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Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Mystical Moon

by Chakrapani Ullal

Chandra, the mystical Moon, is the most mysterious of all the planets. Its significance is considered first and foremost by the Vedic Astrologer. It acts as our gateway to the world. It determines how our minds receive and interpret the various experiences of life and, thus, influences how we will choose to act and react in the day to day circumstances of our lives.

Ruling the 4th house of the zodiac, the Moon is universally associated with the mother. It is a female sign and glows with a pristine light. The Moon can make a person a saint or a sinner, a king or a pauper, a brilliant poet and artist or a complete lunatic. It is an indicator for all the mundane matters which one can conceive.

The Moon is the agent of the mind and emotions, the means by which we perceive the world and everything in it. Its placement and its disposition to the other planets reveal a great deal about the native, his overall temperament, the character of his perceptions and the nature of his/her relationship to others.

The Moon acts as a transmitter of energies for the various other planets and is therefore easily influenced by them. It can bring both blessings and hardships. The Moon represents the pull of our past habits and memories, our mental ability, the attitude of our conscious and sub-conscious mind. The Moon’s disposition in the chart reveals the innermost workings of our minds. It rules our likes and dislikes, our happiness and unhappiness. It plays a major role in shaping all the activities of life from birth to death.

Being so near to the earth, the Moon is influenced by the Earth’s magnetic pull. When the Moon is strong in a chart, the other planets will carry their strength from the Moon. When the Moon is weak, the planets in the chart cannot manifest their true potency. The stronger the Moon, the stronger the chart. The weaker the Moon, the weaker the chart. It is this profound influence on the other planets that makes the Moon a key factor in evaluating a chart.

Hundreds of mythological stories surround the Moon. It is called by such names, such as Sudakara, Sudadhara, Amrita-soo and Amerita, amongst others. These names all refer to the life giving energy of the Moon. Puranic mythology also calls it Sumudra.

In the ancient text Navaneeta, we find mythological stories with explanations about the creation of the Moon as well as reasons for its physical manifestations on earth and the nature of its influence in our lives.

In one story it is said that, long ago, when the Asuras (demons) and Devas (gods) churned the Ocean of Milk, the churning caused the Moon to come out of the ocean along with Amrita or divine nectar. It is said that when drunk this divine nectar can make a person immortal.

There is another story found in the Agni Purana that accounts for the birth of the Moon. Long ago, the Sage Atri performed tapas or intense spiritual practices to initiate the creation of life. After a thousand years, the Moon was born out of his eye. At that time, no one was able to hold the Moon so the Moon fell toward the Earth. Later, Brahma the Creator himself held the Moon on his chariot with the intention of populating the world. Brahma carried the Moon 21 times around the earth and, as a result, life began to sprout.

Another story says that the Moon once had an affair with Jupiter’s wife, Tara, who gave birth to Mercury as a result. Because of these events, Mercury (the illegitimate son of the Moon) regards the Moon as his enemy and sometimes affects the Moon in negative ways.

The crescent Moon on Lord Shiva’s forehead suggests that if one worships the deity properly he will fulfill all desires. In the Yoga Sutras, the Chandra Nadi, the energy channel in the body that carries divine energy, corresponds to the Chandra Mandala or Lunar realm. It is said that accomplished yogis, through practice, enjoy the bliss of Amrita (divine nectar) that descends from this area of the body. Ayurvedic texts also mention that all medical herbs receive their potency from the Moon.

Another myth says that Brahma the creator, who is also known as Prajapati, had 27 daughters. All of them married the Moon. Of all the daughters, the Moon loved Rohini the most and wanted only to stay with her. This preference for Rohini caused anger and jealousy to arise amongst the other 26 wives who then complained to their father. In response, Prajapati cursed the Moon to suffer from Kshya or consumption and cause it to wax and wane monthly. Eventually, the Ashwinikumars – the mythical doctors of the universe) removed the Moon’s Kshya affliction, however it is still required to wax and wane even to this day. The Moon’s visitation to each of his 27 wives is the basis for the lunar system of Vedic Astrology – these 27 wives are represented by the Nakshatras.

To be Continued…..