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Thursday, December 30, 2010


The definition of a Decanate or Drekkana                      
The 30 degrees Sign divided by 3 is a decanate. The decanates are very important in V A.  
A decanate ( Drekkana in Sanskrit ) is 1/3 rd of a house. The first Drekkana is, therefore, 0 to 10 degrees, the  second decanate is 10 to 20 degrees & the third decanate is 20 to 30 degrees. Since each Sign has 3 decanates, there are 36 decanates in all. Check out which Drekkana your Ascendant falls in. Look at the Ascending Degree and check where it falls. Also you can read the Drekkana of your Dasa lord. See where the Dasa ruler is posited. Check the decanate.  These symbolic representations are closely  related to your Fate.
The first decanate of any sign is ruled by the owning planet, second decanate by the 5th lord and the third decanate by the 9th lord. For example, the first decanate of Aries is ruled by Mars, the second decanate is owned by Sun and the third decanate is owned by Jupiter.
The first decanate of Aries ruled by Mars  
The first Drekkana of Aries represents a dark complexioned man with a white cloth round his waist, liberal minded, ready to don the garb of the Redeemer, oriented to protect, with awesome  red eyes & with a lifted axe. This is a human decanate and an armed decanate.  
Since the first  decanate  of Aries is  rising, the native's fortunes  are subject to  vicissitudes. They  will gain  from  marriage, property and rural industries. They  are meticulous and cautious in approach. They should contain anger and Ego as these negative elements can destroy them. They  are able  exploit circumstances to their benefit &  gain thereby. The important years in their life are 18,28,36,42,46 & 50.
The second decanate of Aries ruled by the Sun  
The second Drekkana of Aries is described as representing a woman with a pot belly. attired in a red cloth, horse faced, a lover of food & ornaments, single footed & thirsty.  This is a female decanate.  
Since the  second decanate  of Aries is rising they  maintain  that End Justifies  the Means and  go all out  for Wealth. They  show off and people  get the  impression  that they  are richer than what they really are. They should control the base passions like Anger & envy. The  important  years in  their life are 20, 24, 29, 36, 47,56 & 61.  

The third decanate of Aries ruled by Jupiter 
The third Drekkana of Aries represents a  yellow complexioned man, festooned in cruelty, with artistic skill, a workaholic, unscrupulous, with an irate temparament, with lifted-up stick, clad in purple clothes.   This is an armed decanate and human.  
Since the  third  decanate of Aries is rising  they  have entreprenaurial ability. They  generate enemies who are powerful.  They  become lucky in financial dealings as they  combine  both risk and  caution. They should control their negative aspect as it can destroy them. The most  important  years  in  their life are 21, 25, 31, 34 ,36, 42, 45, 51 &  52.  
The first decanate of Taurus ruled by Venus   
The first decanate of Taurus represents a woman with torn ringlets, pot bellied, with fiery clothes, hungry & thirsty, with a penchant for gold and food. This is a female decanate and fiery.
As the first  decanate  of  Taurus is rising  they  have  heavy expenditure  commensurate  with  income. They  spend  all  that they  have  as  they  believe  that  money  is  for comforts. They  have to take care not  to  get  into  debts.  They should also control their anger. Their  dependents  hardly get anything. The most  important years  in  their  life  are  21, 23, 31,42, 51, 65 & 68.  
The second decanate of Taurus ruled by Mercury  
The second Drekkana of Taurus represents a man possessing a discriminative intellect, with good knowledge of lands, grains, houses, cows, arts, ploughing and carts, hungry, sheep faced, dirty clothes and shoulders like the hump of an  ox. This is a human decanate . Also an agriculturist's.  
Since the second  decanate  of Taurus is rising  they  are likely to practice  thrift and be  careful  with their  money. They  follow the principle  " Economy is Prudence " . The world may condemn them  as misers. They  miss  good  opportunities  as  they  are  meticulous in investing money. The  important  years in their life are  17, 21, 24, 33, 50 & 55.  
The third decanate of Taurus ruled by Saturn  
The 3rd Drekkana of Taurus represents by an elephant bodied man, with expertise in capturing deer & sheep, yellow compexioned, with mental tension supreme, white teeth, with speedy legs like that of Sarabha. This is a human decanate.  
Since the third  decanate  of Taurus  is  rising they  may not  gain happiness from  wealth. They  may  experience  difficulties as  age advances and the need for money  becomes more.  They  are advised to practice thrift and be  cautious  as they  have  a tendency to give away money. The important  years in  their life are  18, 22, 26, 31, 35, 42, 51 & 57.  
The first decanate of Gemini ruled by Mercury  
The First Drekkana of Gemini represents a female fond of needlework, with a beauty equalling that of Rambha or Helen, without any issues , with a penchant for ornamentation, with lifted hands & in menses. This is a female decanate.  

Since the first decanate of  Gemini  is rising they  will be subject to dire  vicissitudes. Their  fortune  will be influenced by women. At the age of 30 and after they  will control big sums of money. They  should  be  careful  not  to   fall  a  prey  to  litigation.  The important years in their life are 16, 23, 30, 45 & 56.
The second decanate of Gemini ruled by Venus   
The Second Drekkana of Gemini represents a man, living in garden, well armoured , with a bow, warlike, armed with weapons, face like that of a Bird and fond of play, children, ornamentation and wealth. This is a human decanate and and a Bird decanate.
Since the second  decanate of  Gemini is rising they  will shine  in business and not in  service. Since  they  spend a lot they may not save  enough  for  old age. In spite  of  good IQ  they  may have to countenance losses. They should not allow themselves to be exploited. The important years in their life  are  19, 23, 25, 29, 32, 36, 43 46 & 49.  

The third decanate of Gemini ruled by Saturn
The 3rd Drekkana of Gemini represents a man adorned, with knowledge and expertise in Poesis,  Aesthetics & Rhetoic, dancing, festooned in gems and jewellery, superbly decorated in gems, armed to the teeth, armoured with quiver and bow, & a master poet.   
Since the third  decanate  of Gemini is rising  they  use  their good intellect and make money. They  are not  likely to succeed in speculation. They  may have to  face  litigation during their 45th or 46th year. The important  years in  their  life are 24,29, 33, 35, 41, 47, 59 60 & 62.  

The first decanate of Cancer ruled by Moon
The first Drekkana of Cancer represents a man, pig faced, apparelled in fruits, roots & leaves, elephant bodied residing on sandal trees in  the forest, with speedy legs and horse necked. Know that this is a quadruped Drekkana.  
Since the first decanate  of Cancer is  rising they  are thrifty and careful with money. They  follow the  principle  Economy is Prudence In fact society may dub them  as misers. Their  wealth will be subject to dire  vicissitudes. The important years  are  17, 24, 29, 31, 39, 49 and 52. Most probably they  will gain by private enterprise.  
The second decanate of Cancer ruled by Mars   
The second Drekkana of Cancer represents a youthful female crowned with lotus flowers & serpents, in her first virginal blossom, inhabiting forests , crying holding a branch of a tree in a forest.  Know that this is a serpentine decanate.
Since the  second  decanate of Cancer is rising Lady luck does not smile on them  in  financial  matters.  The  very  fact that they  are kind & generous is a handicap to save money. They  should avoid risk in investments .They  may lose  money   due to  litigation. The  most important years in  their life are 18, 27, 34, 44, 53 & 60.  

The third decanate of Cancer ruled by Jupiter
The third Drekkana of Cancer represents a man covered with serpents, adorned with many golden ornaments, with a face flattened, crossing the ocean in a boat in order to make his wife rich and adorned with  gold and jewellery.  This is a serpentine decanate, human & watery.  
Since the third decanate  of Cancer is rising they  are  careless in money matters generally.  In  advanced  years  loss   of  economic position and money  are likely.  Their  fortunes are subject to dire vicissitudes. They  always find it  difficult to manage their financIal matters. The most important years in life are 19, 26, 33, 36 & 45  
The first decanate of Leo ruled by Sun  
The First Drekkana of Leo represents a creature who is a cross between vulture and a jackal, a dog and a man dressed in dirty clothes, a creature who is away from its parents, and crying. This is a human decanate, quadruped, Bird decanate & generally sorrowful.  

Since the first  decanate  of  Leo is rising  by  their  merits and efforts they  make money. They  spend as much as they earn. They do well trading in clothes & food. They  may have bouts of bad luck in their professional  sphere. The important  years in life are 21, 26, 31, 33, 38, 43, 50 & 54.

The second decanate of Leo ruled by Jupiter
The second Drekkana of Leo represents a man resembling a horse's body, long and powerful. crowned with white garlands , appareled in clothes to make it warm, with Krishna Mriga, with a flat nose, with a leonine fierceness, with a bow in the hand . This is an armed human decanate.  
Since the  second  decanate of Leo is rising  their main interests are  writing, literature, poetry,  art, music  and journalism. These areas  can  also  become  their profession.  They  unnecessarily earn the  frown  of  their superiors and  they suffer thereby.  Moderate finances. The most important years are 26,31, 36, 45, 53, 54 &  56.  
The third decanate of Leo ruled by Mars  
The 3rd Drekkana of Leo represents a man with a face that of a bear and monkey, with a monkeyish character, long beard, curbed ringlets and holding fruits, flesh & stick. This is a quadruped & an armed decanate.  
Since the third decanate of Leo is rising they  will do well in the professional sphere. Unexpected  ways bring in  money. They  do well in intellectual fields as well as in export  business. They  are good at contract work. The most important  years in  their life are 20, 25, 30, 33, 38, 43 & 48.  
The first decanate of Virgo ruled by Mercury 
The First Drekkana of Virgo represents a virgin holding a pot full of flowers, appareled in dirty raiments, fond of money and clothes and going to the house of the Guru or Initiator. This is a female decanate. 
Since the first decanate of Virgo is rising  they are  workaholics & earn their wealth due to hard  work. They have to curb their excessive penchant for Money and the pleasures of the mundane. They  have to avoid risks & avoid speculative business. Loss is likely  during the latter part of  their  life.  They  may  be  subject to deception and fraud. The  important years in their life are 18, 2, 30, 36, 42, 49 & 55.  
The second decanate of Virgo ruled by Saturn   
The Second Drekkana of Virgo represents a man with a bow & a pen in the hand, dark complexioned, crowned by a cloth, always counting debit and credit, with dense hair all over the body. This is an armed decanate & a male one.
Since the second  decanate of  Virgo is rising their financial condition will be  OK. If  they  minimize  unnecessary  risks  they  are likely  to  amass   considerable  wealth.   They  practice  thrift and are careful in fiscal matters.  Jupiter's  transit  of  Cancer, Aquarius &  Scorpio  will  be  important  fiscally.    The  most important  years in their life are 18, 24, 30, 36, 42, 49 & 55.  
The third decanate of Virgo ruled by Venus   
The third Drekkana of Virgo represents a virgin, yellow complexioned, appareled majestically in a white cloth,with good height, holding a pot and a spoon, going to a divine place of worship in a purified state. This is a female decanate.  
Since the  third  decanate of Virgo is rising they  will be successful in the first half of life in fiscal matters. Many problems may have to be faced as wastage of money creates them. Disappointments stare  them in the face. Better eschew speculation.  The important years of their life are 20, 26, 32, 35, 40, 44 & 50.  
The first decanate of Libra ruled by Venus  
According to Yavanas, the First Drekkana of Libra, represents a man holding Scales or balances, thinking of his capital and goods, seated in a shop in the middle of the road, with expertise in weighing, and thinking to sell his goods & services. This is an urban and a male decanate.  

Since the first  decanate  of Libra is rising  money from business ventures & legal occupations will come to them. Extravagance  comes to the fore & they may indulge in luxury.  They  have to  understand that speculative ventures are generally harmful. The most important years in their life are 17, 24, 31, 33, 40, 43 & 57.
The second decanate of Libra ruled by Saturn   
The middle Drekkana of Libra represents a vulture faced man  hungry and thirsty, holding a pot which is ready to fall and thinking of his wife and children. This is a Bird decanate and human.  
Since the second decanate of  Libra is rising  they  have to prepare to face dire  vicissitudes. Many feel that they  have  resorted to unfair methods to grab  money. They  can if you try make  money out of literature .  Beware  of  unnecessary  expenses.  They  are  not interested  in  the orthodox  ways of  making money. The important years in their life are 15, 22, 24, 29, 31, 36, 42, 44 & 51.  
The third decanate of Libra ruled by Mercury   
The third Drekkana of Libra represents a man, decked with  gems, wearing golden quiver and armour and frightening the animals in the wilderness, resembling a monkey and holding  in the hand fruits and flesh.
Since the third  decanate  of  Libra  is  rising they  have fiscal success. They have  an  aptitude for hotel management. They love music  and  the  fine arts. They  may have to struggle hard in early life.  Their  life  will be marked  by  sudden  elations. The  most important years in their life are 16,18, 23, 25, 27, 32, 39, 46 & 53.

IMPACT OF TRIMASA and female horoscopes

According to Sage Prashar all the effects which have been described in astrology and for horoscopes all are applied to females also. The physical appearance of lady should be determined from the Ascendant just similar to males but fortune and longevity of husband must be analyzed 7th and 8th house therefore in case of Manglik lady a lot of care has to be taken. It is the reason that grand parent disorder generally never comes to female and it usually get transferred to male child as Mars in the horoscope of a lady usually act as impacting planet to the males related to her. We are not aware how much weight medicine gives it but in Vedic Text females has been blessed with a cosmic shield against the malefic impact of malefic planet which can impact a male but not a female. Genetic disorders or health problem are usually part of it. it is also seen that if some malefic impact is there then it can go up to 3 generations. Similarly widowhood, genial problem etc also propagates like wise. And those effects which are impossible to be characterized to the female, must be declared to be applicable to her husband.In Brihat Jataka of Sage Varha Mihir it is said that the effects which had been described for male horoscopes, if all those that are found in female horoscopes, suitable to females should be declared as applicable to them alone, and the rest should be ascribed to their husbands. The problem and longevity of the husband is to be deduced through the 8th place, from the Ascendant or the Moon whichever is stronger. Matters relating to her appearance, beauty etc. should be determined from the Ascendant and the sign occupied by the Moon. From the 7th place, from the Ascendant or the Moon which ever is stronger, her welfare or happiness and the nature of the husband should be established. Similarly Sage Mantrewara's Phaldeepika it is mentioned that the effects, which are declared for men, they entirely applicable to women too. The woman's prosperity and happiness have to be decide from the 8th place and children should be declared from the 9th house and matters relating to her appearance, beauty etc., should be determined from the Ascendant. From the 7th place that her welfare, power of influencing her husband and the nature of the husband should be determined. Good planets in these houses produce good results but other planets and certain combination tells about stress in her life which can be of the much aggressive nature then the impact seen in normal horoscope.It is one of the most important as well as sensitive segment of Vedic astrology to which we wish to like to share with the visitor of Vedalink's family site. In Vedic astrology, whatever effects may accrue from the horoscopes of females that are applicable only to men, and most of them are impacting husband or family life only. The good and other impact must be calculated from the Moon or the Ascendant whichever of them is stronger. Stronger means comparing them in 16 charts, and which ever getting more time better house or friend house or exalted house is known as stronger. From the present package, which is giving you the free horoscope and 21 charts, you can easily identify it, for your help the comparison chart is also provided in the package. From the 7th house from the Ascendant or the Moon one can identify the happiness and the 8th house from it can identify the most hurting event in a female life. All this should be well analyzed and duly by the strength or weakness of the planets, benefic and malefic, before an announcement is made, of the Ascendant and the Moon, find which is stronger. Many astrologers has opinion that the well being or the reverses of the husband can be determined from the 9th Bhava. Some holds that the widowhood is found out through, the 8th Bhava; and the placement of lord of 8th house in 7th house or vice verse are the major component makes such disasters in lady's life. One of the very famous astrologer of modern age namely Shri V. subrahmanya Sastry, from the southern part of India described it in more specific manner by dividing the views in three parts. These parts are (1) Impacts which are to be applied to women.(2) Impacts which are concerning to men alone(3) Impacts which are applied to both.Suppose for instance that there is Adhi Yoga found in ladies horoscope and is not in husband horoscope then Adhi yoga losses its impact on ladies life. As it is related to family hence contribution of male planets impacts it more. So in the transit of time of 6 years when stars of both get mixed with each other then the husband use to get the impact of the yoga of wife's horoscope. Same is applicable to friends of opposite sex, it is much related to moon and moon is more related to sense of security or caring duly felt by the person. We think that as now social status has been changed but certain impacts still standing as it is, and we have seen that such impacts acts and many ladies gets lessor result in life compare to their stars. We admit that in present scenario the females has taken up various kinds of occupation and holding high positions and posts of responsibility. They are also occupying high political positions. Such women are not dependent on their husbands or parents. But as far as the sensing the glimpse of Venus and Moon is concern it still same. More over it is also seen that if a female has very high or king kind of yoga in her chart then it use to give her fame out side as well as in home dominating impact. Due to the same reason she use to get a person whose planets are much weaker to her and such person can not absorb the glitter of her planets. Usually such persons are almost isolated of very cool in nature. According to one yoga, if a lady is born in day time and her ascendant and moon are in at Odd sign then she is recognized as a blessed lady with a lot of potential and also get the blessing of domestic harmony. But such ladies are masculine in form and bearing also hence they are much short tempered and use to have much control on others. Similarly if the birth is in night and her Ascendant and Moon are in even signs, then such lady use to get blessing of a lot of excellent qualities, be of loyal character, beautiful and physically fit. If between Ascendant or the Moon, one is in even sign and the other is in odd sign then such woman concerned are usually have the tough determination and also have much habits like males.
Trimasa is the Chart related to misries and happiness, which are much concerned to ladies as Navamsha is considered for general public. It is holding key of getting knowledge about the female horoscope and without reading or knowing Trimasa chart it is not possible to understand the fate of a lady. The impact of Trimasa, which has been described by Sage of Vedic astrology, in brief the analysis is as under (we can not give the exact translation as Sage has used much clear words and same is not advised to say in open).If a lady is born:-When the Ascendant or the Moon (whichever is stronger) is in a sign of Aries or Scorpio and:-a. Trimsamsa is of either, Aries or Scorpio is there, then she use to have, very free life before marriage. b. Trimsamsa of Taurus or Libra or the Zodiac in which Venus is placed in Rashi Chart then she enjoys much pleasure before marriage.c. Trimsamsa of Gemini or Virgo is rising, then she will be full of cunning and adept in enchantment.d. Trimsamsa of Sagittarius or Pisces is rising then she will be worthy and virtuous.e. Trimsamsa of Capricorn or Aquarius is rising then, she will be modest or restricted.When the Ascendant or the Moon, is in Gemini or Virgo and she is born when:-a. Trimsamsa of Aries or Scorpio, she will be very moderate and a hard worker.b. Trimsamsa of Taurus or Libra is rising then she must be having good qualities.c. Trimsamsa of Gemini or Virgo, she will be very cold in making love but found of talking.d. Trimsamsa of Sagittarius or Pisces, she will be owner of pure soul.e. Trimsamsa of Capricorn or Aquarius, she will be a very much hiding lady.When the Ascendant or the Moon, is in Taurus or Libra and she is born when:-a. Trimsamsa of Aries or Scorpio is rising then, she would have enjoyed a lot of freedom before marriage.b. Trimsamsa of Taurus or Libra then she is very nice and possesses excellent qualities.c. Trimsamsa of Gemini or Virgo, then she will be skilled in all the arts.d. Trimasa of Sagittarius or Pisces, she will be endowed with all good qualities.e. Trimasa of Capricorn or Aquarius gives chances of more then one marriage.When the Ascendant or the Moon is in Cancer and she is born when:-a. Trimsamsa of Scorpio then she will be self-willed and uncontrolled.b. Trimsamsa of Taurus then she will be self-skilled in arts and handwork.c. Trimsamsa of Virgo, she will be gifted with all excellent technical work,d. Trimsamsa of Jupiter, she will be owner of a saint qualities.e. Trimsamsa of Saturn, she may get separation or more then one marriage.When the Ascendant or the Moon is in Leo, and she is born when:-a. Trimsamsa of Aries then she will be very talkative,b. Trimsamsa of Gemini then she will be virtuous features c. Trimsamsa of Jupiter then she will be pure and virtuous d. Trimsamsa of Saturn then she must have enjoyed a lot of freedom before marriage.When the Ascendant or Moon is in Sagittarius or in Pisces and she is born when:-a. Trimsamsa of Aries or Scorpio then will be endowed with many good qualities.b. Trimsamsa of Taurus or Libra, she will be holy.c. Trimsamsa of Gemini or Virgo, she will be well versed in many sciences.d. Trimsamsa of Sagittarius or Pisces, she will be endowed with all good qualities.e. Trimsamsa of Capricorn or Aquarius, she will be very cold or will be highly free.When the Ascendant or Moon is in Capricorn or Aquarius and she is born when:-a. Trimsamsa of Mars then she will be a working lady but will be very proud. b. Trimsamsa of Venus then she will be learned but fruitless.c. Trimsamsa of Mercury then she will be cruel and immoral. d. Trimsamsa of Jupiter then she will be devoted to her husband.e. Trimsamsa of Saturn, she will be very free and will have relations with servants.



Sunday, December 26, 2010

Shri Hanuman Vadvanal Stotra- Removal of all evils ( Physical and Paranormal)

Shri Hanuman Vadvanal Stotra
This stotra is in Sanskrit and it is creation of Bibhishana- Ravana’s brother. Initially this stotra starts with praise of shri Hanuman admiring his virtues and tremendous power. Then very wisely, God Hanuman is requested to remove all the diseases, bad health and all sorts of troubles from the life. Further God Hanuman is requested to protect from all sorts of fear, trouble and make us free from all evil things. Finally God Hanuman is requested to give the blessing, success Sound Health and everything we ask from him.
This stotra is very auspicious and powerful. Anybody reciting this stotra daily at least once; with full concentration, devotion and unshakable faith in mind, receives all the good things in life as described above. Please have a faith.

Hanuman Stotram - Nitipraveen Nighamagam (most powerful for all Ills)

A very powerful prayer to Hanumanji Maharaj which just from listening alone covers you with an armour like shield to ward off evil spirits or troubles. Solves any problems and is very effective which can be witnessed by the one who recites or listens.

Written by the powerful Samadhi Nisth Sadguru Nandsant Satanand Swami (incarnation of Maitrey Rishi) the disciple of Bhagvan Swaminarayan. The Murti which can be seen is of Kasthbhanjan Hanumanji Maharaj who consecrated by Mul Akshar Gopalanand Swami who was another disciple of Swaminarayan Bhagvan.Many evil spirits and trouble of this Kaliyug are easily eradicated by the power of the name of Supreme Purushottam Narayan and His great devotee Shri Hanumanji Maharaj within this mandir at Sarangpur Gujarat-India.

Hanumat Stotram

Niti praveen nighamagham shaastra buddhe
Raja dhiraaj Raghunayak mantri varya
Sindoor charit kalevar naistikendra
Shri Raamdut Hanuman har sankatam meh

Sitanimit jardhutam bhurikastha
Proutsaraney kakasahaay hatasthra paugha
Nirdhagdhayatu patihaatak raajdhaane
Shri Ramdut Hanuman har sankatam meh

Durvaarya Raavan visarjit shaktighaath
Kanthasu Lakshman sukhaarat jeev valle
Dronachalaa nayan nandit Raam paksha
Shri Ramdut Hanuman har sankatam meh

Raama gamokti taritaarit bandhva yog
Dukhabdhi magna Bharatarpit paari barha
Raamaagri padma madhupi bhavdant raatman
Shri Ramdut Hanuman har sankatam meh

Daant atma kesari mahaa Kapi rartdiya
Bhaarya-Anjani puruta phal putrabhaav
Tarkshyo pamochitav purbal tivravegh
Shri Ramdut Hanuman har sankatam meh

Naanaa bhichari kavi srusht savir krutyaa
Vidraavanaa runsamikshan duhapradarshya
Rogagna satsuta davitad mantrajaap
Shri Ramdut Hanuman har sankatam meh

Nanaam dhey padaksruti matra tohpi
Yeh brahmrakshas pisaach ganaas cha bhutaha
Teh maari kaas cha sabhayam tyapa yaanti satvam
Shri Ramdut Hanuman har sankatam meh

Tvam bhakt maanas samipsit purti shakto
Dinasya durmdas patna bhayartibhaaj
Ishtam mamaapi paripuray purnakaam
Shri Ramdut Hanuman har sankatam meh.

Kasthbhanjan Hanumanji Maharaj ki Jai
Swaminarayan Bhagwan ki Jai

Gatyatri mantra.

OM = Almighty God
BHOOR = Embodiment of vital or spiritual energy
BHUVAHA = Destroyer of suffering
SWAHA = Embodiment of happiness
TAT = That (indicating God)
SAVITUR = Bright, luminous, like and sun
VARENIYAM = Supreme, best
BARGO = Destroyer of sins
DEVASYA = Divine
DHEEMAHI = May receive
DHIYO = Intellect
YO = Who
NAHA = Our
PRACHODAYAT = May inspire


Gayatri is a Mantra(vedic hymn) which inspires righteous wisdom its meaning is that the Almighty God may illuminate our intellect which may lead us to righteous path. This is most important teaching. All the problems of a person are solved if he is endowed with the gift of righteous wisdom. Having endowed with far sighted wisdom, a man is neither entangled in calamity nor does he tread wrong path. Righteous wisdom stars emerging as soon as a methodical recitation of this Mantra is performed.
"May we meditate on the Glory of the Lord, the Remover of pains and sorrows, the Bestower of happiness, Who has created the universe, and Who is the embodiment of knowledge and light. May the Lord, enlighten our intellect in the right direction by destroying all our sins and ignorance."
The Gayatri Mantra is the form of eternal truth. It is the heart of all beings and the eternal Ved Mantra. Gayatri destroys the sins of the world. All the four Vedas have originated from this mantra:
This can be translated: Aum. Let us contemplate the spirit of the divine of the earth, the atmosphere and heaven. May that inspire our minds. Savitri is the Sun and this mantra is recited at the three junctions or twilight of the day. Here is described how the mantra Aum hums in the base or Muladhara chakra, and moves through seven stages to the chakra above the head Sahasrara.
Maha Vishnu describes Aum as consisting of the following. Bhur is existence, Bhuvah is the elements, Svah is the Atma of everything, Maha is greatness and light, Tat is Brahman (the absolute). Tapah is all knowledge, Satyam is supremacy and internal wisdom. This tantra connects the three letters of Aum to the seven worlds.
Tat, refers to the first cause of all substance, as fire in the circle of the sun and is supreme Brahman. Savituhu is the source of all living beings. Varenyam is the excellent one who receives adoration.
Bharga destroys sin. Devasya means it is full of light, while Dheemahi refers to knowledge being golden and always within the sun. Dhiyo means Buddhi. Yo stands for energy (tejas).
In Bhavanopanishad, one witness within oneself the effulgent figure of Divine Mother with the different phases of the waxing and waning Moon.
The Devi is to be meditated upon as of a ruddy complexion, with eyes expansive, as an ocean overflowing with waves of grace, with noose, goad, arrows of flowers and a twig of sugar- cane in her hand, surrounded by Anima and other deities and ultimately as one´s own self.
1. Complete faith unflinching loyalty backed by a clear heart towards the deity is required for Sadhana.
2. Do not start Mantra Shakti under any pressure. Trust in God, kindness and patience should be the virtues of a Sadhaka.
3. Avoid harsh speech, lust, anger, restless thoughts, evil company and egoism. Do not get emotional. Mantras on hearsay should be avoided, as they must be authentic.
4. Sadhana done without any specific aim bears fruits early. In case you see any miracle, do not fear. Keep your WILL POWER strong and continue your Sadhana. All troubles will vanish.
5. Brahmacharya or celibacy should be observed during Sadhana. In case of failure, do not lose heart. Try it again and again and you will be crowned with success.


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Bagalamukhi Mantra -stop all internal foes--in the form of fears, doubts, worries, ego, etc.

The Bagalamukhi mantra is traditionally chanted to:

1)stop all internal foes--in the form of fears, doubts, worries, ego, etc.


2) paralyze external foes: those who wish to do you harm to you in some way, especially in the form of speech and written word: she stops the negative speech and harmful intentions of others towards you. Therefore this mantra is traditionally used to stop those filing a wrongful and undeserved lawsuit against you; malicious gossip; slander; libel; bad behaviors of rude and aggressive neighbors, etc.

Goddess Bagalamukhi is also considered the goddess of fascination and transfiguration, rapidly taking you across the illusion of separation into Unity.

This mantra should only be chanted with a pure heart, seeking the highest and most compassionate resolution, and purification of karma,for all concerned, and never as a weapon of ill will.

The "L" is added to the tantric bij mantra "HRIM" to create the vibration of "stoppage." HLRIM! The added "L" enforces the energy of stoppage, and is esoterically linked to kechari mudra.

NOTE: though you will often see the mantra written as "Hleem or Hreem" in books published for the public--
HLREEM, HLRIM, OR HLRiiM is the esoteric tantric beej mantra recommended by Sri Ganapati Muni and his lineage, including: Vamadeva Shastri (David Frawley). It is also recommended by S. Shankaranarayanan, Ajit Mukherjee and others.

References: (Those who advocate the esoteric "HLREEM" beej mantra):

1. "Tantra Yoga and the Wisdom Goddesses" by, David Frawley.
2. "The Ten Great Cosmic Powers" by S. Shankaranarayanan. A classic book to read if you are interested in 10 Mahavidyas, tantric Goddesses.
3. Any of the excellent tantric works of Ajit Mookerjee

Om HLRiiM bagalämukhi sarvadustänäm väcam mukham padam stambhaya jihväm kilaya buddhim vinäsaya HLRIM om svähä!

Hanuman mantra with beej akshars

ॐ अईम भ्रीम हनुमते, श्री राम दूताय नम:
Aum aeem bhreem hanumate, shree ram dootaaya namaha.

We pray to the Lord Hanuman, who is the greatest server and messenger of the Lord incarnate, Shree Rama.

Mantra with video and Sanskrit words to help you focus and meditate on Lord Hanuman.

Karya Siddhi Hanuman Mantra":-

Karya Siddhi Hanuman Mantra":-

"Karya means wish or act.
Siddhi means realizing.
Karya Siddhi Hanuman is one who fulfills your wishes".

Karya Siddhi Hanuman Mantra

Tvamasmin Kaarya Nirvahey
Pramaanam Hari Sattama
Tasaya Chinta yato yatno
Dukha Kshaya Karo Bhavet.

It means "O" Hanuman, Please put Efforts and Remove my Sadness, Affliction, Difficulties

It is to be recited facing east preferably beneath a peepal tree( it can be recited at your home also) Mantra to be recited for minimum 11 times for best results 108 times.

CHINTAMANI Hanuman Mantra. -Chintamani means - ridding of worries

Another important Mantra that Shukracharya gave to the world is called CHINTAMANI Hanuman Mantra.

Chintamani means - ridding of worries. It is also good for times when you are depressed. Let us chant this Mantra. Chant along.


Never pray that your enemy should vanish. Pray that the thoughts about that person whom you consider as enemy should vanish in you. That should be the prayer.

When you don't feel him as your enemy, 90% of the problem is solved.

Shri Hanuman Stavan: Lyrics (with translation in English):

Shri Hanuman Stavan: Jai Bajrang Bali
Lyrics (with translation in English):

Pranavaun Pawana-kumaara khala bana paavaka jnaana ghana

Jaasu hridaya aagaara basahin Raama shara chaapa dhara.

(Ram Charit Manas 1.17)

[I offer my bow to the son of the Wind God, who is like a fire to the forest of bad people, and who is like the rain cloud of wisdom, and in whose inner sanctum of heart resides Lord Ram holding the bow and arrow.]

Atulita bala-dhaamam hema-shailaabh-deham

Danuja-vana-krishaanum; jnaaninaam-agraganyam

Sakal-guna nidhaanam vanaraanaam-adheesham

Raghupati-priya-bhaktam Vaata-jaatam namaami.

(Ram Charit Manas 5.3)

[Who is house of unparalleled strength; whose body glows like a golden mountain (called Sumeru); Who is like the fire which can burn the forest like cluster of demons, and who is the foremost among the knowledgeable and the wise; Who is the very wealth of all virtues, and who is the chief among all the monkeys, who is treated by Ram as the most dear bhakta, [the elegant and most suitable messenger] and who is the very son of Wind God, To such a Hanuman I offer my bow.]

Goshpadee-krita-vaareesham mashakee-krita-raakshasam

Raamaayana-mahaa-maalaa-ratnam vande Anilaatmajam.

(Valmiki 4.3.28)

[You crossed the ocean like as if it was only a puddle made by the paws of a cow. You were capable of crushing all the demons as if they were mere house flies. You are the very jewel of the garland of the tale of Rama's journey. I offer my bow to such a son of Anil, Wind God.]

Anjanaa-nandanam veeram Jaanakee-shoka-naashanam.

Kapeesham Aksha-hantaaram, vande Lankaa-bhayam-karam.

[I offer my bow to the brave son of Anjana Mai, who destroyed the grief of Sita Ma, who was the Lord of monkeys, killer of Aksha, the son of Ravan, and who caused much fear among the residents of the city of Lanka.]

Ullanghya sindhoh salilam saleelam; yah shoka-vahnim Janaka-aatmajaayaah

Aadaaya tenaiva dadaah Lankaam; namaami tam praanjalir-Aaanjaneyam

[Who crossed over the ocean's water in a mere play, and also took the fire of grief of Janaka's daughter and burnt the city of Lanka by that fire. To him, the very son of Anjana Mai, I offer my bow with folded hands.]

Manojavam Maaruta-tulya-vegam; jitendriyam buddhimataam varishtham
Vaataatmajam vaanara yutha mukhyam, Shri Raamdootam sharanam prapadye (Raamarakshaa Stotram. 33)

[Who is as quick as the very mind and is as forceful as the Wind God Maruta; who has conquered his senses, and who is the best among the wise people, who is the son of Wind God, and the leader of the monkeys, to this messenger of Shri Ram, I bow my head.]

Aanjaneyam ati-paatala-aananam, kaanchanaadri-kamaneeya vigraham

Paarijaata-taru-moola-vaasinam; bhaavayaami Pavamaana-nandanam

[I meditate feeling-fully on this son of Wind God, who is the son of Anjana, who has a face like that of a very red hue of Trumpet flower [known as Kaamadootee, or Madhu-dootee in Sanskrit. Actually a pale red hue of Bignonia Suaveolens, or like that of the red Lodhra tree known as Rottberia Tinctoria], and whose body is like that of a charming mountain of gold, and who sits under the tree of Paarijaata (the wish fulfilling tree, also allegorically under the tree of hara singhara or Night Jasmine).]

Yatra yatra Raghu-naatha keertanam, tatra tatra krita-mastaka-aanjalim

Vashpa-vaari-pari-poorna-lochanam; Maarutim namat Rakshasaantakam

[Where ever the tale of Ram is recited there Hanuman sits with his hands folded to forehead and eyes full of tears, and to such a Maaruti, the destroyer of demons, I offer my bows.]

Viswaroopa Nava Rathna (Hanuman)Anjaneya Mala- For nine planets

Viswaroopa Nava Rathna Anjaneya Mala
(The garland of nine gems to Hanuman in supreme form.)
Translated by
(Here is the translation of a collection of verses , with attached nine gems , meant to
please the nine planets. One is supposed to wear the gem concerned and chant the
manthra to please a particular planet. I do not know who collected these manthras but
they have been published by Lifco books and it appears in the web site of Pancha Mukhi Hanuman)

Thatho Ravana neethaya seethaya Shathru karsana,
Iyesha padam anveshtum charana charitha padhi. 1

Then the slayer of enemies searching for Sita abducted by Ravana,
Wanted to find where she is and decided to travel by the path of Charanas.
(This is the first sloka of Sundara Kandam. The gem attached with this sloka is
Manikyam (ruby) and the planet pleased by this is the Sun).

Yasyathwethani chathwari Vanarendra yadha thava,
Smruthi mathir druthir darkshyam cha karmasu na seedhathi. 2
Oh King of monkeys you have four great qualities, which are,
Vedas, wisdom , speed and never getting disinterested,
And they help you in not getting blocked in your actions.
(The gem attached to this manthra is pearl and the planet attached is the moon)
Anirvedho sriyam moolam, anirveda param sukham,
Anirvedo hi sathatham , Sarvartheshu pravarthaka. 3
Absence of depression is the root of wealth,
Absence of depression is the real pleasure,
And absence of depression is always ,
Needed for people who do any work.
(The gem attached is Coral and the planet attached is Mars)
Namosthu Ramaya salalkshmanaya , devyai cha thasyai Janakathmajayai,
Namosthu rdhrendra yama anilebhya, Namosthu chandra arka maruth ganebhya. 4
Salutation to Rama along with Lakshmana,
Salutations to his consort, the daughter of Janaka,
Salutations to Rudra, Indra Yama and fire,
Salutations to moon , son and the wind God.
(the gem attached is Emerald and the planet attached is Mercury)
Priyaana sambhaved dukham, apriyad adhikam bhayam,
Thaabhyaam hi viyujyanthe namasthesham mahatmanath. 5
Due to desire , sorrow occurs,
Due to hatred, fear occurs,
And you can get rid of that fear,
By saluting great souls.
(The gem attached is Pushpa Ragam(yellow sapphire) and the planet attached is Jupiter)
Rama, Kamala pathraksha sarva sathwa manohara,
Roopa dakshinya sampanna prasootho Janakathmaje. 6
Rama, who has eyes like a lotus leaf,
Who is pretty and knows all good knowledge,
Who is blessed with mien and consideration,
And is the consort of the daughter of Janaka.
(The gem attached is Diamond and the planet pleased is Venus)
Jayath athibalo Ramo, Lakshmanasya Maha bala,
Dasoham kosalendraya ramasya aklishta karmana. 7

Victory to very strong Rama and the very strong Lakshmana,
I am slave to Rama, the king of Kosala ,
The one does who performs all jobs well.
(The gem attached is Neelam (blue Saphire) and the planet pleased is Saturn)
Yadhasthi pathi susrosha, yadhyasthi charitham thapa,
Yadhi vathsyeka pathni thwam, seetho bhva Hanumatha. 8
If I have looked after my husband properly,
If my character is faultless,
And if I am a dear wife,
Please become cold to Hanuman.
(The gem attached is Gomedhakam (Garnet) and the planet pleased is Rahu)
Nivrutha vana vasam thwam, thwaya sardha marindhamam,
Abhishiktamayodhyam, Kshipram drakshyasi Raghavam. 9
You would end your stay in forest,
You would soon join with your grea husband,
You would soon have coronation in Ayodhya,
And speedily you are going to be rescued by Lord Rama.
(The gem attached is Vaidoorya (cat’s eye) and the planet pleased is Kethu)