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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Some Thoughts on Mercury Part 2

As with all the planets, the affects of Mercury are greatly modified by the sign in which it falls in a person’s chart. Here we will examine the general nature of Mercury’s behavior within each of the 12 signs. 

It is important to remember however that planetary aspects, associations and planetary constellations or nakshatras will modify these indications significantly. As discussed in Part I of this article, Mercury's behavior can be strongly altered by any planets with which it is connected so this must be taken into consideration when applying the information below.

Mercury in Aries: 
This Mercury carries an interest in helping others. But it also carries a certain amount of aggressive spirit when placed in this fiery sign. Its communication can be impatient and impulsive. It doesn't go out of its way to express with charm and friendliness. Since Mercury is weak in Aries it can also bring some nervous energy which may therefore make it difficult to be mentally focused.

Mercury in Taurus: 
Mercury becomes more stable in this earth sign owned by its friend Venus. It becomes more practical and realistic even though it may also bring some stubbornness. This placement also attracts some patience so it is able to learn and become informed before taking action. Therefore, people with this placement may be more easily recognized for their skills, talents and creative interests. 

Mercury in Gemini: 
This Mercury is clever, artistic, creative, energetic and spirited due to a high agility of the mind. It is intellectually bright and is able to shine. It brings excellence in writing and other communication skills and can be humorous, witty and sarcastic. There is a love for music and its brilliance brings technical skills used for composition, scoring, etc. This technical skill can be extended to the use of computers for more innovative expression.

Mercury in Cancer: 
This Mercury promotes educational skills, learning and study. But being in an unfriendly house, it is not as comfortable as it would like to be. It feels somewhat restricted – it does not feel confident, energetic, independent or spirited. It can’t express itself fearlessly, there is a lack of courage so even though it is quite brilliant it cannot share this brilliance easily with others.

Mercury in Leo: 
This Mercury is able to flourish well in Leo. It brings visibility, the ability to express its ideas easily, with a sense of freedom. It communicates with ease, showing itself off as a result of picking up the Sun's energy. However, being in a fiery sign it doesn’t necessarily have the dimension and depth it might have in other signs. This is more about having effective social skills than real depth of knowledge. 

Mercury in Virgo:
This is considered the most powerful Mercury. It is practical, pragmatic, realistic and a perfectionist. It attempts to do its very best in whatever area it focuses its energy. It is intellectually bright with interests in many areas including health, healing, music and art – anything where skill and technical brilliance is required. It is able to bring its ideas into physical form – there is an ideal balance between the creative and the manifest – it is as much about "doing" as it is about "thinking." 

Mercury in Libra:
Mercury is comfortable here. Its creative energy and communication skills are supported. It is much more intellectually active in this air sign. And in Venus' house it becomes very much about connecting with people even if it is in a more detached airy manner. This Mercury is able to express and explain well in all kind of social environments, while bringing music, dramatics and arts into the picture. This Mercury has depth, understanding and intellectual brightness.

Mercury in Scorpio: 
This Mercury is sharp witted, clever and bright but also quick to respond in a somewhat reactive manner. It can be sarcastic with a biting edge due to its energetic, spirited nature. It can also have the capacity to be manipulative, it likes to play games of the mind, impulsively sharing half-truths because it doesn’t think things through before responding. 

Mercury in Sagittarius: 
This Mercury makes people interested in the learned practices and ritual of philosophy and spirituality, i.e. tapas, pujas, etc. They like to understand the technical aspects, the teachings of how things work with regard to philosophy and spirituality. They can be quite charitable, offerings up money for good causes. However, Mercury has an inferiority complex to Jupiter so it always feels that it is not quite as good as it should be and this is part of its motivation toward spiritual practices. 

Mercury in Capricorn:
Mercury can make a person personally successful when placed in this earth sign. It is very talented, clever, bright and intellectually active for the sake of business and practical financial progress. It is highly linear in its thinking process. There is an ability to write, it is scholarly, it is a perfectionist – it is good for publishing, writing, communicating, making intellectual associations with groups. It may also perform some spiritual activities but only as a side interest to the financial ones.

Mercury in Aquarius: 
This Mercury brings a brilliance, cleverness and creativity to the communication skills. It is highly mystical, philosophical, spiritual and charitable. It is very much interested in helping others, doing spiritual work, serving humanity. They also have the ability to take on leadership roles and there is the possible interest in leaving behind a legacy. This placement can also bring success, visibility and financial prosperity with the help of good luck and good fortune.

Mercury in Pisces:
Although this Mercury can be quite devotional it becomes quite vulnerable to troubles and suffering in this watery, dual sign. It has the potential to become too fluid, unfocused and ungrounded. This Mercury needs to be positively aspected to alleviate potential problems of distraction and undirected energy. If well-aspected it is strongly oriented toward spiritual, charitable work and doing all kinds of humanitarian efforts.

Overall, a well-placed Mercury in a friendly sign, in a good rasi for the chart and occupying a good nakshatra with benevolent aspect brings much success, educational, intellectual or business acumen. An ill-placed Mercury with malefic aspects has the capacity to destroy peace of mind and happiness.