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Sunday, July 25, 2010


Panna or Emerald is a green coloured cold gem and is recommended for strengthening Mercury/Budh for already strong Mercury in the Chart and for those who suffer from Kendradhipatya Dosha (One planet having Lordship of two Quadrants other than Ascendent/Lagna)[1] for Pisces/Meen and Sagittarius/Dhanu Ascendent/Lagna. It is well known that Mercury/Budh represents education, it is advised for education and concentration as well. Emerald, being a cold gem, lessens the vigour of ones life. It is moderately priced.
The Indications for advising Panna/Emerald are:-
(I)For Virgo/Kanya or Gemini/Mithun Ascendent/Lagna.
(II)Mercury/Budh, being a benefic, is combusted or Debilitated.
(III)Being a benefic, Mercury/Budh is posted in 6/8/12 houses from Ascendent/Lagna.
(IV)Retrograde Mercury/Budh is placed in Aries/Mesh, Taurus/Vrishabh, Leo/Simh, Sagittarius/Dhanu, Capricorn/Makar, Aquarius/Kumbh or Pisces/Meen.
The suitability of this gem for each Ascendent/Lagna is as given:-
1. Aries/Mesh –If placed in 11th with Sun & Venus. If in 2/4/6/7/8/9 from Ascendent/Lagna use of Panna of 2 carats during Mahadasa of Mercury with yellow sapphire will do well.
2. Taurus/Vrishabh –Panna is good for this Ascendent/Lagna. Panna will do very good if Mercury/Budh is placed in 7/8/9/11/12 from Ascendent/Lagna.
3. Gemini/Mithun –Mercury in 6/7/8/10/12 from Ascendent/Lagna are conditions for advising Panna. Panna is a must for this Ascendent/Lagna.
4. Cancer/Kark –When Mercury is in own house and Mahadasa of Mercury running is a condition for advising Panna.
5. Leo/Simh –In 4/5/6/7/10/12 houses from Ascendent/Lagna are indications of advising for Wearing Panna. The weight should be of 4-5 rattis.
6. Virgo/Kanya –It’s highly recommended for Virgo.Except if Mercury/Budh is in Deep Debilitation.
7. Libra/Tula –When strong or in own house. Sun in 12th or Sun +Mercury +Venus in Ascendent/Lagna or Mercury +Venus +Saturn in Ascendent/Lagna are indications of using Panna with Diamond.
8. Scorpio/Vrishchik –It is not good.
9. Sagittarius/Dhanu –If Mercury is posted in stars-signs of Mercury, Sun or Jupiter then Panna is recommended. Moreover, Mercury if posted in 1/2/4/5/7/9/10 houses from Ascendent/Lagna are other indications for advising Panna.
10. Capricorn/Makar –When Mercury placed in stars of Venus, then Panna should be recommended. However, the gem should be avoided in the Mahadasa of Mars or Jupiter.
11. Aquarius/Kumbh –If Mercury is posted in the stars of Venus or Mercury is posted with Jupiter and Sun in 3rd house. For this Ascendent/Lagna, Panna to be used with Blue Sapphire.
12. Pisces/Meen –Mercury in own sign or in 2/5/9/10/11 houses from Ascendent/Lagna are good.
General Rules for wearing this gem:-
The weight should be preferably more than 3 rattis/2.5Carats in gold. It should be worn at Sunrise within 1 Hour from Sunrise on Wednesday in the Little finger of Right hand.

[1] When a planet owns two Quadrants/Kendras other than Ascendent/Lagna, then suffers from Kendradhipatya Dosha.