lagna
Upasana is studied from fifth house , twelfth house
Upasana is studied from Amatya karaka .
Also from fifth from Atma karaka .
Upasana is also studied from Vimsamsa and chaturvimsamsa.
The research can also be termed as teaming of deva paksha with Rakshas paksha , Jupiter as Dev Guru and and Shukra as Daitya guru .
Here too Planets friendly with Jupiter are termed as Dev and Venus group is malefic
Malefics in Puranas are known to resort to SHiva and never to Vishnu
But attaining this distinction on mere Lagna ownership cannot be justified because that would render all malefic owned Lagnas ineffective for VIshnu Bhakti and vice versa .
This research makes sense but where to draw distinction is only difficult but defibitely lagna in rashi cannot form such distinction
Let us examine some alternates.
The Navamsa in the horoscope is divided into Dev , manushya and Rakshasa category
But I have found most devoted also coming under the Rakshsas category in navamsa
SO Navamsa while can say which root the soul belongs to ,but cannot declare him to be anti shiva or anti vaishnav , as Prahlad being Rakshasa was a known Vishnu devotee .Jayant a devta has gone against Ram .
The drekkana gives three distinction of NArada , Agastya and Doorvasa , denoting , bhakti yoga , gnyana yoga and karma yoga.
here distinction of SHiva and Vishnu palita cannot be achieved by mere means of sadhana
The Akshavedaamsa gives the distinction of jataka on the basis of Vishnu , Shiva and Bramha .
but all shaiva bhaktas did not show their lagna falling under shiva
Nor did Vishnu Bhaktas had their lagnas falling under Vishnu amsa .
Bramha amsa is an addition here .
By far this is the closest in accepting the theory but theory need modification and has to take into account the fact that humanity can be divided into
Vishnu palit
Bramha Palit
Shiva Palit
But the onus of distinction should lie with choosing one among the Lagna , sun[ atma] , Moon , Atma karaka ,And other special lagna .the one with most strength .
Finally Parashar muni says there are four types of people based on lagna , Uttama , Madhyam , Adhama and Udaseena .
this is based on planets in udayarashi.
Shodashamsa divides lagna into Bramha , Vishnu SHiva and Surya amsha .
Shodashamsha is more conerned with happiness of the People .
The learned should take this as just a study and not as conclusive or affirmative .
Krishnarpana mastu