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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Rahu in Taurus (Vrishabh) and Ketu in Scorpio (Vrishchik)

Rahu in Taurus brings great plaeasure in regard to the affections; the native loves more with his heart and mind than his senses, and this may cause him to worry needlessly, as the position denotes a certain amount of jealousy which, though not exhibited outwardly, nevertheless causes suffering. It is also a sign of hesitation in most matters, which is a mistake on the part of the native, inasmuch as this position should encourage him to act, and to look forward confidently to the future, and above all not to engage in wrong thinking, to which his natural disposition inclines him. Things on the whole cannot go otherwise than well, but the native must be prepared to help himself and to abandon pessimism. In the third decanate of Taurus it signifies a journey connected with business, or else a plan which will turn out fortunately.
Ketu in Scorpio is very evil. It often denotes lack of moral and physical courage, which induces the native to seek more or less questionable methods of succeeding, apart from steady exertion; but they will only be trifling methods, and the results will not fulfil his desires. This position is also harmful for the health. There are evident signs of lymphatism. Danger of pecuniary loss through theft is also shown.
Rahu in Taurus gives resourcefulness and the ability to be very practical in the approach to material world. Attracts possessions and those who want to be possessed. Must help others to be independent by refusing them the luxury of being dependent. Crutches, if used too long, even psychological crutches, can keep the individual from developing strength.
Ketu in Scorpio implies that the downward path has been trodden in the past and this must be redeemed through overcoming resentment and not using force to compel. Lust and greed must become love, and the giving spirit must overcome the grabbing tendency.
Here the soul is confonted with some of the most difficult karmic lessons in the zodiac. Past lives have been strewn with endings as the Plutonian force of Scorpio worked through its process of transformation.
Now the individual is so frightened by the memory of having the rug completely pulled out from under his feet that he develops a defensive attitude toward all who offer him regenerative advice. In past incarnations he literally went through the fires of hell to burn away his false values. Now, instead of flaling back on the remains of Scorpio still within him, he must build through Taurus a new set of substantial values by which to live.
Most of the conditions in this life are still controlled from his subconscious level, buried deeply below the scrutinizing eyes of society. He may appear jovial and friendly, while he is in fact planning some mysterious adventure of intrigue inside.
The chart must be studied carefully to see just how far the soul has come out of Scorpio before an accurate interpretation can be given. For those already closer to Taurus, the violent churning of Scorpio is purposefully avoided at all costs. For those just barely out of Scorpio, the internal revolutions are still going on. Planets conjunct either Node will pull the individual toward that Node and literally force him to live through it in the current life.
For all with these Nodes, the past residue of revolution is of such powerful intensity that there is bound to be some after-effect spilling over into their present-life relationships with family members and close loved ones.
Each day seems to be filled with new emergencies, until one crisis built upon another creates such a turmoil of conflict that the individual is reduced to his most very basic struggle for survival. He doesn’t yet know the art of moderation or how to take things at face value, for he still believes that others always have an ulterior motive. Inside he feels that he must constantly escape from punishment; and in his escapes he leaves behind him a tornado-like shambles of all he once held dear. At times he sees otehrs turning on him; but rarely does he stop long enough to understand that he is the cause. Whether he is still acting out his past incarnations in Scorpio or advancing through Taurus, his fixed stubbornness is very much a part of his ingrained way of doing things.
He will make much growth when he is able to see the actions of others as reflections of his own subconscious!
From past incarnations, he has become accustomed to attuning himself to a peculiar brand of intensity, which when not allowed to express itself turns to anger. He has been deeply scarred with the pain of being hurt, and now like a wounded animal can be deadly to any who represent the slightest threat. On the lower levels of consciousness, individuals with these Nodes can pursue their prey with a personal vendetta. Then when the pieces fall, they appear to be the innocent victims, while they are in fact the carefully planned victors.
Due to the intense emotion constantly seeking expression, a variety of creative outlets are needed.
Sexual desire must be transmuted into Divine Love. All embittering conditions from past incarnations must be dropped from the consciousness until the new seed of peace is discovered. The Scorpio Ketu must burtn the bridges of the past and resolve to benefit from the lessons of Lot’s wife: ‘Never to look back!’
Through the Taurus Rahu, he must learn not to dissipate or waste in valueless areas all the power that flows through him. His greatest achievements in this life occur when through the development of a great love for the earth he lives on, he starts to appreciate glimpses of the source of his unfailing supply and support. For lifetimes he has misused his energy, his drives and his desires, feeling himself alone against all the opporessions and afflictions that affect mankind. Now through the sensitive impressions of his Taurus Rahu he is to be brought to the awareness that the abundance in the universe is so great that he will always have what he needs when he needs it. He must learn to distinguish the difference between the words ‘want’ and ‘need’, for although he may not always be able to realize what he wants, he is at every moment surrounded by all he needs!
As he reaches for his Taurus Rahu, he is reaching at last for stability. He can stop chasing all he has ever felt cheated of by seeing all that is now offered to him. Ultimately, he is destined in this life to reach a state of contentment as the seething volcanoes of Scorpio melt into the blue spirit waters of harmony in Taurus – where the beloved Gautama Buddha left his blessing. Truly this is the transition from lifetimes of war into a garden of peace.
The house position of the Ketu indicates the area of life where any remaining residue of the Scorpionic battles must be conquered, while the house position of the Rahu shows the area in life where the new awareness of trust and security can ultimately replace the underlying struggles.
Previous incarnation for this person was spent in many hidden or underground activities. Being a rebel against the normal life structure punished him to go through various stages before this present condition occurs. Distorted sexual abuse or misuse of power was noticed in the previous life-style. All this might or might not have been his own problem, but the company he kept in those years. In this lifetime, he just wants to take things very easily and enjoy life without creating many complications. His struggle to at least maintain his Karmic status and not go down any more is amazing to watch. He will try all his best to live nicely and comfortably; and anybody that would oppose his ideals will be dealt with quite vigorously but slightly underhandedly.
You have real hang-ups about earnings and resources. Your Scorpio Ketu may reply: ‘Yeah, but that’s because I’ve been ripped off so often. You just can’t trust people’.
Your problem is that you haven’t built up your own resources.
Possible reasons: You don’t really know what you want. You resent other people’s personal or material success. You have sexual misconceptions, or misconceptions about material wealth. Maybe you were brought up to equate affection and caring with getting material things. On rare occasions, people with Ketu in Scorpio have a ‘you’ve got to be more crooked to make any money in this world’ philosophy. More often, there’s a tendency to make changes just for the sake of changing.
Possible solutions: Learn to enjoy both giving and receiving, whether the exchange involves affection, compliments, money or whatever. Devlop a strong sense of personal values based on your own needs. Forget about morals, and do what you have to do.
Taurus Rahu generally has to be taught to value money and material goods. There’s often some sort of hang-up about the actual process of working – a dislike of any type of menial of manual labor, a refusal to prove your worth, an insistence on starting at the top, etc.. Sometimes there’s actually a contempt for money; other times, money is OK as long as you don’t have to have the hassle of working for it. occasionally there’s a ‘gimme’ fixation, while at other times there’s a ‘take-it’ fixation. Sometimes there’s an over-emphasis on sexual resources. And I’ve seen a few cases where total resources were invested in other-worldly pursuits – contacting the dead, attaining trance states, researching various paths leading towards spiritual evolution, etc.. Taurus Rahu has a hard tiem seeing the connection between development of his or her personal and material resources and being able to relate to others and to the material world in general. Depending on the overall chart, he or she takes a stance of total giving or total taking. Many Taurus Rahurs concentrate on one reource exclusively to the detriment of others, so that time, money, or sex etc. becomes the only means of barter available to them. When this resource is depleted, they no longer have anything to fall back on, and must either work to develop other resources or become totally dependent on others. Taurus Rahu also seems to be quite common in people who have suffered material, educational, or emotional deprivations in childhood.
The person with an overdeveloped Scorpio Ketu consciously or unconsciously exudes a strong sexuality; dislikes the outdoors; is in some way an extremist; sympathizes with the underdog and envies the successful without much thought of who deserves what; has little interest in other people’s resources unless he or she can benefit from them; dissipates a great deal of energy trying to alter circumstances beyond his or her control; resents needing others; has an unstable financial situation; feels entitled to criticize others; and will give a great deal, but usually attach strings to his / her gifts.
Rahu in Taurus wasnts money, or at least a reputation as a connoisseur. He or she wants the good things in life. He or she wants to be thought of as firm, patient, and lacking nothing. In contrast, the person is generally someone who’s undergone drastic changes of values or circumstance, intense discomfort of some sort, or traumatic experiences. His or her routine is periodically stirred up and shifted as a result of emotional upheavals or disturbances that are seemingly beyond his or her control. He or she tends to be jealous of others who seem to have attained more in life, and may develop a rather pessimistic attitude in terms of realizing his or her dreams. He or she may compensate for lack of material security by trying to possess people, or may compensate for emotional losses by developing a reclusive streak. These tendencies only serve to trigger more problems.
Antidotes for Taurus imbalance: Gardening seems to be a particularly good antidote for the impracticality that often accompanies an underdeveloped Rahu in Taurus. Cooking courses also prove helpful. The client should be encouraged to sing and listen to music. If manual dexterity is shown in the chart, the client should be encouraged to use it in making things. If there’s no manual dexterity shown, the client could be encouraged to build up a collection of something – biogrpahies, novels, gadgets, etc. – in an area of interest. Flower arranging could prove to be a useful antidote.
The client should be encouraged to avoid rushing and activities that create momentary excitement without contributing to future security.
Rahu in Taurus often has untapped artistic potential. Music, sewing, and painting are excellent outlets for these.
You may need to develop new personal values strong enough to become a life foundation. One difficulty is the Scorpio influence which, as part of its transformative effect, will undermine any foundations incapable of resisting its pressure. If the foundation collapses under pressure, at least you know it was inadequate and that a stronger value structure is required. Because you cannot avoid this unconscious subversive activity, you need perseverence to determine your life-style and personal values; eventually, though, you can successfully build a solid ‘structure’ and benefit from the struggle to do so.
You often seek pleasure in relationships that have ‘seeds of joy and pain’ from the beginning. Your choices are the key to which seeds will bear fruit, and they may often be unsuitable. If they remain unwise, try to understand why these relationship types attract you. It could simply be that you remain ignorant of your needs and lack insight into a partner’s real nature. Invariably, destructive seeds can be present; and, if they emerge through confusion, the Scorpionic energy is reasserted. If you remain ignorant of this, more opportunities can emerge for the Scorpio energy to undermine your actions and directions, as it seeks to drive you toward self-understanding. Learn how to respond to it as a wise friend helping you (although a little rough at times), and you will be able to use its power constructively to achieve your new objectives.
Periodic crises (turning / decision points) occur in your life, stimulated by this brooding inner revolution. Conflict is inevitable, especially in close and intimate family relationships. You are not always moderate, sometimes mistrusting others; and this can also lead to friction. You tend to scheme and manipulate, a trait often unconsciously projected onto others; and you see or imagine others doing the same to you. You self-create many of your problems. In communicating with others – perhaps unconsciously through words and actions – you manipulate or ‘force’ them to react in ways that then ‘confirm’ your prior perception. Once you observe this phenomenon, you can change, as you see how you can negatively influence your relationships and communication.
Due to your intensity, powerful feelings of anger and frustration develop when things are not going your way. You may tend to release these frustrations explosively at those closest to you. You need to find chnnels to release this potent energy creatively and positively. These can be difficult energies to handle correctly, yet one of their main uses is to resolve inner conflicts and dilemmas.
By learning to trust life and others more, and by distinguishing between needs and wants, you may discover that you are surrounded by all that you really need, although you have not recognized or appreciated this fact. You look for stability, but your choices and reacions will create either this or greater turmoil. Inner battles cease when conflict dissolves into the contentment of inner peace; and you actually can find this state. This depends on how you respond to inner struggle; if you seek self-understanding, the probablility of finding a key to a positive future increases.
The fixed Earth sign, Taurus, follows Aries, and therefore its task is connected with what Aries does. Creative work adds to one’s resources, and increases the available capital.
Now in Taurus the task is to administer, to turn to account, and to use one’s resources. One must not use other people’s resources – that is something Scorpio can do, but not Taurus, because Taurus is on the left-hand or ‘I’-side of the chart, and Scorpio is on the right-hand or ‘You’-side.
In the ‘I’-region of the zodiac, our own assets rather than those of others are in play. It can lead to difficulties if Taurus tries to exploit the capital of others. This is a particular danger when the Node receives hard aspects.
Therefore it is important to turn our talents, abilities, and knowledge to account, and to place them at the disposal of others while still making use of them ourselves. Naturally, care must be taken to provide our own resources in the first place. Also, with the Node in Taurus, our task is to add to our assets, and to replenish them if necessary. If we simply draw on them – as it is so easy to do under hard aspects – eventually we shall have nothing left. Then we shall lie back unable to do anything further, because our energy is more or less spent. The native with the Node in Taurus must ensure this does not happen.
The Taurean is a very clever negotiator, and has an extremely economical outlook. He or she immediately discovers weak points, and is always intent on removing any imbalance that might lead to overspending. Steps are taken straight away to restore stability.
When the Node is in Taurus, we should husband our resources so as to avoid wasting our vital energies. The placement can also be an indication that we should look after our health, seeing that health is an essential part of our personal assets.