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Friday, February 19, 2010

Marriage and kundli milan-MARRIAGE Muhurata

It is desirable to conduct the marriage of girls in the even years of their birth, and that of boys in the odd years of their birth. Otherwise, it would be destructive of both

2.The months of Mägha, Phälguna, Vaiçäkha and Jyeñöha are auspicious; Kåttika and Mågaçérña are middling; the rest are censurable.

3.Never should marriage, installation of deities and upanayana be performed in ten asterisms from the time that the Sun enters the nakshatra Ärdrä.

4.Marriage should not be performed when Jupiter or Venus have set or when they are in the stages of childhood and old age (that is, just after they have risen or when they are about to set.). Neither when Jupiter is in the sign Leo or in a Leo-part (in any other sign).

5.For thirteen days after its rise in the West or in the East Venus would be in the ‘child’s stage’ and for five days before setting, the stage of ‘old age’. In the case of Jupiter, both stages would be 15 days duration.

6.So long as Lord Viñëu (Håñékeça) is asleep, it is not auspicious. There is nothing more auspicious than the festival day of Viñëu (Väsudeva).

7.The marriage of the first born, whether boy or girl, should not be conducted in the month of their birth, nor in the nakshatra of their birth, nor in the week-day of their birth.

8.In the month of Jyeñöha, the marriage of both the Jyeñöhaputré and Jyeñöhaputra (eldest daughter and the eldest son) should not be performed. It is best to have one ‘Jyeñöha’ at a time, not otherwise.

9.A marriage should not be performed for a week after a natural visitation (utpäta), like the appearance of a comet, earthquake etc., nor a complete eclipse. If the eclipse is partial (the prohibition) is for three days. Similarly, prohibited are the intercalary3 lunar day which touches three civil days touches three civil days (tridyuspåk) and expunged lunar day.

10.In the case of planetary obscuration, three days after their setting and three days before their rise should be eschewed.
11.Five days towards the close of the lunar month should be eschewed. So also the 8th and the riktä days viz. 4th, 9th and 14th. The yogas Vyatépäta and Vaidhåti, in their entirety, and half of Parigha are also to be eschewed.

12.Marriage is recommended in the following nakshatras: Revati (Pausa), Uttaraphalguni, Uttaräñaòha and Uttarbhädrapada (tryuttara), Anurädhä (Maitra), Sväté (Marut). Mågaçérña (Candra), Hasta (Arka), Maghä (Pitrya) and Müla, when these are not in vedha i.e., when they are not mutually afflicted.

13.If, in a marriage, the potencies of Jupiter and the Sun are required for the couple, effort should be made to worship those two weak planets

14.The strengths of the gocara, vedha and añöavarga reckoned in rüpa are higher in the ascending order. The strength gocaras is of a general nature compared to the others.

15.The potencies of the Moon and the nakshatras should be considered and then the strength of the five constituents of the païcäìga. Of the latter, if the strength of the tithi is one, that of the week day is two- fold, that of the nakshatra is three-fold, that of yoga is four-fold and that of karaëa (tithiyardha) is five-fold.

16.The prognostication as reckoned in the muhurata is much stronger than the previous. The combined strength of the above has to be duly considered. All the signs which are beneficently aspected are commended in fixing a marriage.

Arudha padas show the maya (illusion) of material world. Arudha pada of nth house shows the maya associated with the matters signified by of nth house.

For example, 1st house stands for self. While the first house from lagna stands for true self, its arudha pada (AL) stands for the maya associated with self. It shows the how the native is perceived in the material world. It shows the status of the native.

The 4th house in D-16 shows happiness from vehicle. It shows true happiness from a vehicle.

Benefics influencing the 4th house in D-16 show someone who is happy with his vehicle(s). Benefics influencing A4 in D-16 show someone who is perceived to be happy with his vehicle(s). So planets influencing A4 in D-16 shed light on the physical vehicle owned by a person. Someone with Venus in own sign in A4 and Saturn in 4th (in D-16) may own luxurious vehicles (i.e. perceived to be happy with respect to vehicle) but not be happy. Someone with Saturn in A4 and Venus and Jupiter in 4th (in D-16) may own a small vehicle (i.e. perceived to be unhappy with respect to vehicles), but be happy with it.

D-16 is Shodamasa chart

In D-24(chatur vimsamasa chart), 4th house deals with learning and education. A4 in D-24 deals with the maya (illusion) associated with learning. What is it?

If someone studied at IIT (a top engineering institute of India), people may think that he is very knowledgable. If someone studied at an obscure university, people may not get the same impression. But it is possible that people’s perceptions are wrong and the person who studied at IIT is less knowledgable.

So A4 in D-24 shows the school or university and the environment in which one’s learning takes place. Usually that decides what impression people form about one’s learning.

Similarly, A10 in D-10 shows the maya associated with one’s karma (action – career). We form an impression about one’s career based on the place and environment where one’s work takes place. So A10 in D-10 shows one’s workplace. One with Mars in A10 in D-10 may work at dynamic places or engineering companies. One with Jupiter in A10 in D-10 may work at a university or college or a court of law or a temple.

One important arudha pada used in Jyotish is upapada lagna (UL) – the arudha pada of the 12th house. This shows one’s marriage and spouse. Planets in UL show the kind of marriage one has and the kind of spouse one gets. For example, Mercury in UL can show intelligent (when good) or indecisive (when bad) spouse. Ketu in UL can show spiritual (when good) or short-tempered (when bad) spouse. Sun in UL can show a charming spouse from a respectable family. It can also show an authoritative spouse. Mars in UL may show a bold spouse (when good) and a quarrelsome spouse (when bad).

The 8th house from UL shows the longevity of marriage and the 2nd and 7th houses from UL show the end of marriage. Malefics like Mars, Saturn and nodes in these houses from UL can result in troubles for the marriage and even a divorce.

Nature of spouse and the length of the marriage are two different issues. If Mars and Saturn are in UL and Jupiter is in the 8th from UL, it may show a long marriage to an argumentative and mean spouse. If Jupiter is in UL and Mars and Saturn in the 8th from it, one may have a noble spouse but the marital life will be very rough and there can even be a divorce. In such a case, propitiating Saturn and Mars can help

The 7th house shows relations and A7 (darapada) shows the illusion associated with them, i.e. the kind of people one usually interacts with. Based on the kind of people one deals with, we perceive the nature of one’s relations. If one has a friend who is a prostitute, people may get a negative impression about one’s dealings. If one has a friend who is a famous film star, there is some glamour associated with one’s relations. Thus darapada shows the kind of people one associates with and that plays an important role in forming people’s impressions about one’s relations. In D-10, darapada may show professional associates. In D-24, it may show friends at college or colleagues in the pursuit of knowledge. In D-20, it may show colleagues or friends in religious activities.

The 3rd house shows one’s boldness. The 3rd house from lagna and the 3rd house from Mars show one’s true boldness and the 3rd house from AL shows how bold one is perceived. In addition, A3 shows the maya surrounding one’s boldness. It shows what drives the perceptions of people about one’s boldness. The weapons one possesses may drive those perceptions and A3 may show one’s weapons.

The 3rd house also shows one’s communication skills. The 3rd house in D-24 (chart of learning and knowledge) and D-10 (achievements in society) may show one’s writing skills. A3 shows the maya associated with one’s writing skills. One may have excellent writing skills, but not write any book. In such a case, people may not really appreciate one’s writing skills. One may be an average writer, but end up writing 20 books. In such a case, people may perceive him as a great writer. Thus the exact books written by one decide the perceptions of the world about one’s writing skills. So A3 in D-24 and D-10 may show the books or articles written by him. In this author’s D-10, for example, A3 is in Pisces. This can mean that he will be known for some books on saattwik and traditional subjects and astrology certainly fits the bill.

Method to calculate the Arudha Pada.
Suppose we need to calculate the Arudha Pada for the first house. We have to see how many houses he has moved from Lagna. That many number of houses if moved from his present position will give the Arudha Pada.

Example-For a Native Gemini Lagna. Mercury is in Scorpio. Now count the number of houses from Gemini to Scorpio. It is 6. Now count 6 houses from Scorpio. we get Aries. Therefore Arudha Pada for Lagna is Aries/Mesha.

SPECIAL RULE -The Same house or the 7th from it does not become its Pada.
Special Cases --If the Planet is in its house then the 10th from it be considered as Arudha Pada.

Example---Mars is in Scorpio. Scorpio Lagna. Now the Arudha will be 10th from Scorpio i.e Leo

Arudha for Lagna in Short can be called AL or A1 ARUDHA LAGNA
Arudha for 2nd house in Short can be called as A2 or DHANA PADA
Arudha for 4th House in short can be called as A4 VAHANA PADA/MATRI PADA/VIDYA PADA
Arudha for the 5th house - A5 MANTRA PADA
Arudha for 7th house - DARA PADA
Arudha for 9th house - BHAGYA PADA
Arudha for 10th house - RAJYA PADA
Arudha for 12th house - UPA PADA - To know status of Wife & about Wife.

If the Arudha Pada is in Benefic Sign & Aspected or conjoined with Benefics - Auspicious results & Good Gains. If Arudha Pada is in Malefic Sign & Aspected or Conjoined with Malefics - Inauspicious results & Loss.