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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Astrology on sex as per sun sign (western astrology)

ARIES- March 21 - April 19

Erogenous Zones for Aries- Head and Face; Hair play, Head massages, Lip caressing, Lip nibbling, Face caressing, Soft facial touches, Ear licking, nibbling or blowing, Sentual scalp massages.

Some Sexual Traits- Impulsiveness, Sensuality, Passionate, Group sex; orgies and 'swinging', Aggressive role play; B&D, Sadism, and sexual agression.

TAURUS- April 20 - May 20

Erogenous Zones for Taurus- Throat and Neck; Romantic approach with Neck kissing and licking, Light stroking behind ear and back of neck, Gentle neck and shoulder massages, Ear lobe kisses, Behind the ear kisses, Soft tongue over front of throat down to mid-chest.

Some Sexual Traits- Flirtatious, Romantic, Bi- Sexuality, Role Playing, Seductive, Nymphomania, Sensitivity, Agressive foreplay, Passionate, Stamina, Sexual Agression sometimes, Certain Body odors are an aphrodisiac.

GEMINI- May 21 - June 20

Erogenous Zones for Gemini- Hands, Arms and Shoulder area; Hand kissing, Finger sucking, Gentle arm stroking, Kissing the inside of the arms and wrists, Light and steady scratching of the arms.

Some Sexual Traits- Sensual foreplay, Sexual curiosity, Restless imagination, Bi-sexuality, Sadism, Voyeurism, Toy-play.

CANCER- June 21 - July 22

Erogenous Zones for Cancer- Mouth, and Breast or Chest area; Deep passionate kissing with tounge and teeth involved, Nipple stimulation of all forms; nibbling, sucking, massaging, blowing, gentle twisting or tugging.

Some Sexual Traits- Receptive, Sensuality, Need for Admiration, Somewhat Inhibited, Romantic, Passionate, Recollective abilites to remember sexual turn-ons and turn-offs to specific partners.

LEO- July 23 - August 22

Erogenous Zones for Leo- Back; Back massages, Light erotic back scratching in circular motions, Sensual touches in the very sensitive small of back, Licking the small of the back.

Some Sexual Traits- Flirtatious, Demanding, Atmosphere receptive, Passionate, Need for admiration, Straighforwardness, Very Dominant, Sexually Arrogant, Somewhat conventional.

VIRGO- August 23 - September 22

Erogenous Zones for Virgo- Lower chest to Public line; Circular and gentle massages with fingertips or tongue on stomach area and around belly button. The entirety of this area is very sensitive to any sensual touch.

Some Sexual Traits- Romantic, Very planning in sexual encounters, Foreplay oriented, Threesomes, Can be dominant but likes to be 'punished', Self-sacrificing, Voyeuristic.

LIBRA- September 23 - October 22

Erogenous Zones for Libra- The small of the back, and Buttocks; Gentle caressing and touching small of back, any buttock play as rubbing, patting, gentle pinches, and even more dominant play such as whipping and spanking.

Some Sexual Traits- Dramatic, Seductive, Moderation, Exhibitionist, Can become Narcissistic, Imaginative, Affectionate foreplay, Voyeurism, Very Mastabatory.

SCORPIO- October 23 - November 21

Erogenous Zones for Scorpio- Any Genitalia stimulation; Light flickering of the tounge covering all areas of the genitalia, Also inner thighs and upper pubic line, stimulates the Scorpio.

Some Sexual Traits- Inquisitive, Experimental, Erotic, Demanding, Very Perusing, Very Dominating, Lustrious, Somewhat Compulsive, Somewhat Paraniod, Sadism.

SAGITTARIUS- November 22 - December 21

Erogenous Zones for Saittarius- Hips and Thighs for both, but women also love hair play, scalp massages and even hair pulling if done carefully. Men love inner thigh play, running kissing and touching softly. Warm oil rubs in these areas are a favorite of this sign.

Some Sexual Traits- Enjoy's outdoor sex, Very Teasing, Sexually liberated, Females of this sign are NOT into experimental sexual advances, Some women leaning towards beastiality, Female can be passionate, romantic and dominant but on her own terms. Men are very Intense, Erotic, Experimental, Fetish prone and bi-sexuality is a common trait amongst Sagittarius men.

CAPRICORN- December 22 - January 19

Erogenous Zones for Capricorn- Men love women to rub breasts on his facial, chest and grion area, and women love to be kissed behind the knee, and around the navel. Back area is also sensitive, sensual back massages, rubbing or light scratching.

Some Sexual Traits- Quickly aroused, Creatvity Sexual Endurance, Somewhat conventional in sexual locations, Can be very dominant, Sadism, Men like unexpectedness- women do not, Experimental, Rythmatic.

AQUARIUS- January 20 - February 18

Erogenous Zones for Aquarius- Calves and Ankles; rubbing, massaging, light scratching. Women love of this sign enjoy having the back of their knees kissed down to their ankles. Men of this sign enjoy the standing up sexual position because when the woman wraps her legs around him, it causes friction on these erogenous zones. Be gentle though, anything too rough for an Aquarius is a turn off.

Some Sexual Traits- Extremely Imaginative, Experimental, Creative, Very Oral, Usually Submissive, but likes to dominate also, Uninhibited, Visually Stimulated, Fore-play inclined, Role play, Broad minded sexaully, 'nothing' human is alien to this sign, Very into the Conquest of the act.

PISCES- February 19 - March 20

Erogenous Zones for Pisces- Ankles and Feet; Massages, kissing, licking and sucking these area's the Pisces loves. Pisces are very prone to toe sucking and masturbating lover with feet.

Some Sexual Traits- Sexually Liberated, Easy arousal, Erotic, Suggestible, Theatrical, Very Oral, Women of this sign are more prone for Anal, Dominant and Submissive, Sensual, Sadism,Men of this sifgn are very mastabatory.