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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Saturn Determines the Course of Destiny-by N N Saha

SATURN is considered as the most evil but strong planet out of nine planets. Saturn is barren, name, building, cold, dry, defensive, hard, honest, sincere, masculine, earthy, melancholic, nervous and secretive planet. Saturn causes delay. It can even deny the best things of life. It also disappoints. Disharmony, dispute, difficulty, despondency, defection and differences are the outcome of an evil Saturn. Responsibilities, accuracy, precision, perfectness, and definiteness are dignified saturnine qualities. Plodding, perseverance, patiently working, prudence, economy, saving, endurance, industry, thrift, savings, power to keep secrets, stability, self-control, sense of duty, etc. are attributed to a beneficial Saturn.
Saturn is the principle of contraction. It moves things towards stability. It gives the power to save and accumulate wealth. It assists one to acquire landed properties. Saturn gives perfection, precision, sophistication and refinement in every field of activity if posited in angular or trine houses. It rules the solid foundation of things, real estate, permanent buildings and fixed assets. It gives firmness of conviction, prudence, patience, dependability, capacity for hard work and fidelity when dignified. It is the planet of constitutional law. Saturn's influence is heavy, restrictive and lasting.
Saturn governs the dried regions of the body i.e. teeth, bones, knees, spinal cord, nerves, spleen and sense of hearing. It gives chronic diseases like neurotic ailment, nervous disorders, spleen disorders, dental troubles, etc. when afflicted.
Saturn governs the two signs of the Zodiac i.e. Capricorn and Aquarius, the 10th and 11th houses of the natural Zodiac. He is exalted in Libra, debilitated in Aries and detrimented in Cancer and Leo.
Saturn rules elders, debts and repayment, wills and estates, jails, prisons, exile, paper, shoes, stone, legal matters, traditions, the sense of duty, printing, fertilizers, servants, time, limitations, justice, just rewards, old age, old things and the past. Saturn is the Karaka (significator) of the 6th, 8th, 10th and 12th houses. Stupidity, dullness, want of originality, dearth of ideas, laziness and idly wasting time are the outcome of ill posited Saturn. Saturn denotes all matters kept hidden or secret, excavation of tunnels, underground trenches and burial ground. Saturn aspects the 3rd, 7th and 10th houses from its position. His favourite stone is blue sapphire and his metal is steel. During transit, Saturn stays in one sign for 2 and half years.

1. Saturn determines the course of destiny in one's life.

A strong Saturn is absolutely essential in a horoscope to accomplish anything worthwhile, which is why it has been rightly called the planet of destiny, because it appears to be the common denominator in the charts of those who have made their mark in the world. A horoscope with a weak Saturn denotes a weak and colourless person who can't do anything either for himself or for the country.
A detrimented Saturn in a trik house causes permanent physical disability and gives the native too many troubles and hardship in his path of progress. He then fails to rise in life and leads a vegetable existence, which has got no meaning at all. A combust Saturn in an evil house along with Mars causes violent accidental death. Astama Sani i.e. Saturn in the 8th along with Mars or any aspect of Mars to Saturn in the 8th also causes violent accidental death like the case of Netaji Subhas Ch. Bose and Martin Luther King.
A retrograde Saturn in the 5th or 9th makes one a strong personality or a creative genius. A combust Saturn along with Ketu in the 10th makes one a great political leader.
Capricorn is Saturn's home sign where he expresses his best qualities most naturally. Libra is his sign of exaltation and Aries is his sign of fall. Saturn's natural reserve, caution, patience and aptitude for careful planning are at its best in Libra but these same qualities clash with Aries' fire and combativeness. Saturn shows its evil nature most effectively when posited in its detrimented sign Cancer.
Saturn is a strong karmic planet. Saturn actually determines the course of destiny in one's career if posited in a strong angular or a strong trine house and the native then rises very high in life despite hardships, troubles and delay. Saturn brings fortunes late in life. Saturn burns away one's past sins by putting him in trouble and distressed. The most remarkable event happens when the conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter is posited in the karmic destiny signs like the 5th or 9th. The 5th house indicates past karmic effects in this life and that is why it is called 'Purva Punya Sthana'. The 9th house shows the future karmic results. The 5th house stands for creative talent and creative self-expression. The 9th house stands for higher intelligence, higher knowledge and higher inner mind. So Saturn expresses its best qualities if conjoins with Jupiter either in the 5th or in the 9th house and the native gets their best benefits. He then rises to the top just like Rabindra Nath Tagore (Jupiter in the 5th); Boris Pasternak (Saturn in the 9th); Edgar Allen Poe (Ketu and Saturn in the 5th); Virginia Wolfe (Saturn and Jupiter in the 5th); John Milton (Jupiter in the 5th); Mark Twain (retrograde Jupiter in the 9th); Satyajit Ray (retrograde Jupiter and retrograde Saturn in the 9th); Lord Byron (Saturn in the 9th) and so on...

2. Saturn creates fortunate and unfortunate moments in life

Grant Lewi in his book 'Astrology for the Millions' has found out one most important theory by which you can your best period in life. According to him, Saturn is the planet of fate and destiny. By making research on its transit movements, he came to the conclusion that transit Saturn when travels from 7th to the 10th house (strongest point in the chart) big political leaders assume their maximum powers and earn name and fame during that time. They recede from name and fame when transit Saturn travels from the 1st to the 4th house (weak points in a chart). By the time when transit Saturn comes in the 4th they all fade away completely or death makes their end.
Grant Lewi has applied this theory in the lives of strong men of destiny like Adolf Hitler, Napoleon Bonaparte-1, Kaiser Wilhelm, Benito Mussolini and Marshall Stalin. He found that most of them fade away as soon as transit Saturn entered the 3rd house and when Saturn entered the 4th house, they became practically ruined.
Jyoti Basu, Chief Minister of West Bengal was born on 8.7.1914 at 10.50 a.m. His Lagna is Virgo. In 1976 when general election was held, Saturn was placed in his 11th house. This position of Saturn helped him to win over the election and to become a leader of the left front and to form his ministry.
Netaji Subhash Ch. Bose was born on 23.1.1897 at 12 noon. His lagna is Aries. He became the President of Indian National Congress in 1938 when Saturn was placed in his 12th house. He did not like Gandhiji's non-violent movement. He believed that Swaraj could not be had by non-violent means. He said: 'Give me blood and I will give you freedom'. Thus he escaped from India and went to Germany in disguise in 1940. He formed his new party INA with Japanese aid in 1943 and launched his fight with the British Army. But he died in a plane crash on 18-8-1945 when Saturn was in his 3rd house.
Dr Rajendra Prasad was born on 3-12-1884 at 10.44 a.m. His lagna is Capricorn. He became the first President of India in 1950 when Saturn was transiting in his 10th house. And continued this post up to 1962 when Saturn moved to the first house.
Dr Bidhan Chandra Roy, Chief Minister of West Bengal was born on 1.7.1982 at 11.30 a.m. In 1952 he became the Chief Minister of West Bengal when Saturn was transiting in the 8th house. In 1957 he was again re-elected as Chief Minister when Saturn entered his 10th house. This period was his best time during which he did many important changes in West Bengal like (1) Durgapur Steel Plant was established; (2) Kalyani was developed as a model town; (3) Digha was opened as a tourist centre; and (4) Calcutta State Transport Corpn was established and (5) Haringhta Milk Dairy Farm was opened and most of other important works done. But he died of cancer on 1.7.1962 when Saturn entered the first house.
From the above, you will find that transit Saturn when travels from the 7th to the 10th house, the native gets the best fortunate results in his life, but starts fading away when transit Saturn enters his 4th house. But this theory is very effective in the case of political leaders only. In other cases this theory is not so effective.

3. Saturn is the creator of all sorts of historical events

Saturn gets detrimented in Cancer. Its ruler the Moon is a strong enemy of Saturn. When transit Saturn enters into Cancer and stays there for 2 and half years and when conjoins with Mars there, world's most important historic events usually happen during that time.
When Saturn was in Cancer during August 1621 to 1623 conjoining with Mars about July 1622, Emperor Jehangir was then ruling India and lots of wars and mass killings happened during that time. In England, it conjoined with the accession of King James-I. In France, Cardinal Richlew was then the most powerful personality.
When Saturn entered Cancer again in July 1651 conjoined with Mars in August 1652 and entered Leo in Aug. 1653, we found Emperor Aurangzeb forcibly occupied the throne of India by throwing his father Emperor Shahjehan into jail. In England, Cromwell abolished Parliament and England was ruled by military dictatorship. In France, autocracy triumphed.
Saturn again entered Cancer on 19.6.1887 and stayed there till 4.8.1889. Mars conjoined with Saturn in Cancer 21.8.1887. During this period, many important historical events took place. India was then under the British Rule. Dadabhai Naoroji became the President of the Indian National Congress which was established in 1885. Surendra Nath Banerjee joined congress and established 'Indian Association'. Gopal Krishna Gokhale formed 'Servants of India Society'. General Lord Dufferin was then the Viceroy of India (1884 and 1888). Bal Gangadhar Tilak declared 'Swaraj is my birth-right and I will have it'. In Germany, Emperor Kaiser Wilhelm-II died at the age of 91 and his son Fredrick-III became the new Emperor. Russia was then under the emperor Czar Alexander-III. President Cleveland of the U.S. extended the Monroe Plan and mediated the conflict between England and Venezuela.
Saturn entered Cancer on 6.8.1916 and stayed there till 16.9.1918. Mars conjoined with Saturn in Cancer on 2.9.1917. During this period, the First World War was started and took away millions of lives and it destroyed many properties. In India, terrorists started activities under the leadership of Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak. In 1916, Lala Lajpat Rai established 'India Home Rule League' in the United States. Bagha Jatin tried to free India by an armed fight with the British soldiers but failed. Mrs. Annie Besant became the President of Indian National Congress. Viceroy Chelmsford introduced Govt. of India Act and Rowlett Act. There was mass firing at Jaliyanwalla Baag on 13.4.1919. The Mahatma Gandhi started his 'Quit India' movement. President Wilson of the U.S. established the League of Nations in 1917. The Great Russian Revolution also took place in 1917.
In May 1946 Saturn entered Cancer on 10.6.46 and stayed there till Jan. 1948. Mars conjoined with Saturn in Cancer on 22.9.47. During this time three most important historical events occurred in India, viz., India became independent, Pakistan was created and Mahatma Gandhi died of bullet injury on 30.1.48.
In July 1975, Saturn again entered Cancer, stayed there till 26.8.77. In 1976, Smt. Indira Gandhi, the 3rd Prime Minister of India lost her position and power by wrongly declaring the General election. India then came under the Janata Rule. Morarji Desai became the 4th Prime Minister of India.
So transit Saturn when comes in Cancer and conjoins with Mars, most important historical events usually happen.