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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Vargottam Planets

Navamans Birth Chart can give you answers of almost all the questions related to your life. You can confirm all your queries related to education, business, marriage, parents or children from Navamansh Kundali. After birth-chart Navamansh Horoscope is considered to be the most important chart. If Ascendant-chart is body, then Navamansh Janmpatri  is its soul, because with the help of this chart the strength of the planets to give results can be obtained.
For a correct analysis of the birth-chart and to know the particulars Navamansh Kundali is considered. According to Astrology, if the Ascendants of birth-chart and Navamansh Kundali are similar, then the Ascendant is Vargottam, as you will stay fit physically and mentally. In addition, an individual gets results according to the sign located in the Ascendant. Therefore, a person gets different results when a planet is Vargottam in the chart. For instance:
Sun Vargottam
If Sun is Vargottam in the birth-chart of an individual, then he is philosophical in nature. His physical and mental capacity is strong. He will live a luxurious life. He will get respect and honor in the society. He will also have interests in mysterious art subjects. If Ascendant is Vargottam in the Navamansh kundali and Sun is located in the twelfth house, then the person will be appointed on high government post.
Moon Vargottam
Person of this Ascendant is very attached to his mother. He has strong memory. He is intelligent and capable. He does not discriminate others and believes in equality. He knows his desires very well and tries hard to fulfill them. If Ascendant is Vargottam in the Navamansh kundali and Moon is located in the twelfth house, then the person will achieve success in his business.
Mars Vargottam
The person whose birth-chart has Mars as Vargottam, has a very influential personality. He has interests in Astrology and is capable of forecasting events in his likely environment. He is enthusiastic in nature and stands firm against what he does not like. He does not impose something forcefully on himself. If Ascendant is Vargottam in Navamansh Kundali and Mars is located in the twelfth house, then the person will achieve success in army or related field.
Mercury Vargottam
People in whose chart Mercury is Vargottam are intelligent. They have an influential personality. They are good at making arguments. They are also experts in Astrology. If Ascendant is Vargottam in Navamansh Kundali and Mercury is located in the twelfth house, then the person will make a good career through his education.
Jupiter Vargottam
People who are influenced by Jupiter Vargottam are very proud and egoistic. They are also good listeners and always curious to know the truth behind everything. They are understanding and intelligent. They are good-looking and have good physique. If Ascendant is Vargottam in Navamansh Kundali and Jupiter is located in the twelfth house, then the person will get a good post in the spiritual field.
Venus Vargottam
Those having Venus Vargottam in their chart are very conscious about their looks. They manage to understand what the other person is thinking right now. They are good in predicting future. Their health does not get easily affected, as they possess an ability to fight with diseases. If Ascendant is Vargottam in Navamansh Kundali and Venus is located in the twelfth house, then the person will have all the material resources and live a luxurious life.
Saturn Vargottam
Those influenced by Saturn Vargottam are very careful about their responsibilities. They are lazy and ignorant about their work. They also have strong will power and are very careful and cautious regarding their health matters. They are blessed with longevity but their life is full of struggle. If Ascendant is Vargottam in Navamansh kundali and if Saturn is located in the twelfth house, then the person will be employed in a job for life time.
Role of Navamansh in marriage
Marriage is important part of life. Navamansh Kundali plays vital role in serious matters like Marriage. In Astrology if the planet transits through the 64th Navmansh, then the person should postpone the idea of marriage. If in the Muhurtha of girl or boy’s marriage a malefic planet transits through the 36, 64, 72 and 96th Navmansh, then they should not get married, otherwise their married life may not be successful. If a planet is located in the 55th Navamansh of Moon or ascendant in the Muhurtha of marriage, then also the person should not get married because if he does, then he will experience conflicts in his married life.
Influence of Navamansh on the period of transit
If during the period of Vimshottari, the period of Ascendant lord of Navamansh transits in the birth-chart, then it gives auspicious results. The person will get auspicious results during the periods or sub periods of the planet, which is in conjunction with the lord of that Navmansh, in which the seventh lord is located. Similarly, the period or sub-periods of the lord of the fifth Navamansh are also auspicious. During the period or sub-periods of the planet, which is in conjunction with the lord of the 64th Navmansh, the person bears lots of problems and pain in his life.