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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tatwa/Antar Tatwa Siddhanta - Birth Time Rectification - Part 1

Tatwa/Antar Tatwa Siddhanta - Birth Time Rectification - Part 1

The following article is a free English translation from the book " Jyotisha Siddhantammu" published in 1970 written by my Guru DaivagnaRatna and Vidya Visarada late Shri Divakaruni Venkata Subbarao in the South Indian ' Telugu' language.


The main difference in this article is the Savya/ Aroha (direct) and Apasavya/ Avaroha (reverse) rotation of the five tatwas and the consideration of the antartatwas in the tatwas to arrive at the birth time rectification upto 12 seconds , as against the previously published literature on this subject .

From a long time, it has been a big problem for the Jyotish Pundits (astrologers). It is known to almost everybody that without properly fixing up the birth time it is a futile exercise to go ahead to give future predictions asper the horoscope. As far as we know, many crores of people were born and are being born in this world in every lagna (ascendant). The whole populations of the world are in the twelve lagnas only! In a particular day, in a particular lagna, in a particular city many people are born. For all of them there would not be any difference in the lagna and the planetary positions. There would not be any difference in the latitude; the longitude and the Sun rise in those cities. If there is no difference in the birth time, for those born in the same city and in the same lagna , their progress, longevity, luck, children and other different aspects should be the same. But as per the experience this order does not hold good. In this creation no two individuals would undergo the good and bad effects in the same fashion. The direct evidence of this fact can be visualized from studying their thumbprints. Is it not from this reason the thumb prints have attained the importance? Therefore it is known that it is not possible for any two individuals, male or female humans or of any other species, to be born at the same muhurtha ( time ). It is understood that no two individuals can be born at the same time in one hospital or in different maternity homes in a city. In their birth times there should at least some difference of time of 'liptas'. Presently the minimum time duration used is 'seconds'. In the ancient times, as per the Indian system of time the least time count is called 'viliptas'. The difference in this time frame may not be visible in the gross level but it is accountable in the mathematical calculations. Practically the fixation of the Sun rise is very important for the fixation of the birth time. The great Parasara sage told about the sixteen Vargas (divisional charts). In that, up to the Shashtyamsa the order of predictions are narrated. Therefore, is it not the duty to at least rectify the birth time up to the Shashtyamsa level? As against this, it is not acceptable as per Shastra to give predictions based on the Rasi and Navamsha charts only. One Navamsha means 3 degrees 20 minutes in arc, which amounts to 13 minutes 20 seconds in time. In spite of knowing that many people will be born in this time frame, to give predictions based on the Natasha chart, the readers can understand that it amounts to ridiculing and misusing of the Shastra. The predictions given as per this order would not be experienced. In the sixteen Vargas , every Varga has got a particular Karakatwa (signification). For those Karakatwas, those Varga charts are to be examined, but all the twelve bhavas Karakatwas should not be interpreted on the basis of the Navamsha chart. In understanding the above views, it is important in the Jyotish Shastra to fix the birth time correctly. To fix the correct birth time, the ancient authors had shown different methods. In these generally followed principles of methods, it is experienced that they are not satisfactory. In these methods it is generally seen that at least 25 minutes difference is required between two births on one particular weekday and in a particular birth (Moon) star, which it is against the experience and therefore it is to be understood that these methods can be applied to some horoscopes only and not to all horoscopes. In the villages it may be natural to have birth time of 25 minutes for each birth, but in cities where lakhs of people live, the difference from birth to birth cannot 25 minutes. Therefore it is to be considered that these methods or rules are of gross level only.

Therefore it is imperative to delve deep into this rectification of birth time to the utmost possible interval of time for a particular birth with respect to the place of birth, sun rise, day of birth, birth (Moon) star and the lagna as per the male and female births. The tatwa Siddhantha would give the method of birth time rectification up to a time difference of 3 minutes and the antar tatwa Siddhantha would still go further up to a time difference of 12 seconds.


In this creation, everything follows an order. At certain times human births take place. At some other times the animals, the birds, the trees etc. are created. In human births, the male and female births follow a certain order. Time is under the control of the five bhutas. As per the order of the bhutas, the names of the weeks are formed. Sun (Ravi) and Mars (Mangal) areTejo tatwa planets. On Sunday and Tuesday ( Mangal ), certain period of time after Sunrise is under the control of Sun and Mars. Knowing this ancient rashies named these weeks after Sun and Mars. Monday (Soma) follows the Jala tatwa planet of Soma (Moon). Wednesday (Budhavara) follows Buddha tatwa planet Mercury(Buddha), Thursday(Guruvara) follows Akasha tatwa planet Jupiter(Guru),Friday(Sukravara) follows jala tatwa planet Venus(Sukra),Saturday(Sanivara) follows Vayu tatwa planet Saturn(Sani). In these weeks certain period of time from the Sunrise is under the control of the lords of these weeks. The rest of the time is under the control of the lords of the prithvi, jala, agni,vayu and akash tatwas. The planets would not go in any other different order other than this order. As per the lords of the tatwas, the male and female births take place in the human births. Under the control of time of Moon, Venus, Saturn the female births take place and male births take place from the time control of Sun, Mars, Mercury and Jupiter. That means under the time of jala and vayu tatwas the female births and under the time of bhu, tejo and akash tatwas male births take place. There is a connection amongst the tatwa times, the star in which the Moon is posited, the characteristics of the birth sign, the lord of the birth week and the male and female divisions. Since these five divisions are connected to the five bhutas, lord Brahma has created these births consisting of these five bhutas.The species cannot live without connection with five bhutas. As per this order in this vast time frame , human births take place at certain times only . This is as per the Sastra and accepted by those who have read the Sastras. Moon receives the life energy from Sun. Due to the effect of the Moon , this energy is converted into the birth of the species. For the time of the birth depending on the tatwa the male female order of the birth, the mental and physical characteristics are formed. In the five bhutas the first bhuta of Akash is the centre of electricity. In the human body the important part of the brain, which is the seat of nervous system, belongs to akhash tatwa. The second one the vayu (air)is important for the survival of the species. The third one of agni (fire) is required to improve the human cells meaning oxygen without which the agni or fire cannot be generated and the birth cells are important for life. The fourth one of jala is 80% of the human body. The jala is equivalent to the blood of the body and if this blood is solidified it is difficult to live. The fifth one of prithvi represents the body. However much the body is cleaned but still the earthy smell of the prithvi comes out.


The connection between the human body and the five tatwas has been shown. These tatwas follow their time division regularly in their lordship weekdays. The tatwas follow their time one after the other as Prithvi: 6minutes; jala: 12 minutes; Tejo: 18 minutes; vayu: 24 minutes; Akash: 30 minutes. That means, for every 90 minutes the first rotation of the tatwas in the above order of Prithvi, jala, Tejo, vayu and Akash would be completed and the second rotation would be started in reverse order. In this order there would be 16 rotations of the tatwas in 24 hours. In these rotations, the odd rotations would be in direct (savya) order and the even rotations would be in reverse (apasavya) order. That means, the first rotation of the tatwas would be in the direct order of Prithvi, jala, Tejo, vayu and Akash, the second rotation would be in the reverse order of Akash, Vayu,Tejo, jala and Prithvi, the third rotation would be in direct order, the fourth rotation would be in reverse order and so on till the 16 rotations are completed. These direct and reverse rotations of the tatwas is referred in the book " Jataka Phala Chintamani" as follows:

Avalambavaagni bhoovyoma jala vavyadipah khagah
Kramaat arkodayo vaare sa swakaala pravartakah ||
Bhoomyadi paadaghatikaa vrudhisyadhardha yaamake
Yaamottharaadhe thadraasyath aarohakshava rphanam||
Parivrutthi dhwayam yaame prathiprahaara meedhrusham
Sthreejanam jalavavyosyaath bhoonabhognishu pumjanmani||
Yethena ghatika jnaanam thena lagnamvinidhrisheth||

The tatwas, their lords, weekdays and sex are as: Prithvi- Mercury-Wednesday-Male; Jala-Moon. Venus-Monday, Friday- Female; Tejo- Sun, Mars- Sunday, Tuesday- Male; vayu- Saturn- Saturday- Female; Akash- Jupiter, Thursday- Male

The Prithvi tatwa would remain for 6 minutes after the Sunrise on Wednesday, the jala tatwa would remain for 12 minutes for 12 minutes after sun rise on Monday and Friday, the Tejo tatwa would remain for 18 minutes on Sunday and Tuesday after Sun rise, the vayu tatwa would remain for 24 seconds on Saturday after the Sun rise and the Akash tatwa would remain for 30 seconds on Thursday after the Sun rise.


In the Nadi grandhas, each sign ( rashi) is divided into 150 divisions giving a particular name for each Nadi amshas and each Nadi amsha is further divided into two parts as first and second part amounting a total of 300 divisions. If the lagna is taken as 2 hours duration, this amounts to 24 seconds in time frame. In some other Nadi literature, 600 divisions are made which equals to 12 seconds in times frame. The Nadi amshas are given starting from the beginning in the movable signs in direct order, from the end in the fixed signs in reverse order and from the centre of the dual signs in the direct order. Many details of life pattern of the persons born in each Nadi amsha are given. Even though presently the secrets of these Nadi grandhas are not known, since these grandhas are considered as authoritative it is almost certain that there is a human birth for every 12 seconds. This duration of minimum12 seconds can be seen in the antartatwa of Prithvi in the main tatwa of Prithvi as given below.