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Monday, October 22, 2012

Saptmi Kaalratri pooja Vidhi- Seventh navratra

Maa Kalaratri is the seventh Shakti of Maa Durga. The seventh day of Navratri pooja is dedicated to Durga Kalratri. This is the most violent form of Godess Durga. Kalaratri is the one of the fiercest forms of Durga and her appearance itself evokes fear. This form of Goddess is believed to be the destroyer of all demon entities.

Kalaratri means the One who is “the Death of Kaal”. Here Kaal is dedicated as time & death. Kalaratri is the one who destroys ignorance and removes darkness. This form primarily depicts that life also has dark side – the violent Mother Nature and creates havoc and removes all dirt. She is also known as Shubhankari.In this form Goddess Kalratri killed Raktabeej. Raktabeej was a demon who could multiply from every drop of his blood which fell on the ground. The Goddess Kaalratri killed him by licking the blood before it could reach the ground and hence conquered him. She endows her devotees with calm and courage.
The complexion of Maa Kalaratri is like dark night with bountiful hair and has four hands. The left two hands holds a cleaver and a torch, and the right two are in the mudras of “giving” and “protecting”. She has necklace is so shining like thunder. She has three eyes which emanate rays like lightning. Flames appear through her nostrils when she inhales or exhales air. Her mount is donkey. Blue,Red, White color should be used to wear on this day.
Appearance of Maa Kalratri is very dangerous. But she always gives good fruits. So devoters should not get afraid of her. Her worship on 7th day of Navratri has very much importavnce to yogies & sadhak. Yogis & sadhaks penance on Shahtra Chakra on this day. For the worshipers on this day door opens of every siddhi in universe.

Saptmi Kaalratri pooja Vidhi

This form of the goddess Durga provides accomplishments and success. Seventh day of Durga Puja is most important day for Tantriks to perform their rituals. They worship goddess Kalratri after the midnight with tantrik rituals. On this day, the eyes of the goddess are opened and the vilva which is invited on thesixth day of the navratra is included into the puja. Worshipers on this day door open of every siddhi in universe. The devotees collect at the temple and worship her with full dedication and devotion. 
The puja on the seventh day is performed like any other day of Navratra in the morning. But, special offerings and rituals are performed to worship the goddess at midnight of the Saptami. Various kinds of tantrik rituals are performed on this day, so alcohol is also offerd to the goddess. This is the night of Siddh Yogis & sadhaks which practice penance on Shashastra Chakra on this day.
According to the rituals mentioned in the scriptures, first of all the Kalasha is worshipped along with all the planets and family members of the goddess. After that one should worship the goddess Kalratri by chanting, “Devya Yaya Tatmind Jagdatmashakta, Nisheshdevganshaktisamuhmurtya, Tambikamkhiledvahamarishipujya, Bhakta Natah Sma Vidadhatu Shubhani Sa nam”. Lord Shiva and Brahma are also worshipped after worshipping the goddess.

Kalratri Mantra

1- Ya devi Sarvabhuteshu Maa Kalratri Rupenu Sansthitan |
Namastaseya Namastaseya Namastaseya Namo Namah ||
2- Ek Vaidhi Japakrinpura Nagna Kharasthita |
Lamboshti Karnikakani Tailabhayashareerini ||
3-Vampadolallsallohaltaknatak Bhushana ||
Vardhanmudhardhawaja Krishna Kalratribhayankari ||

 Kalratri  Meditation

Karalvandana Dhora Muktakeshi Chaturbhurjam |
Kalratri Karalinka Divya Vidhutmala Vibhushittam ||
Divya Lauhvarja Khadag Vamoghyodharrva Karambujjaam |
Abhay Varda Chaiva Dakshinodhwagh Parnikam Mam ||
Mahamegh Prabha Shyama Taksha Chaiva Gardhabharidha |
Ghorndhash Karamalsya Pinonnant Payodharam ||
Sukh Paprasann Vandana Smeranann Saroruham |
Avaim Sachichayanteyan Kalratri Sarvakam Samridhidaam ||
Kalratri  Strota
Hin Kalratri Shri Karali Cha Kali Kalyani Kalvati |
Kalmata Kalidapradhwani Kamdish Kripavanti ||
Kambeejajapanda kambeejswaroopini |
Krimtidhwani Kulintrinashini Kul Kamini ||
Kali Hi Shri Mantravarnen Kalkanttakdhyatini |
Kripamayi Kripadhara Kripapapa Kripagama ||

Kalratri  Kawach

Om Kali Me Hridhya Patu Padau Shrikalratri |
Lalate Me Hridhya Patu Padau Shrikaltri |
Rasna Patu Kaimari, Bhairvi Chakshubharma ||
Katou Prishthe Maheshani, Karnoshankarbhamini ||
Varjitani Tu Sthanabhi Yani Cha Kavach hi |
Tani Sarvani Me Devisatatanpatu Stambhini ||

Shabar mantra Dus mahavidya for today
7.   Saptam jyoti dhoomavati pragati (dhoomavati)
Om patal niranjan nirakaar, aakash mandal dhundhukaar, aakash disha se kaun aayi, kaun rath kaun aswaar, aakash disha se dhoomavanti aayi, kaak dhwaja ka rath asvaar thare dharti thare aakash, vidhwa roop lambe haath, lambhi naak kutil netra dushta swabhav, damroo baaje bhdarkali, kalesh kalah kalratri. Danka dankni kaal kit kita haasy kari. Jeev rakshante jeev bhakshante jaya jeeya aakash tera hoye. Dhoomavantipuri  mein vaas, na hoti devi na dev tahaan na hoti pooja na paati tahaan na hoti jaat na jati tab aaye shri shambhujati guru gorakshnath aap bhai ateet.
                            Om dhoom dhoom dhoomavati fat swaha.