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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A tribute to rahu

Hello Friends,
I am posting my study of Rahu. A lot od Misconceptions are there about Rahu and Ketu. I am
bringing forth a writeup on this subject. Hope I would strike some unknown chords .
I bow to Almighty Ganapathy the God of Obstacles and Krisna (Black) the vishwa swaroopa. I am
writing my work on RAHU. I chose both of you to pray because both of you are but Rahu
Krishna, the Black cosmos, beyond time and space. You are all attractive, you are magnetic, you
pull everyone unto you and to you. You are the Tamas of the Brahmanda (Cosmos). Seed of the
creation , cause of the destruction lies within you. Time and space are mere menifestations of
your power. You are the TIME, you are the Kaala, you are the birth of everything and you are the
death.You are at theMIDDLE of everything. Brahmandas, planets Moons Nakshatras etc are
stringed with you at the middle of everything like the Thread of a Mala with beads. You are
ETERNAL , you are NECTAR (Amrita) , you are HALAHAL ( Poison), You are the PUM
TATWA(Male) and You are the STREE TATWA (Female). Nothing can divide you .
People say that you are the enemy of Sun and Moon. But intrue sense, you are just playing with
them. No one can seperate you and Moon.You and Sun. You were born in Rohini Nakshatra and
Sun finds himself mighty in your birth nakshatra. And Rohini is but the Nakshatra owned by
So how can anyone say that they are your Enemies? Sun gets exalted in Mesha where you have
your first nakshatra Ashwini.
You lord over Tamasa the Eternal Darkness. You are witness to everything. You Know
everything, You feel everything. All senses are ruled by you. All perceptions, all perceptive
powers and organs of perceptions are ruled by you.Only you , due to your perceptive powers, can
appreciate, smell, can describe beauty, can describe the taste, can experience texture, can hear
sound and can speak. If you are not kind, you will not allow anyone to breath.You are at the base
of ALL ATTRACTION. If your help is not there as a lord of CHEMISSTRY and CHEMICAL
REACTIONS, man and a woman would not be pulled to each other by unknown force. You are
the potential power in everything. You cause things to happen.You are the cause of all causes.
You are the BLACK HOLE of the cosmos. You are The Mouth of Krishna.You engulf everything
whole like a snake devours its prey without chewing. You are the YONI from where the Life
comes out.That is why God is known as BHAGA-WAN , where BHAGA is the yoni.You are the
same Linga which seeds the Egg.You are BHAGA-WATI .You are both SHIVA and SHAKTI. You
are the KAL and Mahakal. You are the strength of Vishnu in the form of SHESHANAGA, you are
the serpent power KUNDALINI the Supreme shakti. You are the VISHA or the Poison in Shiva's
throat ,You are LAKSMANA besides RAMA. You are the BALARAMA along with Krishna. You
adorn Shiva's head , and arms as Naga. Without the Snake, the churning of Meru would not have
taken place.There is no place in this universe where you are not there.
On the physical plane, you are all the CHIDRAS or Holes of the body. All that comes in and goes
out of them is your work. That is why O GANESHa you , who were created by Parvati from the
dirt of her body are RAHU, You are both VIGHNAKARTA and VIGHNAHARTA. Since you are
RAHU, your Head was cut off by SHIVA. O Ganapati, you are RAHU, the Lord of Ganas, Bhutas
and Pretas, you are also Known as GANAPATI or GANESHA.
You are the cause of OBSTACLE in all the system. This is the reason why, O RAHU you are
prayed first to remove obstacles and problems from the system.
O Rahu, you block things, so you are the cause ofdiseases where any system is blocked.
(Cholestrol blocking the blood vessels is RAHU blocking).
O RAHU, I have found that you are the easiest planet to please. So help me in bringing out a very
true and hitherto unknown picture of your's to the world. I bow to you out of sheer reverence.
Bless me in my endevour.
Eventhough I have known Rahu intimately, it is so difficult to start writing on him as you do not
know where to start.This is because Rahu's influence is everywhere.
So I start at the beginning. First Nakshtra Ashwini belongs to him. (Rahu-Ketu are one ), Rahu
being a great lover of beauty , wants to be near Venus. So next star Bharani belongs to Venus.
Rahu is the YONI MUKHA so he loves 4th house , Moon's house, very dearly. Thus 4th house is
the Yoni Mukha, hence it is but natural that 5th house is connected to 4th. 5th house is the
Garbha sthana. Demon Rahu guarding the Garbha sthanam. Vishnu's dwara palakas are two
Demons, Jaya Vijaya.
In fact Rahu who is Hairy and Black, guards over all the openings of our body. Every single small
sweat pore is covered with hair,.Nose, ears, eyes, mouth, private parts are all guarded by Rahu.
Who guards Kailasa? All Bhutas, Demons and other menifestations of Pretanatha RAHU. How far
Brahma can go without Rahu? He is the creator. He created this world. But how?
Remember I had spoken of Krasna the Vishwa swaroopa? In the beginning there was nothing
except TAMAS. This is the Yoga Nidra swaroopa of Vishnu. Out of that was born Brama. He has
4 Mukhas.. He created 4 vedas, he lords over 4 yugas. Mark number four here. That is Rahu's
number.Brahma Knows all the Kaalas.
Rahu is Time or Kaala. Apart from Beginning,Rahu also signifies End.
Let us examine Numerology for Rahu.
Letters M, D and T stand for Rahu with value 4. Rahu has 4 letters in his name. Ketu has 4 letters
in his name.
Rahu lords over MADA, MOHA MATSARA MADIRA , Mamsa. All starting with letter M. Rahu
rules Liquor, Anger, Lust, Flesh and Ego. M also stands for Maya, Rahu is Mayavi. M stands for
Mastaka (Head). Rahu is Head. That is why you have maximum hair over head. M stands for
Mrityu. The end. Maithuna (Sacred act of reproduction) is under Rahu's domain. Mesha Rasi is
Mthe beginning.
D stand for Death. Demons, Daityas D Company , Danger, Downfall, Drowning in anything,
Dryness of throat (Thirst) or Thirst for anything which can never be quenched is ruled by Rahu.
Durbhagya (Bad Luck) is Rahu for you.
T also stands for Time. Rahu lords over Kaala. T stands for Terror, so Terrorists are governed by
Rahu. T means Truth. Truth is always naked. It hurts. But like Rahu, it wins ultimately. Satyam
Eva Jayate.
Japanese people who call their nation as Land of the Rising Sun, dread number 4. They
associate this number with death, bad luck etc. Number 13, which is 4, is a dreaded number.
Coming back to GANAPATHI or GANESHA the obstacle creator and remover par excellence who
according to me is RAHU, has large ears, Large nose, large teeth, large head and has large
stomach (Lambodara) and naturally huge appetite.I have written that Rahu rules all perceptions
and perceptive powers. And organs of Perceptions. Maximum perception of anything takes place
thro eyes, ears, nose and mouth. Ganesha has the Elephant's head signifying acute sensory
Rahu loves 4th house which I call as Yoni Dwara. If Rahu is Ganapathy, then he is always in the
company of Siddhi and Buddhhi. Mark, 3rd house the house of valour in a horoscope signifying
SIDDHI and the 5th house the house of Intellect or Buddhhi signifying second consort Buddhhi.
Ganesha/Rahu is always put in Gate or main door of the house. This is to ward off evil spirits.
Main door to a house is where Rahu stays. Infact all doors are Rahu's domain.
Let me examine taste. Rahu does not distinguish between this or that taste. He has all the hunger
in the world to engulf anything. And yet he appreciates all finer tastes. Seems paradoxical but its
true. This happens in the company or benign influence of Venus.
.....To be Continued
Hello Learned Friends,
It would not be proper on my part to make a statement and not trying to prove it. What I am going
to write today may jolt many old beliefs from their foundations. But I have to put forth some
glaring Truth which has escaped the eyes of Astrologers so far. Most of you know that Rahu dasa
or Rahu bhukti or Rahu suksma bhukti results in Marriage. Did we try knowing its reason so far?
Hence we should examine Rahu’s role in depth in Marriage and problems connected with
I have made a statement that RAHU Rules over CHIDRAS .
I have made a statement that Rahu is the YONIMUKHA.
I have made the statement that Rahu loves to be in 4th bhava.
I have made a statement that 5th bhava is the GARBHASTHANA .
I have made a statement that RAHU is the felicitator of Union between Male and a female.
I have made a statement that Rahu is the lord Of chemistry of Attraction.
The best way to prove what I have written is by searching for the failures/problems in marriage
and married life in a Horoscope by making a hitherto never attempted Lagna called YONI LAGNA
(I have just coined
this term) Yoni Lagna means Keeping Rahu in Lagna sthanam and then analyzing the horoscope
for success or failure/problems in Marital life. I request you all to use the above points with similar
horoscopes with you and check if the theory put forth by me is holding water or not.
Basic rules are,
1) Rahu will be YONI LAGNA Occupier and focal point. All combinations are to be viewed
from this point.
2) Look for affliction of 2nd and 8th bhava from Rahu and ketu.
3) Look for 7th lord from Rahu and his affliction.
4) Look for 2nd Bhava lord from Rahu spoiled by Sun, Mars, Saturn Guru.
5) Look for affliction of Rahu and Ketu by aspect or association.(This disturbs Perceptions about
each other)
6) Look for Saturn/Mars/Sun in 12th from Rahu
The reason I have included 2nd house affliction from Rahu and Ketu is , they represent the
Garbha and also Thinking.
Since Rahu, according to me is the Karaka of the above, the chemistry between two beings also
plays an important part. If it does not work, people are not attracted towards each other and the
marriage falls apart.
I am giving birth details of some males and females selected at random by me from my clients list
who have marital problems or divorces or widowed etc. I found HCF (Highest common factor)
principles which I have put as Theory as above. You might find other reasons for discord or
marital problems in the following horoscopes but I would request you to look from a NEW
Lagna.....Kumbha sun and Jupiter
Makara....Moon, Mercury,Ketu, sani.
1) Retro Mars with Rahu
2) 8th from Rahu are Sun and Jupiter
3) Ketu afflicted by Sani, Budha ,Moon
RESULT: wife ran away after love marriage. Jathaka became unsound in Mind.
Lagna...... Mithunam Venus
Cancer......Ketu, Mercury
Leo........ .Sun, Mars
Dhanus......Jupiter, Moon
1) Sun and Mars in 2nd from Ketu
2) Capricorn lord Saturn aspected by Rahu
3) Ketu afflicted by Mercury and Saturn .
RESULT: Divorced after 4 years of marriage.
Lagna....Virgo Mars
Libra.... Ketu
Pisces.. .Saturn
Aries.... Rahu
Leo....... Moon
1) Sun in 2nd from Rahu
2) 2nd from Rahu aspected by Saturn
3) Rahu aspected by Mars
4) Saturn in 12th from Rahu
RESULT: Husband died in a car accident in less than 5
years of marriage.
Lagna......... ..Scorpio..sun
Pisces......... Saturn (Retro)
Aries........... Rahu
Leo............. Jupiter Moon
Libra............Ketu, Mercury
1) Rahu aspected by Mars
2) ketu associated with Mercury
3) Sun in 2nd from Ketu and 8th from Rahu
RESULT: Divorced his wife within 4 years of marriage.
To be continued............
Here is a wonderful chart to analyze from a Pure Dhana Yoga perspective. Please read every
word to abstract/derive detailed meanings. I have changed some interpretations based on my
I have done a traditional analysis followed by "Harishs Laws on RAHU/DRL". The analysis is
mind boggling yet very simple. RAHU reflects very easily each and every portion of life in a
simple manner or simply "Look through the eyes of RAHU...as Harish Bhai has shown us."
Julia Roberts: Born October 28, 1967, 12:16 AM, Smyrna, Georgia.
She has Moon, Jup, Venus in the 2nd in Leo. Ketu, Sun, Mer(RC) in the 4th in Libra. Mars in
Sagi. Sat in Pisces in 9th, and Rahu in Aries in 10th.
The basic traditional definition of Dhana Yoga is : (not considering functional benefics and
functional malefics)
" Dhana Yoga: This yoga brings material wealth and money, because it links the money houses
2, 11, 5, 9 to the 1st . The combination of any one of these houses combined with the 1st house
ruler would bring wealth to the indivdual (1st house). But actually any combination of these
houses would create a Dhana Yoga. The 1st house combination is the strongest."
Traditional Analysis
The lord of the first, eleventh, ninth houses all conjunct in the second forms Dhana Yoga of the
highest proportions since it associates four houses that all represent wealth and opportunity.
Additionally, the second house represents her hair, face, teeth, and smile. Quite literally, Julia
Roberts' face is certainly her fortune.
Her Raja Yoga (Moon, lord of the 1st house of destiny, conjoined with Venus, lord of 4th Kendra
house of fixed assets and happiness, and Jupiter, lord of 9th Trikona house of opportunity)
confers elevated status and ability to succeed despite all odds, while her Dhana Yoga (Moon,
ascendant lord, conjoined with Venus, lord of 11th house of gains, and Jupiter, lord of 9th, in the
2nd house of assets), gives her the distinction of being the highest paid actress in Hollywood.
While the Raj Yoga would have been even more powerful had it fallen in a Kendra or Trikona
House, it is still in the same house of the Moon, which means that they fall in the first house of
Chandra Lagna (Moon as Ascendant chart).
2nd Analysis: Based on Harish Principles of DRL
Now Rotating and Reflecting from RAHU and (RAHU - 1){DRL} and applying "HARISH TRIVEDI"
1. DRL - Pisces
2. Dispositor of RAHU is Mars and is placed 9th from RAHU ("FORTUNate" position)
3. Lets focus on the 2nd house -- The maximum traditional Dhana Yoga combinations....The
planets occupying the 2nd from Janma Lagna are all placed in 5th (lakshmi Sthana) from RAHU.
The planets cnjoining together in 5th from RAHU or 2nd from janma lagna are "Jup & Venus &
Moon) which are all lords of (4,7, 9&12) when we take RAHU as the FOCAL POINT (Rahu
4. However Guru is placed 6th from DRL or 5th from RAHU Sthana.
5. AL for DRL is Capricorn which is "most powerful" Kendra for RAHU and 11th for DRL.
Summarizing: {DRL}agnesh and "Rahu Sthanesh" (Dispositor of RAHU)are all in auspicious
positions from RAHU Sthana and conjunct with Kendra and Kona Lords (Traditional 2nd from
JanmaLagna) with Reference to RAHU Sthana implying maximum Dhana Yoga combos.
Hope this helps throwing some more light.
Aum Shanti Shanti Shanti.
Dear Friends,
I am bringing yet another aspect of Rahu as Absolute Karaka Of wealth. I will only qote a very
well known young astrologerwho wrote this in his yahoo group in 1999 while replying in defence
of some theory.
“"None of us has a perfect understanding of Jyotish and our tools are far from perfect. Some may
be too proud to accept this, but this is the truth. We are all trying to improve constantly. I too have
attempted many puzzles before, some successfully and some with failure and know the
limitations very well. Let us show respect for someone for trying and
improve collectively, rather than criticizing someone.".............. UNQUOTE
RAHU :: As 2nd Bhava's absolute Karaka
The more I look at Rahu's role in our lives, the more I am convinced that there is more to Rahu
than what is attributed to him. Rahu as Demon with only head,and all evils ascribed to Rahu
seem to be born more out of Puranic depiction of Rahu as cheating Rakshasa .
It is but human nature to paint any shade in to darker and darker shade . A small time thief
becomes a demonic murderer, cheat etc once the story is told and retold over a period of time. A
mole hill is converted into a mountain. Everything Fair in colour is seen as Fair, beautiful, good
and benign in nature and everything black is associated with worst things you can imagine. Thus
black people are termed as cheats, crooks, dumb, fools, low in caste,of low character , menials,
diseased etc. This obsession with dark and black has been well adopted by astrologers of yore.
Thus Saturn, Rahu and Ketu have become mlechheas, sudras, thieves, labourers,crooks, and
whatever bad you can think of.
So when it came to allotting Karakatwa , venus, Jupiter, Mercury and Sun took the best of the
portfolios. Rules of astrology were formed to fit their brightness . Sometimes square pegs were
put in round holes. Brihaspati, the Deva Guru , supposed to be of most benign nature, intelligent
and karaka of wealth was given many portfolios. Out of that, portfolio of 2nd house was also given
to him. But when they found that Guru, even though was made karaka for house of wealth,
whenever he was in 2nd bhava, the man turned into a pauper lost wealth or suffered financially.
How can a minister of finance occupying his own office
in the place ruled by him destroy the finances of the country ?
They also found that BAD Sani , increased wealth when in 2nd bhava.
It is like a Menial low caste servant occupying the seat of finance in the ministry increase the
wealth of the country. !!! How paradoxical !!!!
So the old Astrologers belonging to Brihaspati's kula (Brahmins) made a rule to explain.
Meaning, Jupiter destroys the bhava he occupies and saturn increases the bhava he occupies. I
remember the story of olden times when a child wants Moon, the mother brings a plate of water
and asks the child to take the reflection of Moon." And since the child believes in Mother, he
accepts that moon and stops crying. People accepted all the so called Exceptions to the rule
without questioning. In respect to Brihaspati, I found that he is a misfit in most of the places he
sits. So I have read karakatva, nature, description etc of Rahu and came to conclusion that 2nd
house being the most important house in a horoscope surpassing even the 9th , 10th , 5th etc
should be lorded over by Rahu.
You may ask me " why Rahu? "
Because, Rahu, as I said before, rules over All impulses, organs of impulses or Inputs like nose,
skin, ears, mouth eyes etc. All these are in Head. He rules over mouth, openings, chides (Holes
or Indriya Dwaras). Major chidras are in head and on face. Eyes, ears, mouth nose. These four
major Indriyas are Rahu's weapon. Remember he loves number 4. With mouth, food or energy
etc go in. Speech comes out. Nose is for taking in air and exhaling. 2nd house rules over coming
and going. Rahu as lord of the DWARA or door, allows things to go in or come out.
All inputs given by these four perceiving organs(Indriyas) are passed on to brain (Head). Hence
Rahu must lord over 2nd house.
2nd house denotes, speech, wealth, supporting others including family, truth and
falsehood(Rahu).Tongue, eyes,Nose, throat,Diamond, Gold, silver,Gems,perfumes,garments,
copper, determination,trade, softness of speech,effort in acquiring wealth and riches and the
means adopted also, miserliness,oratorical ability,modesty, firmness of mind, rules of coming and
going, power of living etc. (Utarakalamrita)
To acqire wealth, you need best usage of inputs of information, best utilisation of resources,
ability to speak, ability to plan, capacity to manipulate, ability to fight and win over opponents and
a strong luck. Ability to change colours, deception capability etc. Since Rahu fitted the bill
because he can do all the above and much more.
Having said that , I need to prove the above. So I placed Rahu as 2nd bhava karaka in 2nd in all
the horoscopes that I took for study with Finance as the Theme and came out with startling
THEORY:: With RAHU in 2ND bhava , resultant Lagna to be known as DHANA RAHU LAGNA.
It will be known hence forth as DRL.
1) Person becomes very rich if lord of 2nd from DRL which is occupied by Rahu is exalted, or in
kendras or in 11th from Rahu.
2) Lord of DRL if in exaltation or placed in kendra or kona produces riches.
3) Riches to be predicted id 2nd from DRL is occupied by lords of any good kendra or kona.
4)Aroodha Lagna, AL, Lagna and Janma Lagna if falls in Kendra or kona in DRL, Wealth to be
predicted with good combinations. (As mentioned above)
5)If DRL lord or the Lord of the 2nd which is always occupied by Rahu are placed in bad places
or aspected by sani, Rahu, or spoiled by avayoga karakas (3,6, 8or 12th Lords,) the person
suffers due to lack of wealth.
With the above set of basic guidelines (I will not call them rules as yet.)I took up the horoscopes
AKBAR : Born 24th Nov 1542 at 4.9 AM Lat 25N19 , Long 69E47
Janma Lagna: Libra
DRL: Capricorn..Mars
Aquarious: Rahu
Aries: AL
Gemini : Moon
Leo: Ketu
Libra: Venus, Jupiter, Saturn
Scorpio: Sun
Sagittarius: Mercury
Combinations of wealth :
a) Lord of DRL and 2nd from DRL saturn exalted in 10th with 10th lord.
b) Lord of 4 and 11th Mars exalted in DRL.
RESULT: Richest emperor of India.
KING GEORGE (VI): Born 14,December 1895 at 3.5 Am LMT London
Janma Lagna : Libra
DRL: Capricorn
Aquarius: Rahu
Aries: AL
Cancer: Jupiter
Leo: Ketu
Libra: Saturn, Venus
Scorpio: Moon, sun, Mercury, Mars
Combinations for wealth:
a) DRL and 2nd lord in exaltation in 10th house.
b) Lord of 2nd and 11th from Rahu, exalted in Cancer.
c) Lords of 4.9 and 11 in 11th labha sthanam.
Result: Richest emperor of his time.
NIZAM OF HYDERABAD : Born 6th April 1886 at 6.36 p.m. at Hyderabad,
Janma Lagna: Libra
DRL: Cancer
Leo: Rahu, Mars
Virgo : Jupiter
Aquarius: Ketu, Venus
Pisces: AL
Aries: Sun
Taurus: Moon, Mercury
Gemini: Saturn
Combinations for wealth:
a) Both DRL lord and 2nd lord in exaltations.
b)Lord of 7th and 8th in 12th.
C) Lord of 10th (Ninth from Rahu) in Leo with Rahu.
d) Mercury, the lord of 2nd and 11th from Rahu Labha with exalted Moon
E) Venus, the lord of Labha and sukha 11th and 4th in 8th aspecting Rahu
in 2nd.
Result: Considered as one of the Richest ruler in India during his
Bill Gates : You all know the details.
Janma Lagna : Gemini (Some say Libra)
DRL: Libra
Libra: Sun, Venus, Saturn
Scorpio: Rahu
Pisces: Moon
Taurus: Ketu
Cancer: AL
Leo: Jupiter
Virgo: Mars, Mercury
Combinations for wealth:
a) Lord of 4,5 saturn exalted in DRL with lord of DRL and 11th lord Sun.
b) Lord 2nd from Rahu in 11th.
c) Lord of 2nd from DRL , in 11th from Rahu with exalted Mercury.
d) Poweful Chandradhiyoga.
POOR MAN.: Born 17th Feb 1968 Bangalore at 5.11 am.
This man was born in middle class but ok family, now poor working as a
Capricorn: Janma Lagna
Aquarius: DRL, Sun, Mercury
Pisces: Rahu, Saturn Mars
Aries: AL
Leo: Jupiter
Virgo: Moon, Ketu
Capricorn: Venus
a) Saturn and Mars spoiling 2nd from DRL.
b) Lord of 2nd from DRL in 6th place from 2nd.
C) Lord of 6th , moon aspecting 2nd .Venus, lord of 9th and 4th in 12th.
I am sure that this input will again jolt some foundations of hitherto
followed principles of Karakatwa. I appeal to serious students to try
and work this theory with cases available with them and give their
Especially, this is the only theory that explains as to why BILL GATES
is the richest man today. (First look at his horoscopes shows nothing
that can make him the richest man)