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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

interpretation of d charts.

I am quoting here the principles taught for interpretation of divisional charts by Pt. Sanjay Rath

The main principles, which should be kept in mind while analysing divisional charts, are the karya rashi, karyesha and the karaka. Karya rashi is the sign of the house, which is the significator of the ruling activity. Karyesha is the lord of the concerned house in the rashi chart. This lord will have to be well placed in both the rashi and the concerned divisional chart in order to yield beneficial results. For instance if the karyesha is placed in a trine in both rashi and the concerned division, the bhava will flourish. Similarly, the appropriate karaka will also have to be well placed. The Naisargika, Sthira and Chara karakas will all need to be examined.
For finer analysis, the dignities of the planets representing karyesha and the karaka will need to be examined. Their exaltation or debilitation, their placement in a friendly or inimical sign in the divisional charts will independently illuminate a situation. This should be combined with their rashi position to achieve a composite understanding.
Apart from dignities and sign placements of planets, the relationships between planets will also need to be taken into account. These relationships are varied, like yogas, sambandhas, yogadas (any planet that brings out an association between lagna, Hora lagna and Ghati lagna by ownership, placement or aspect), kevalas (shubhapati joining lagna or Atmakaraka), kevala yogadas (shubhapati associated with lagna and Ghati lagna or lagna and Hora lagna) and kevala mahayogadas (association of Hora and Ghati lagna with kevala). This implies that the shubhapati and its relationships with other planets in the different divisions play a significant role.
I request esteemed members from this forum to fill in the blanks in the column pertaining to karyesh and karaka
Division Name Subject karyesh karka
D-1 Rashi Physical Body 1st Lord Sun
D-2 Hora Wealth 2nd Lord
D-3 Drekkana Co-born 3rd and 11th Lord Mars (Younger ones) & Saturn (Elder Ones)
D-4 Chaturthamsa (Turyeeamsa) Property and fortunes 4th Lord Mars
D-5 Panchamsa Fame and power
D-6 Shashthamsa (Kaulaka) Health 6th Lord
D-7 Saptamsa Progeny 5th Lord Jupiter
D-8 Ashtamsa Unexpected troubles
D-9 Navamsa (Dharmamsa) Spouse 7th Lord Venus
D-10 Dasamsa (Swargamsa) Work, career, profession 10th lord Sun
D-11 Ekadasamsa (Rudramsa) Death
D-12 Dwadasamsa (Suryamsa) Parents 4th and 9th Lord Moon & Sun
D-16 Shodasamsa (Kalamsa) Vehicles, luxuries, happiness 4th Lord Venus
D-20 Vimsamsa Spiritualism
D-24 Chaturvimsamsa (Siddhamsa) Higher learning
D-27 Nakshatramsa (Bhamsa) Strengths and weaknesses
D-30 Trimsamsa Evils
D-40 Khavedamsa (Swavedamsa) Matrilineal legacy
D-45 Akshavedamsa Patrilineal legacy
D-60 Shastyamsa Past karma