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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Moon in various bhavas.

Moon IN lagna
• very handsome ,bright skin ,unstable ,unhealthy ,happiness of water bodies
• 15th year many travels
• in aries ,taurus and cancer ,he will abide by shastras
• moneyed ,happy ,kingly , soft spoken ,less intelligent ,soft body ,well structured , if aspected well strong body well built, intelligent and healthy ,will be convincing in words and very rich
• if aspected by malefic sick and diseased
Second house moon
• Will be very pompous, very dynamic and winner, moneyed and happy with small success
• 18th year accession to a army commander post by the grace of king
• if with malefic no education
• if with benefics highly educated
• even only moon if full would give extreme riches
• multiple degrees.
Third house moon
• will have sisters ,body aflicted by wind diseases
• will have diffciulty even for grains and little fortunes
• will get tax problems and punishments in 24th year
• will not have cattles [ will lose them]
• a tale bearer , intelligent and will have many siblings
fourth moon
• will ascend the throne , will own horses , abundance of milk and grains and wealth
• mother will be sick
• will hanker after other women
• will be fond of sweets and other women and reap pleasures
• if in own house mother will be longlived
• if with malefics .loss of vehicles . strong malefic will increse vehicles
• if lord is strong then many vehicles
ifth moon
• stree devata siddhi
• wife will be very beautiful
• she will be little short tempered
• will have a small mole or spot in between her breasts
• will own vehicles , two women in life and lot of milk and will be strong
• will be hard working ,always tensed , mostly daughters , single son
• will be praying a female diety
• if aspected well his words will become boons
• if aspected by malefics one can curse
• if full moon then will be fond of giving meals , will have many mansions and wealth
• will indulge in good acts and be fortunate
• will attain political ambitions and will have followers
sixth moon
• will give more poverty
• 36th year will have affair with a widow if aspected by malefic will face ill fame due to it
• if with rahu or ketu will be bereft of wealth
• will indulge in ghor acts
• will have troubling enemy , no brothers , and obesity
• fear of drowning
• if with malefic diseases
• waxing moon will give complete bad results
• good conjuncion will make healthy
• many siblings
• 32 years will have association of woman
• hankering after women
• troubled by women
• diseases owing to women or surgery on account of women
• kingly apartment
• if lord is strong then two marriages
• if waxing moon then loss of wife if full moon with strength only one wife
• always in search of pleasures
Eighth moon
• few vehicles
• dangers in water bodies
• will leave relatives and family for the sake of women
• if in own house or exaltation long life else medium life
Ninth moon
• very virtuous and learned
• will construct tanks gardens and well for general people
• will do good acts
• will have good children
• full moon will be fortunate
• father will be long lived
• with malefics in malefics house unfortunate
• loss of parents if wih malefics
Tenth moon
• well educated
• if with malefics 27th year association with widows and ill fame
• very intellegent
• engaged in truthful acts
• famous
• kind hearted
• if strong lord then will achieve a truthful task
• if aspected by malefics and with malefics will have many obstacles and will perform bad acts .
eleventh moon
• very learned
• children and will do good to others
• 50 th year will have extreme happiness on account of children
• many good qualities
• if lord is weak much expendture
• if strong much gains
• hidden wealth lottery
• if with venus will move on chaffeur driven vehicles
• very well educated
• will give employment to many
twelfth moon
• illgotten food
• losses owing to bad association
• given to vices on account of anger
• some prosperity
• will have fortunes from women
• without food
• if well aspected educated kind hearted
• if with malefics will go to hell
• with benefics will go to higher regions .