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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Nishika (consummation of marriage) Brihat Jatak.

Mars and the Moon are the cause for monthly menses. When the Moon is in anupachaya rasis the menses for conception occurs. When the reverse is the case, and the masculine benefics aspect, the woman gets sexual union with man.
Stanza 2:
The sexual union resembles the nature of the Astha rasi. If malefics conjoin or aspect the 7th, union will be consummated under quarrelling, if benefics join or aspect the 7th, the sexual union will be happy.
Stanza 3:
If Ravi, Chandra, Sukra and Kuja occupy their own navamsas, if Guru is found in lagna or thrikona, conception takes place. If this combination is present in impotent cases, it will be useless as moonlight is to a blind man.
Stanza 4:
If Kuja and Arkaja occupy the seventh from Ravi and Chandra, they make the man and the woman sick respectively. If they occupy the 12th and the 2nd from Ravi and Chandra, the man and woman will meet with Mrityu respectively. If Kuja and Arkaja join Ravi and Chandra, and has one of their aspects. Death may be foretold for the man and woman respectively.
Stanza 5:
During the day the Sun stands for father and Venus for mother; during the night Saturn and Moon. Paternal uncles and maternal aunts are to be judged in the reverse order, and if they are in odd and even signs respectively they become beneficial to the parties concerned.
Stanza 6:
If malefics are approaching the rising sign without beneficial aspects the woman dies. If Saturn occupies the rising sign aspected by Mars or weak Moon she dies.
Stanza 7:
If the rising sign and the Moon are betwixt two evil planets unaspected by benefics jointly or separately the woman dies in pregnancy
Stanza 8:
If from the rising sign of the Moon the 4th house is joined by evil planets and Mars is in the 8thhouse, she suffers death. If from lagna, the 4th and 12th houses are occupied by the Sun and Mars and the Moon is weak, she suffers death as before.
Stanza 9:
If Kuja and Ravi are in the 1st and 7th respectively, death occurs to her by weapons. The abortion takes place in the month, whose lord is powerless or afflicted.
Stanza 10:
If benefics are in conjunction with lagna and Chandra, of if the 5th, 9th, 2nd, 7th, 4th and 10th houses from them are occupied be benefics or if the malefics occupy 3rd and 11th houses, and aspected by the Sun she will have a safe and happy pregnancy.
Stanza 11:
If powerful lagna, Ravi, Chandra and Guru occupy odd signs or navamsas, they cause masculine birth. If these occupy even signs and amsas, they produce feminine birth. If Guru and Ravi are found in odd signs, then a male, if Sukra, Kuja and Chandra are in even signs, a female is born. If these planets are in double-bodied signs aspected by Budha, there will be twins after the sex of the zodiacal sign.
Stanza 12:
If Saturn occupies odd signs from the lagna (excepting lagna), he causes male birth. Examine the relative strength of the various planets and predict the birth of males or females.
Stanza 13:
If the Moon and the Sun aspect mutually, if Saturn and Mercury aspect mutually; if Mars, in an odd sign, aspects the Sun in an even sign; if the Moon and lagna are in odd, and have the aspect of Mars in even sign; if the Moon is in even and Mercury in odd, and have the aspect of Mars; if Venus, lagna and the Moon are posited in masculine amsas; in all these six cases, eunuchs will be born.
Stanza 14:
If the Moon and Venus are in signs, and if Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and lagna are in odd signs, twins are born, of whom one will be male and the other female. Lagna and the Moon in even houses aspected by male planets, produce twins, as above. If powerful Budha, Kuja, Guru and lagna are in even signs, then predict the same result. If planets and lagna are in common amsas, aspected by Mercury in his amsa, three children will be born, of whom two will partake of the sex of the amsa occupied by Mercury and the other of the opposite sex. If planets, lagna and Budha are in similar amsas, then three children of that sex will be born.
Stanza 15:
If lagna is in Dhanus, or falls in that amsa, if all the planets are powerful Sani and Budha, then predict many children at one birth.
Stanza 16:
Kalala, Ghana, Ankura, Asthi, Charma, Angaja, Chetamatha are governed by Sukra, Kuja, Guru, Ravi, Chandra, Sani and Budha respectively. The lord of lagna, Chandra, and Ravi are rulers of the next three months respectively. The foetal growth depends upon the strength and weakness of the planets, who govern the particular month.
Stanza 17:
If Budha is in thrikona, and other planets are powerless, then the child will have two faces, four hands, and four legs with one face. If the Moon is in Taurus, and evil planets are in Ruksha Sandhis, predict a dumb child. If, in this conjunction, the Moon has beneficial aspect, the child begins to speak very late in life.
Stanza 18:
If Sani and Kuja occupy Budha’s houses or navamsas, the child will be born with teeth. If Kataka is lagna with Chandra init, having the aspects of Sani and Kuja, the child will be dwarf. If Meena becomes lagna becomes a cripple. If the Rasi Sandhis are occupied by malefics and the Moon, the child will be deaf. In all these cases there must be no beneficial aspects.
Stanza 19:
If the last navamsa of Makara is lagna aspected by Sani, Chandra and Ravi then a dwarf is born. If malefics occupy the 5th, 9th and 1st drekkanas, handless, feetless and headless child respectively must be predicted.
Stanza 20:
If Leo is birth occupied by the Sun and the Moon, aspected by Mars and Saturn the child will be blind. If in the above combination there is also beneficial aspect the vision will be dim. The Moon in the 12th house causes loss to the left eye and the Sun there causes loss to the right eye. Beneficial aspects give some relief in these combinations.
Stanza 21:
The birth of a child takes place in the sign occupied by the Moon, which is represented by the number, in which Dwadasamsa, the Moon is fixed at the time. The day or the night and the ghaties of the birth time must be known by the number of the ghaties at the time of the question and the nature of the sign whether diurnal or nocturnal.
Stanza 22:
If Makara or Kumbha navamsa rises at the time of conception, aspected by Sani, the child will be born after 4 years. If Katakamsa rises at the time of conception, aspected by Chandra, then the birth occurs after 12 years of pregnancy. The details in this chapter must be carefully understood and applied with sense and judgment.