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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sarvashtakavarga and Marital Life- G.Sumathi, Hosur

It is a known fact that 7th house deals with the married life of a native. There are many factors that cause disturbances to the married life, an unsuccessful marriage or a delayed marriage for a very long time. Generally the factors for such things are analysed by the planets in the 7th house and the aspects there on.
On the basis of the sarvashtakavarga each and every house has been allotted a minimum of bindus in Prashna Marga. Accordingly the minimum requirement for the 7th house to lead a happy married life is 19 bindus. I have made a deep study in regard to this, collected several cases and have done a research oriented work which I would like to reveal in this article.
If a chart is found with less than 19 points in the 7th house of Sarvashtakavarga, the marriage gets delayed. Also if the SAV points are more than 30 bindus even then the marriage is either delayed or becomes unsuccessful, if married early. I would like to furnish few cases regarding this as noted below :
More than 29 Points and Unmarried :
Female 04/09/1974@14.30 hrs,
Lat : 13.00 N Long. 77.35E,
Star : Revathi : 1 charan
Balance of Mercury dasa 16y 10m 16days
Male 24/12/1972@11.55 hrs, Lat : 12.01 N
Long. 78.29E, Makha Nakshatra
Balance of Ketu dasa 6y 5m 11days
Male 09/06/1974@11.05 hrs, Lat : 13.05 N
Long. 80.18E, Sravana Nakshatra
Balance of Moon dasa 8y 4m 10 days
06/05/1974@11.20 hrs, Lat : 09.55 N
Long. 78.07E, Visaka Nakshatra
Balance of Jupiter dasa 15y 8m 1 day
Male 30/12/1974@01.35 hrs, Lat : 12.45 N
Long. 77.51E, Punarvasu Nakshatra - 2 charan
Balance of Jupiter dasa 11y 9m 28 days
Male 27/04/1971@14.52 hrs, Lat : 03.09 N
Long. 101.41E, Rohini Nakshatra
Balance of Moon dasa 8y 4m 24 days
Male 19/07/1966@14.30 hrs, Lat : 12.45 N
Long. 77.51E, Aslesha Nakshatra
Balance of Mercury dasa 13y 7m 11 days
Male 02/03/1968@03.15 hrs, Lat : 11.21 N
Long. 77.43E, Revathi Nakshatra
Balance of Mercury dasa 15y 1m 18 days
Male 27/03/1981@12.15 hrs,
Lat : 09.26 N Long. 77.50E,
Jyeshta Nakshatra
Balance of Mercury dasa 5y 5m 4 days
Male 15/05/1975@18.05 hrs, Lat : 12.11 N
Long. 78.07E, Punarvasu Nakshatra -1st pada
Balance of Jupiter dasa 12y 10m 12 days
Female 20/12/1970@11.00 hrs, Lat : 13.05 N
Long. 80.18E, Uttarashadha Nakshatra
Balance of Sun dasa 5y 8m 0 day
Male 13/04/1974@10.24 hrs, Lat : 12.45 N
Long. 77.51E, Poorvashadha Nakshatra
Balance of Venus dasa 19y 1m 0 day
More than 30 points and unsuccessful marriage :
The following examples are the cases who got married before 30 yrs of their age with the 7th house SAV bindus of more than 30.
Female 06/10/1979@16.16 hrs, Lat : 12.45 N
Long. 77.51E, Revathi Nakshatra
Balance of Mercury dasa 2y 9m 16 days
The girl married during the year 2004. Now the case is in the court for divorce.
The following is the horoscopes of the couple where the Sav bindus are above 30 in both the cases.
Male 25/03/1969@02.35 hrs, Lat : 12.29 N
Long. 78.34E, Mrigasira Nakshatra -2nd charan
Balance of Mars dasa 4y 6m 12 days
Female 04/09/1973@02.46 hrs, Lat : 14.29 N
Long. 80.00E, Anuradha Nakshatra
Balance of Saturn dasa 10y 3m 21 days
The couple entered into the wedlock in the year 1993, ie. Before their 30th year of age. Here it can be noticed that in both the cases the SAV bindus in 7th house exceed 30. But still there is no understanding between them and they wish to go for the separation.
Hence with my observation and study I have analysed that whenever the sav bindus of 7th house exceeds 30 or more, the marriage taking place after the age of 30 yrs is safe. In case it happens early, either it would be a love marriage or unsuccessful marriage. When the girl becomes older than the boy then these rules do not apply and the happy marital life is promised according to divine law of compensation.