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Friday, February 19, 2010

Marriage and kundli milan-2

The first thing is to check the marriage prospects in both individual charts according to the above guidelines. Then the Upapada matching should be looked at. After the Upapada matching is established, the astrologer should proceed in the following way:

1. Assess the age agreement. In Vedic culture the recommendation was that the husband be the elder person by 5-10 years. If the wife is too much older than the husband, it may create problems. The ideal age for a girl to get married is between 15 and 20 years, and for a boy is between 25 and 30 years. It is also not considered favourable if the girl lives much longer than the boy. So the longevity in both charts should be analysed, and if it is very low for the boy, and high for the girl, the marriage is not advised, as the girl will become widowed and without proper shelter at a young age.
2. The Navamsha Saptama (7th from Navamsha Lagna) of the native should be also compatible with the Navamsha Lagna of the spouse and vice versa according to the above guidelines.
3. The Darakaraka of the native should have some relationship with the Atmakaraka of the spouse and vice versa.
4. Check the Moon signs compatibility based on the 12 Kootas for emotional happiness of the couple
5. Check the Sun signs. The best thing is to have the same Sun sign in both charts, as this will indicate a spiritual brotherhood between them. Sun signs in opposition or trines are also acceptable. Other relations like 12th/2nd and especially 6th/8th are not advised as they may create a disturbance.
6. The other planets’ placements may be also compared. A simple method is to consider the watery signs to be compatible with the earthly ones, and the fiery signs with the airy ones. So if two planets are in one of the pairs, then it is all right. Like if someone has Mars in Aries and the spouse has mars in Gemini, it is acceptable. To this the principles of temporary relationship may be added. Thus, if the two planets are in 3 signs from each other in the two charts, it is considered auspicious, and if in 6 signs from each other, it is considered inauspicious, The rest is medium.
7. The two charts should be overlapped and the yogas caused by the planets in one chart appearing in the other chart should be examined. For example if the native’s Rahu is in the same sign as the spouse’s Jupiter, it is not the best. Rahu and Ketu in opposite sign sin the two charts or at least Navamshas are generally very good as they will destroy the bad karma in the charts.
8. Compare the time periods of the marriage in the two charts. This may be done by analysing the appropriate Dasas running from the beginning of marriage and see what effects will they activate in each other’s charts. The Dasa systems recommended for this are the appropriate Udu Dasas (Ashtottari or varieties of Vimshottari) and Narayana (Padakrama) Dasas for Rasi and Navamsha. The overlapping of Tajaka annual charts may also be attempted, although this area requires more research
9. Erect a Prashna chart for the time and place when the couple approached you for the compatibility reading. This Prashna will give more information on the prospects of the marriage
10. Select a proper Muhurtha for wedding (either legal or Vedic Vivaha ceremony) taking into consideration their birth charts as well.
11. Recommend the suitable remedial measures if necessary, like Kumbha Vivaha for alleviating the faults in the bride’s chart, or fasting on the days ruled by the lord of the Upapada or chanting the Mantras of the Upapada Rasi or lord etc.