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Saturday, July 24, 2010


Pearl or Moti is recommended for strengthening Moon, the lord of Moti. Natural Pearl is cheaper but depends on quality. Pearl is given for good health and other health problems like falling sick frequently, concentration, and other problems which are health related and mental problems. Some general indications for recommending Pearl/Moti are as given.
The general indications of recommending Pearl are:-
(a)For Cancer Ascendent/Lagna
(b)If Jupiter/Guru is weakly placed,
(c)Moon in Scorpio and benefic too, &
(d)Moon being a benefic is posted in 6/8/12 houses.
The suitability of Pearl must be seen for each Ascendant/Lagna and indications there-of.
1. Aries/Mesh –Sun/Ravi in Ascendent/Lagna with Moon in own house creates yog and Pearl will do well if used with Ruby.
2. Taurus/Vrishabh –Moon in own house and Mahadasha of Moon is the indication. Moon aspected by Jupiter, Mercury/Budh or Moon with Venus in 6th house, and Mercury with Jupiter in 11th and Mahadasha of Moon are other indications.
3. Gemini/Mithun –Moon in the signs of Mercury and Sun. Moon in 12th/2nd/11th/10th/9th houses from Ascendent/Lagna, or Moon and Mars/Mangal in 11th house with Saturn/Shani in 9th house are the conditions.
4. Cancer/Kark –Moon in signs of Moon, Jupiter or Sun. Moon is in 6/8/12 houses from Ascendent/Lagna or afflicted or in Scorpio/Vrishchik.
5. Leo/Simh –Placement of Moon in 12thfrom Ascendent/Lagna and Moon Mahadasha.
6. Virgo/Kanya –Moon placed with Venus in 7th from Ascendent/Lagna along with Jupiter in 11th and Sun in 8th.Moon if in 9th or 11th from Ascendent/Lagna while the Mahadasha of moon is running.
7. Libra/Tula –If placed in signs of Mercury or Moon or placed in 7th house from Asendent/Lagna with Moon or Moon in its own house while the Mahadasha of Moon is running.
8. Scorpio/Vrishchik –Moon placed in signs of Sun, Moon, or Jupiter.
9. Sagittarius/Dhanu –Moon when placed in Cancer/Kark with Mahadasha of Moon is running.
10. Capricorn/Makar –Moon placed in Cancer/Kark with Mars/Mangal in Capricorn/Makar is an indication.
11. Aquarius/Kumbh –Not recommended.
12. Pisces/Meen –If Moon is ill-disposed. Other indications are Moon in 11th PLUS Saturn in 5th OR Moon in 2nd house PLUS Mars in 5th OR Moon PLUS Mercury PLUS Mars in 10th OR Moon PLUS Mercury PLUS Mars PLUSJupiter in 4th OR Moon PLUS Saturn in Ascendent/Lagna PLUS Mars in 11thPLUS Venus in 8th.

General Rules for wearing this gem:-
This gem should be set in silver if born in the brighter half of the Moon & in gold if born in the darker half of the Moon. The weight is 2, 4, 6, 11 carats and to be worn either in Index finger, ring finger or little finger on Monday after Sunrise but within 1 Hour of Sunrise.