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Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Mystical Moon Part 2 of 2

The Mystical Moon (Part II)

Regarding the nature of the Moon, it is considered to be both the Queen of the heavens as well as the giver of life. It is feminine in nature, of the Vaishya class very learned and knowledgeable, and has a vacillating nature. It is soft, beautiful and very pleasing to behold, pleasant in conversation, round bodied, full of flesh, and has attractive eyes. 

It is the fastest moving planet and has the nature of one who is always in a hurry and has a fluctuating mind. It indicates one who is easy going, natural looking, attracted to worldly happiness, over-confident, possessed of a wild imagination, & generous hearted.

The Moon is watery in nature. Its residence is the ocean, river, tanks, wells, etc. Water is its deity (what does that mean?) and the Moon controls the water. The Moon's rasa or taste is both sweet and salty and it likes rice. Its gem is the Pearl, which is created by oysters who live in the water. The Moon's metal is silver and its color is white. 

The Moon rules the left eye and the Sun rules the right eye. The Moon is also the indicator for blood in the body, emotions, clothes, water, business, wealth coming through women, milk, cows, cereal, rice, gemstones, shankha, water born products like pearls, the white umbrella (a special type), chamara (court attendants), the spirit, physical energy, food, happiness, and personal radiance. 

In a females, the Moon represents breasts, ovaries and uterus associated with the function of motherhood. 

The Moon is Sattvic and its body humour is both vata & kapha. Its direction is North-West. 

General Indications:

The Moon's influence is stronger when it is waxing, and large in the sky. I gives added strength to the chart when it is placed in the rising sign, located in kendra or angle houses, well aspected by benefics, or when placed in friendly signs. Its positive effects are felt most powerfully in water signs, next in strength in the air signs, and weakest is placement in the earth signs, especially in Virgo. It is in harmonious condition when placed in the fire signs.

The Moon possesses moderate strength during the first ten days of the Lunar month, which begins with the first day of its bright phase. Over the next ten days, as it approaches toward fullness and also for the five days following thereafter, the Moon yields its maximum strength. For the time period that begins on the sixth day of the waning until two days before the New Moon, it possesses less power. This does not, however, mean that the Moon is absolutely weak. Lunar weakness only occurs on the New Moon and on the day preceding the New Moon. However, it rarely weakens to the extent that it actually becomes a malefic. 

The days of the Full Moon and the New Moon are said to be full of possibilities for either good or evil. The waxing and waning of the Moon profoundly affects our minds. People who suffer from mental illness, for example, will experience dramatic ups and downs in their mental condition according to its waning and waxing.

The aspects of Jupiter and the other benefics support the Moon greatly. For correct assessment of a chart, it is important that one studies it from the Chandra Lagna (the sign where the Moon is placed). When the correct birth time is not available, Indian astrologers can cast an individual's horoscope using the Moon's placement as the Lagna. 90% of the time, transit results are interpreted using the Moon as the ascendant.

The Moon also figures prominently when analyzing horoscopes for compatibility in the various aspects of human relationships. The Moon plays a very strong role in Muhurta, which is the process of choosing the most auspicious times for both spiritual and mundane activities including weddings. Almost all Indians choose their children's names according to the Lunar Rasi (Moon's sign) and Nakshatra.

It also plays a dominant role in the Dasha system used for predictive astrology.


A good astrologer can determine a great deal about the psychological and mental health of the individual by evaluating the position of the Moon in the chart. 

If parents have an insight into the mental orientation of their children, it will benefit them a great deal in bringing them up to their best advantage encouraging and supporting their strengths, and watching carefully their areas of weakness to give encouragement or extra education where needed. It also can help teachers to know their students, business people to know their colleagues and employees, etc.

The Moon rules our non-rational sensitive faculties, while Mercury indicates discriminative intellect. The relationship between the Moon and Mercury indicates the nature of our psyche. When Mercury and the Moon are placed in angle houses, the native may be vacillating, moody, and lack a sense of responsibility for actions taken.

Understanding the nature of someone's mind, even in broad strokes, can be enormously helpful; although, like anything else, a little bit of information can be a dangerous thing if placed in the hands of the indiscriminate. One must attempt to use the information as a guide or tool, but not let it determine one's own opinions about someone or destroy the natural intercourse and spontaneity of getting to know someone through one's own experience with them. 

This said, let us briefly talk about the Moon in the various signs.

Aries: This Moon is restless, impatient and has the capacity to become aggressively spirited. It likes to be in charge, in control it is strongly affected by its likes and dislikes. It has the power to make people action-oriented and independent. 

Taurus: This Moon is exalted in Taurus, it enjoys the comforts and ease of life provided by the natural second house. It supports financial prosperity, recognition and visibility. However, this moon is not fully happy due to its extremely high expectations. It can also be somewhat stubborn. 

Gemini: This Moon brings creativity, imagination, talent and sensuality. It supports music and art, anything which arouses passions of the mind. They think quickly, with many ideas.

Cancer: This Moon brings the opportunity to enjoy family, home, comforts of living connecting with people. They can also be physically and mentally active. They are internally shy but externally social. They are always doing for others and therefore may have great expectations of others which leaves them feeling somewhat discontented. 

Leo: This Moon has energy, spirit and dynamism. It feels important in this sign and therefore can become a bit arrogant. These people want attention so it brings visibility and importance due to its regal nature. This highly emotional placement can bring jealousy and shyness as well if they do not receive the attention and appreciation they desire. 

Virgo: This Moon is highly creative and intellectually strong. It can attract an ability for mystical phenomenon or intuitive research. These people have a strong orientation toward psychology, health and healing of the mind. 

Libra: This Moon is friendly, sociable and likeable. This is considered a good placement for relationships due to its practical romantic interests. It is more pleasant, uplifting, happy and flexible in nature. They enjoy travel. They may have a somewhat jealous nature. 

Scorpio: This Moon becomes action oriented due to the influence of Mars. Even though these people can be highly emotional, passionate and creative there is a deeply mystical aspect to them as well. They are able to overcome obstacles though effort and determination.

Sagittarius: This Moon has a strong philosophical nature and interest in higher wisdom. There is a strong desire to learn, study, grow and expand its knowledge. They want to be economically stable so they have the opportunity and freedom to pursue their deep interests in philosophy and spirituality. 

Capricorn: This Moon is practical, pragmatic and realistic. It desires to be successful and can easily succeed. Since the Moon is opposite its own sign, these people are not controlled by their emotions but rather balanced and diplomatic, even when dealing with the spouse. 

Aquarius: This Moon is philosophical, spiritually oriented, interested in helping others, being of service to others, teaching others. But it can also be quite idealistic. They can be shy but friendly. 

Pisces: This Moon is very sensitive, perceptive and imaginative. It is quite feeling oriented, devotional, mystical and spiritual. Therefore, there can be a lack of consistency and lack of direction because they want to do many things at the same time.