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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

married life of a girls

Life Partner
The most important thing a girl wants to know is about her husband. The seventh house and the lord of the seventh house play a crucial role in marriage. Astrology says, if the seventh house is occupied by auspicious planets like, Moon, Jupiter, Mercury or Venus, or the lord of the seventh house is any one of these planets, or aspected by these planets then the girl’s would be husband will be a good looking person normally of her age.

If the girl’s kundli have Sun, Mars, Saturn or Rahu and Ketu in the seventh house and is influencing the house of marriage then her husband will be a handsome person with fair complexion. Her would be husband may be 5 years older then she is.

If a girl’s kundli has Sun as the lord of the seventh house then it indicates that her would be husband is associated with government sector. And if she gets Moon as the lord of the seventh house then her husband will be of medium stature with a calm nature.

If a girl’s kundli has Mars as the lord of the seventh house then her life partner would be physically strong but may possess a fuming behavior. He will be of medium physique and working in police or other government professions.

If there is an exalted Saturn in the seventh house in a girl’s kundli then there will be age gap of many years between the couple. Her husband will be a tall and slim man. In case of debilitated Saturn, her life partner may have a dark complexion.

Longevity of the Life Partner
The second house in a girl’s kundli is the house of longevity of her life partner. If the lord of this house is in a good position or aspects the second house from its position then her life partner will have a long life.

If Saturn take its position in the second house or Jupiter in the seventh house and aspect the second house then it proves beneficial to the wife as the husband is blessed with a long life.

Age of Marriage
As a girl grows up her parent get tense thinking about her marriage. Astrology says that if a girl’s kundli contains Mercury as the lord of the seventh house and is not afflicted by an inauspicious planet in the Ascendant then the girl’s marriage takes place during her teenage days.

If in a kundli Mars becomes the lord of the seventh house and is affected by inauspicious planets, in this case also girl’s marriage happens early on.

If Venus the symbol of youth becomes the lord of the seventh house and aspected by inauspicious planets then a girl’s marriage happens early on in her youth.

If Moon becomes the lord of the seventh house then a girl completes her adolescent years and gets married within 2 years after entering her youth.

If Jupiter is placed in the seventh house by becoming the lord of the same house and is not affected by any inauspicious planets then the girl’s marriage takes place a little later than usual.